Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday, May 7

She's here!  She's here!  Yes, our Tomasina is is here and what a dear-heart she is. She arrived last evening. She's a gentle soul. Calm, relaxed and has severe CH.  We are learning about her, just as she is learning about us. A little of her background. She was with Jenny, her mom, since she was a we baby. Has never been in a pen and has freedom to make her own decisions. She has been lavished with much attention. I told Jenny and Tomasina that she has found her forever home. She will not be penned. She will of course, be allowed to figure things out, just as cats are meant to do. We will set her up in June's Room for when she needs a nap, bedtime, etc. She's a quiet girl that truly enjoys being cuddled.

The House that Jonah Built is an actual building now! Yesterday morning, all we had was a slab of concrete. Now.......we have a building! The Amish crew and Dion were here yesterday. The walls went up, the tresses were placed, tar paper and shingles were put on, lots of insulation in the ceiling, the wood sheets were put on the walls and covered with permanent weather seal paper, windows were cut out and the door put on! Now, the slow part starts. Dion is here today already working on it!

The Raffle is going on today, until Saturday at 9:00. Please check our Twitter page, the FFRCNation page or our Chatters FB page for details. We have 8 superb items---it's a really nice Raffle! Thank you. BOXES will be at 5:30 Saturday with the RAFFLE at 6:00 pm.

We had BOXES last night! We give our thanks and gratitude to you!
Tabbycat and tabbytween--All for the Catathon--pink things! Daisy baby romper, kitty scarf & hat, striped socks, baby spoon, flower wallet, necklace, kitty clothes hanger, friendship bracelet kit
Anonymous Friend--4 packages of sponges
Wolfpatch--2 big boxes of bubble wrap
Linda C/angelface--For the Catathon, purple basket--set of 2 purple pillowcases made by Linda
Shawn--20 packets of kitty snackers
Donna/knittinkitten--For Raffle or Catathon--plush queen size cat blanket
Debbie/lostgirl--for the Catathon sewing basket--velvet pin cushion, 2 pillow forms, magnetic seam guide, flower head pins, McCall pillow pattern
MaryMort--for Catathon Basket--"Beloved" angel with cat statue
Anonymous Friend--for the Pink Catathon Basket--paper clips, sharpie pens, staples, scissors, binder clips, security on-the-go personal safe, desk sorter room decorator
June/painteddaisy--5 yellow, white, blue kitty charms
Clark, Jessie & rest of the gang--HB for Blake and Grady and their famous $5 each
Sandra & Suzanne--thank you note for their visit! We enjoyed them!
Judy nj--For the pink basket for Catathon--pink pouch (eyeglasses or phone)
Donnajb--3 of the big 40 lb. bags of Precious Cat Litter
Jennifer/jacksmom--donation to be used where needed, in honor of Mew

We dearly appreciate the memorials made for Thomas and/or Riley--David P, Debbie/bearmn & Dean J, Judith M,, Billie K, Joni W, , Jacksmom,

Our babies are growing! Jete and Amani scamper around here like little jets now! And Clarissa's kittens and Jerusha's kittens are all growing and stumbling around! So sweet to watch. These will all be super friendly kittens. Ahimsha is still "with kitten". We put her in Dodger's Pen for nighttime, but during the day she is free to go and come. We keep her pen door open so she can decide where she'd like to spend the day.

The Catathon is June 28, a Sunday. I've been asked to give a list of the current Baskets.  I've also been asked to "put it out there" as to the baskets that need some help.  If you'd like to contribute, that is wonderful and very much appreciated.  Remember, anything sent to us designated for Catathon is used. Sometimes people will put Catathon or Raffle or wherever needed---this is helpful to us too, to let us use our discretion. We just appreciate the support!

Here's what we have so far, of the baskets we have started.
D==done     PG==pretty good      NH==need help
Essenhaus Amish--D
Pink Basket--PG
Rossi Pasta Basket--D
Knives & Gadgets--PG
Relaxation/Spa Basket--NH  (you can tell where my mind is--at first I put spay!)
Troyer Amish--D
Hello Kitty #1--PG
Hello Kitty #2--PG
Laurel Burch #1--Done
Laurel Burch #2--PG
Family Fun--NH
Boy Fun--NH
Girl Fun--PG
Pokie Dot--NH
Purple Basket--PG
Baby Girl--PG
Ferole Arts--D

Remember---if you'd like to do a complete different basket, we can still do that!  Remember--May 25 is when we need the items in! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email me. In addition to the BASKETS, we also have slots that are for BIG TICKET ITEMS!

Magic now has all of his sutures removed. He can zoom around here like he has 6 legs, same as Trucker. Tomorrow is a surgery/treatment day for us. In the morning, Solee will be going up to the vet's to have a dental. We actually could send another dental but instead we will send Camvie up. Her URI has taken a turn for the worse. She will have her sinus's cleaned out and flushed again. This always gives her great relief, as least for a little bit.

Ada Jane is doing fairly well. She is showing signs that her liver is more compromised, but all in all, this is a tough cookie! We all love her spunk and her desire to get and do whatever she wants, whenever she wants to! Our desire is to do whatever Ada Jane wants us to! 

I've decided that Derecho is really an artistic ballerina (or is there a male term?).  He is so graceful in his walking. He always seems to be at peace with himself. Joey has figured out every thing here--he can climb anywhere, at anytime and do so with much grace. Bella is spending much time outside with the dogs in their outdoor fenced area. We have a sign at the door--it says:  Bella Is IN or Bella is OUT. We switch it over to meet the need. She has a quilt out there that she shares with the dogs. But, the pink poof is HERS! Just love these cats! Have a great day.