Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weds. May 13

Somehow or another, I have gotten behind on the blogs. I will try to get caught up here. It's always important to me to say a thank you for our wonderful supporters. I know that you can keep up with most things thru the facebook and the cam, but saying thanks needs special attention. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening. I truly am grateful for the support given to us.
Gill H from UK--Jojoba Oil soap for Spa Catathon Basket
Beth/eaglewatcher--Dude Catathon Basket--LED lantern, 9 piece tent kit & 3 man domed tent
Gem, our mod--Pokie Dot Basket--mouse pad, handbag organizaer
Anonymous Friend--Kitchen Basket--Vera Bradley Apron
Timbrwolfpup/Kelli--Purple Basket--volumizing Giant comb
Julie P/great Aunt Julie from IA--1/2 of heart in heaven--made by women in Napal, Doggie Basket--a doggie mug.  Garden Basket--Butterfly wind chimes
Leggygal/Peggy--5 boxes of Leggydews and assorted sizes of blankies for Covies/Porchies
Billie K--note kitty card, a wonderful Merle Norman Basket filled with many great items
Gusti--case of KMR-
Fi--Purple Basket--sunglasses.  Pokie Dot Baskt--sunglasses. A book for the Book Basket. Movie Basket--Lives of Tomasina. And a name tag for our Tomasina.
Wanda our portrait artist, commissioned by Jo--Portrait of THomas--it's awesome
MKmouse/a mod--Disney Basket--photo mosaic puzzle
Donna H/knittinKitten--40 lb precious Litter
Carl C/cj500 from FL--Purple Basket--purple scarf, 6 ruffle scarves, many variety of scarves for our store or wherever can use them.  Very nice!
Ayako Matumoto from Japan--Dog Basket--dog toy, orange ball with toy inside for Cat Basket. kitty wash clothes, kitty wands, darma toys, lots of other toys. And many kinds of candies and treats from her country for us to try!
Wendi B & furbabies--donation--Packer pens for Bill, 2 Vera Bradley totes for Basket, Pokie Dot basket--wallet, lg duffle bag. Garden Basket--3 chicken yard stakes, Pink Basket--pink cat socks. Dog Basket--reflector bands for dog legs for a walk, Purple Basket--65 boxes of purple lights
Ruth D from NC--Sewing Basket--needlework kit. Kitchen Basket--kitty salt/pepper shakers, a book Unexpected Cookbook Hobbits Cookery. Stuffed kitties, pink kitty angel & leopard, tiger blanket
Kathy & John--Family Basket--Scrabble, Monopoly & cat Monopoly games, Christmas Basket--10 photo frame cards, 2 Vera Bradley Purples, Pink Tote on rollers, for Kitchen Basket--kitty dish drainer.  Kids Basket--engraving Art.  Spa basket--body nature basket, sweetpea basket
Hull/Diane, week visitor--8 cans Tuna, for Volunteers--candy, ice wine, maple syrup, Box of Nuts on Clark popcorn, Butter Maple Cookies

Big thanks to Lynn for the beautiful jewelry you sent for FFRC to use--absolutely wonderful!
Beth--donation, in memory of Slick, Thomas, Riley
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Pomahob--donation to FFRC
Ernest N--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to celebrate Rowland's 12th birthday--party snack time!
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation in honor of her MistyMaeMoon's 12th birthday. 
Suzanne G from NY--donation in memory of her dear friend Domelia N. 
Roberta L--donation to FFRC
David W from CO--donation to FFRC, to use wherever needed

And then we had a special opening of a box on Tuesday evening. Contessa/Laura and her husband Gary are here to visit for a few days. She lives fairly close to Eartheyes, who had a special box for FFRC. Contessa picked it up for her and brought it here. We opened the box last night. It was the most gorgeous, precious crystal cluster ever seen! It's stunningly beautiful and I'm humbled and honored to have it here, gracing our Rescue Center. It has a place of honor here at FFRC, on a corner in a rock garden for all to see and appreciate. Thank you, Margaret.

Also, we had donations from Contessa: homemade Mac/Cheese meal for all to share (it's yum!), baby food jars, box of towels, Avon Chocolate Jewelry, Pic of Ming by Lori, pic of Bender and a special pic of Challenger, the eagle.  
From Margaret/eartheyes--Bonito flakes, spring toys, cat nip toys, Sharpie pens, 2 great books purple tissue paper for our store and lots of dry cat food. 

Many thanks too to Diane/Hull who won the wonderful "Past" tile from our Raffle. She has donated it back to FFRC, to be used to most benefit the cats. Thanks, Diane and for all your wonderful help.

Bender: yes, you may have noticed that Bender has been a bit wobblier than normal. Possibly he fell from a Kuranda Tower? We're not really sure. He's been started on soreness meds and anti-inflammatory meds. Bender is much better and is enjoying all the extra back rubs and attention.

Ahimsa is still "with kitten". I asked her today if maybe she just isn't full of poo and gas. She said, why, yes, she actually is! Hopefully it won't be much longer--she is watermelon size big.

Our mama Jerusha worried us on Monday as she was jaundiced. After getting a course of treatment plans from our vet, she is doing much better. And her appetite has picked up tremendously. So much better! 

Clarissa is doing very well also. We put her in the front THumper's Room today for a break from the kittens. Then we opened the door to Cat's Corner Room, but the kittens decided they'd stay in the safety of their room. They had visitors though, from the other cats!

We had an adoption today! Our sweet Mogo found a home. This family actually came in looking at a different cat, but Mogo picked them and so found a home!  We also had an adoption on Sunday. Our sweet Betz was adopted. I'm sure she is being lavished on with love!

The construction is going great. This week the kitty door was put in, the 4 windows were put in. Also the ceiling has the sheetrock up and painted two coats. The outside vinyl siding is almost all the way up too! What progress has been made. Next week on Tuesday thru Friday, the epoxy floor will be put in. It'll be the same as the rest of the floors. On the fence, we finally got the 2- 60 inch gates in (they are double entry for safety). It's all coming along fairly quickly. 

Paddy Cake is so handsome. Kiara is still enjoying us tossing spoons and syringes into the sink for her to tap. Solee loves her baby kitten little kibbles. Every breakfast, Gwendolyn still brings her brother Caesar up with her. We have a new Porchie called Grizzly. He is a BIG brown tiger, sounds very hissy and grumbly until he eats his two bowls of breakfast, then he's a happy boy! He arrived already neutered. Welcome, Grizzly. 

Please remember, if I ever forget to mention something or have made an error, it is very alright to email me and let me know. Take care!