Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday, May 9

Our kitty cup is filling up and over.  We took on 5 new babies yesterday. They are ever so sweet. So little. They are about 4 1/2 weeks old. Very thin and were famished upon arrival. They got a whiff of food and went totally into the plate of food. We have 3 girls, 2 boys. All black tigers and black with bits of tummy/neck white spots. So friendly and lovable. This litter was found on a porch, shut into a cardboard box. Names soon. 

We also took on another kitten this morning. What a dandy! She's an American Shorthair mix, with a tiny bit of torti on her. Such a beauty. She was found all by herself in a yard. No mama, no siblings. So, she is now here. Her weight is good. She is 5 1/2 weeks old. Name soon. 

Our back Thumper's Room has now been turned into a kitten nursery with mama Jerusha overlooking them all.  She is only nursing her own 6, but is sweet to all of them and overlooks them as they play, eat and nap. 

Tomasina is doing quite well. She is already very comfortable in June's Room and can get in and out of her bed cabinet just fine. She has a favorite bed too! We bring her out several times a day so she has hours of freedom to go where she wants. 

We had BOXES last night. Wow--we're ever so grateful!
Justme/Kathy--Leaf on Tree of Life for Riley and Thomas
Trucker & friends---sent me a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day---I love it!
Zoolove--for the Purple Basket for Catathon--purple paw measuring cups, bracelet, pedometer, kitty mug and apron
Mary from Archbold, volunteer--27 Fancy Feast, 2 Hello Kitty Necklace/basket for Catathon
Janet B/scooterkitty with Sadie & Gracie--for Catathon--2 kitty mugs, kitty coasters and lots of cards/envelopes and note pads
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Elaine & Alan B and their wonderful kitty--a card and notes
Anonymous Friend--a pink Quartz & silver pendant for Catathon or where needed
June/painteddaisy--kitty charms
Andre/Sunnycat from Ontario--for Catathon--purple basket: purple nail polish. 4 cans tuna and a case of Friskies
Jennifer/Lyathyan--Book: Tail Chasers Song. For Catathon--2 puzzles  For the Pink basket--bracelet, construction  paper, 3 legal pads, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther PJ's and postie notes
Pat  & Ellen--1000 paper plates 9 inch, plus a donation for special Farrah & from their sales
Judy Sp--2 of the 40 lb bags Dr. Elsie litter
Glynette M from CA--donation in memory of Thomas & Riley
Susie H from Defiance--donation for Thomas' memorial stone

I would like to mention something here. I mentioned on chat the other night that I lost my Slick cat about 3 months ago. Overnight he became sick and passed early in the morning. This was a tremendous loss to me. I still miss him to this day.And it's still hard to talk about him.  I so appreciate you friends "out there" in your letting me know you are sorry for his loss. It has been questioned by 2 people--why I did not mention this sooner. When it's implied that I should've made this public knowledge, that is wrong. Slick was my personal cat. I give up enough of my private life without having to disclose all things. I do not mean to sound harsh, because 99% of you have been very kind about my loss of Slick. It's that other 1% that is in the wrong. For you 99% of people, I appreciate you acknowledging my right to privacy. 

All else is fine here. Kitties galore. Cats are happy. Emily is such a sweetie---loves to be petted. Tabitha is still licking us and unrolling her paper towels! Hensley still grumbles when his tummy is hungry. Derecho knows what the word chicken means. Felicity still waits for me with just her ears showing for breakfast. And Vernon still climbs up on things and cries like a baby kitten to have help to get down. is great. We're a happy bunch here.

See you at Boxes at 5:30 and for the Raffle at 6:00.  Thanks for being friends to this Rescue Center.