Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday, May 8

What a great way to work at my desk. Zelda is here on the desk with me. Debut is on top of the desk, watching me. Cutie is snoozing beside me. Lucy Ann is napping behind me. And Jete and Amani are playing on the floor. The sun is shining in the door. Shamballie is out playing with his shadow! Preakness is giving herself a grooming here in the sunbeam. A great day for sure!

Our Tomasina had a nice morning. She spent the night in June's Room and seemed very happy and comfortable. She ate a good breakfast today. She also was placed on the princess bed in the Kitty Kabana room. She stayed there for quite some time--she seemed to enjoy being up high and the view outside. When she was done, she got down! She does know what she wants and how to do it. She is a real sweetie.

Our raffle is still on. We have 8 items and they are all wonderful! Ticket taking ends tomorrow (Saturday) at 9 am.  All it takes to win is one ticket!

We had BOXES last night! We are grateful for YOU!
Donnajb--4 count 4 packages of Lysol sponges & bunches of 3 x 3 post notes, lots of kitty snackers, 8 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, 4 boxes Whiskas Tender Bites, 12 cans Clorox wipes, TP (!), 3 big bottles Mr. Clean
MaryMort--a really neat kitty clock for Catathon
Gusti--doantion to FFRC, in honor of Haley's graduation 
Alison V--doantion to FFRC
Pat, Thursday volunteer--4 crocheted dish clothes, 2 for kitchen basket for Catathon
Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
JoAnn/Lostgirl--for Catathon sewing basket--kitty sewing basket, kits for making quilt & placemats
Pat L/plee from SC--4 boxes Appetizers
Conii G--card, for Catathon & FFRC--each gets a beautiful hammered copper bird bath that goes on top of a peace pole--so so pretty
Kathy K/justme--for the Catathon--a wonderful Peace Pole, that is in memory of all beloved passed cats. Kathy also brought one to FFRC, which we placed in Albert's Garden. 
LJ323--For the Catathon Kitchen Basket--2 sets of kitchen towels with matching oven mitts, set of 2 skillets. For the kitties--2 red crochet kitty beds & 1 black kitty bed, 3 cans salmon, 6 memory foam rugs. For vols--2 boxes/36 cans of Pringles
Clark, Jessie & Family--BD card for Roland (11) and Azar (4) with 2 famous $5's
Trudy--donation to FFRC
Sherry & David W from NY--card in memory of Thomas
Sweetpea from CA--kitty card with a beautiful poem and $5 for the Turkey pot!

And a BIG thanks to all of you who shop Amazon thru our website! We just received an email saying that our deposit from Amazon for March was $1,209.94.  Keep shopping thru our website! Thank you.

The construction of The House that Jonah Built continues. Dion put the insulation in the walls yesterday and got almost all of the sheetrock up on the walls! So exciting. 

Your brain work-out for the day!
How old is Ada Jane?
Who are the present 3 legged cats of FFRC?
Who is the brown tiger/slight torti that Paul brought to us?
How old is Jessie?
Who is the American Short Hair from Staten Island?
Who has that 1/2 tiger/white tail?
Who are the 3 main counter cats for breakfast?
Who arrived with his mama, from MN?

20 yrs/3 months.    Asha, Bella, Cayden (3 1/2),    Emily.    16 yrs.    Joey   Triumph.   Farrah, Neemu & Zelda.    Seymour

We've heard about Jamie, our adoptive cat. Linda, his mama, just called and she loves him. She says he follows her everywhere, sleeps with her, lays at her feet and loves to play with the other cat, Little. A great story!