Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday, May 24--2nd blog for today

What a day of ups and downs. Tomasina left us way too soon. As I said before, if her death just helps one family to know how chemicals can so affect cats adversely, then her life is honored. 

Ahimsa has been up and down. She did eat some this morning by herself. Since then, she has slacked off of that. We've given her fluids and also syringe feeding her. My big worry is that her milk will dry up. Our vet believes she has a bacterial infection.Her fever continues to go up and down.  She is now on 3 meds (all safe for nursing) for the infection and a different med for the fever. We are keeping a sharp eye on the babies. Our hope is that she continues to nurse them. If at any time we feel they are lagging behind, we will start supplementing them. Such a fine line here.

Here's another update on Ahimsa's kittens. We did lose one of her babies about 3 days ago. He simply stopped eating. Sometimes there is no MAKING them eat. The day before that, we took on a one day old baby--a black and white. Normally I never ever put kittens together unless I can get blood for a leuk/fiv test. In this case, I made an exception. The needles are bigger than the veins so no blood test has been able to be done. He was so so hungry and so, plop---he went in with Ahimsa. She immediately took him and gave him a bath. Most people did not even notice this addition because the kittens have all been lumped together. So....we are now back to 7 babies.

The other kittens are all doing wonderful. They are round-bellied, silly, playful and happy. We continue to give them fun time in the Main Area together. Clarissa is out and about during these times and is doing good. 

We have had 2 sessions of BOXES. I am so so grateful. My time restraints are really pulling at me and so I have gotten behind. I hope that no one is offended if BOXES are not as detailed as usual. I'm just having a bit of trouble keeping up, yet I feel very strongly the need to give thanks. I appreciate your understanding.
Friday evening:
Mary R--Catathon--kitchen grates for kitchen basket
Connie with Elliott & Izabellah--Catathon--a beautiful pink coat/hat with kitty ears. lullaby lamb, Nursery book, soft whit blankie, lamb toy for baby baskets
SVCathy & Scott--Catathon--pink popcorn, M&M's, jelly beans, salt water taffy
Zoolove--Catathon--kitty book, purple heart charm, stuffed siamese kitty, cat face t-shirt for me!
Elaine & ALan with LittleKat--Card, 2 donations in memory of THomas/Ada Jane, stone for Alberts Garden
Pam T--Happy BD May kitties with Famous $5's, for FFRC--serpentine scratcher. Catathon--2 LED peacock lights. Snackers for Vols, lots of odds/ends for Kitty Kastle, 3 stones for the garden
Katie L--Canada--9 Lysol wipes, FF appetizers, kitty snackers, 2 purple bed caves
Vickie L--6 Clorox wipes
Mary from Archbold, vol--2 blue rugs/hand towels, bleach, lots of 9-Lives cans. Special food for Jolene
June/Painteddaisy--lots of items for Catathon. puzzles, dog toys, crayons, play cubes, cosmetic bag, Loopie Doll;. For FFRC--blue & brown blanket  A special item for Raffle/Big Ticket Item--a necklace, bracelet and earrings that match, silver & blue chalcedony stone that she made--absolutely stunning. You are awesome.

Saturday evening:
Annette--Catathon--pokie dot picnic tote, items for sewing and spa basket
Herta B--a drawing by Drew Strouble for Big Ticket Item--it's signed, numbered and awesome!
It's called "HEllo There", a tuxie kitty print 14/950
James M from MD--Catathon--Craftsman tool bag and a Coke tin box
Gusti--Catathon--Disney item, girls socks. also lots of stickers. 2 bags snackers for Sevaun
Anne from UK--lots of charms--sold out at Mich Flash Sale!!, cute items for Baby Catathon Basket
Ichabod & Screeches Mom/Dad--snackers, pipe cleaners & tuna/chicken
Mich & Vern--for the vols--Salt Water Taffy, Russell Stovers, other treats for vols
Angelface--Catathon--books, 2 blankets for kitties. A beautiful afghan, black and white, outline of 2 cats
Brenda R/yarnlover from CA--Catathon--3 kitty & book totes, 2 kitty totes with pockets/zipper. 3 cat pens, kitty magnet, puzzle, Christmas coloring books, kitty hooded bath towels, twisty crayons
Love4cats with kitties--2 big bags of yarn for whoever can use it, kitty bed, FF case, FF broth, snackers, peppermint candy.  Catathon--mini chalkboard clis, orange beach towel, items for Christmas basket
Katie L from Canada--kitty snackers, doggie snackers, FF kitten 2 cuddle tunnels, bag full of microfiber cloths
Brent & Jenny with Montana & Crew & Snappy--our Canada family who has awesome cats! They have sent with Sonja many many items of need, to FFRC. I am truly grateful. Sounds like it was fun stuffing Sonja's car full! 

Many thanks to our friends thru PayPal:
Kathy K--donation to FFRC, paying a gift forward
Mary H from PA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Ada Jane. 
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho's meds and babyfood
Glynette M from CA--donation in memory of Ada Jane
Fi--stone for Tomasina
Brenda L (adopted 2 of our kittens)--donation in memory of Tomasina
Kelly L--donation for FFRC
Debra/bearmn and Dean--donation in memory of Tomasina
Karen/kaseyann--donation in memory of Tomasina

Just a heads up--Steve and I are suppose to be gone on Tuesday and Weds. for our anniversary. We would enjoy going to Shipshewana. So, if we're gone please know I will not be doing computer checking (emails, etc).  But, if things are kinda shaky yet with Ahimsa, we have already said that we will go at a later time. 

More updates later. Know that most things are going good here. Lots of wonderful visitors. The floor of The House that Jonah Built is now dry and looks wonderful. Lots to be done this week. Our sheds on the farmyard are getting painted--they too look very nice. It's cottonwood fuzz time. We have a large grove of cottonwood trees and each is spinning off millions of fuzzies. It looks like snow here!