Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day to you all! You may be a mother figure in many different ways--whether it's to your child or your pets, we wish you a wonderful, blessed day. 

This is a Raffle & BOXES Blog! I am deeply grateful. My heart is full with your generosity and compassion and for caring about this Rescue Center. We can completely pay our dental bills, pay the FFRC insurance bill and have a tad left over for operating costs! Wow---this is awesome! 

Many thanks for the BOXES!
Timbrwolfpup/Kelly & furkids from Canada--For the Catathon--2 Skritch Scratch kits and purple nail polish, plus 2 cases of Friskies for the cats
Andre/Sunnykat from Canada--For the Catathon--3 beautiful purple bracelets made by Andre, for the Purple Basket, Girls Basket and Hello Kitty Basket
Gillian from UK--for the Catathon--beautiful baby boy clothes--all handmade--onsie, mitties, sweater, hat and bib.  For the Sewing basket--Cross Stitch kit. And Bondi Licks for the cats
Lostgirl--For the Catathon--kit to make wall hanging and many wonderful books---all for the Sewing Basket (info on quilting, bed runners, fabric flowers, etc.)
Eartheyes with Rosebuddie & Sweetie--for the Catathon--a purple Sherpa Pet Carrier!
Lannml--for the Catathon--Garden Basket or wherever needed--2 solar statues, a boy & a girl, each holding a jar of lightening bugs that light up! Really ice!
Mimi-Stinkypeeps from FL--for the Catathon--12 ceramic magnets-cats/dogs/birds, 3 ceramic kitty tiles in frames/3 ceramic kitty coasters. Plus 2 crocheted scarves--one is bold/the other pastel. For the baby baskets each--a beautiful crocheted afghan
Lynn-our moderator, from Canada! For the Catathon--beautiful variety of jewelry. All sterling silver and gems
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie from IA--for the Catathon--nail stamping kit
Elizabeth L, our FFRC girl!! A magnetic metal bl/wh pokie dot board for Catathon
Beth, Andrew & Rose, day visitors--donation also snackers & toys
Tippy--a heart shaped stone dedicated to Slick
Lann--donation in memory of Riley

Here's the update on the RAFFLE!
Item A     40 tickets==$200      won by Vicky H
Item B      83 tickets==$415     won by Diane PR
Item C      87 tickets==$435     won by Atthebeach
Item D      43 tickets==$215     won by Rene Cha
Item E       80 tickets==$400     won by LJ, given to Angie
Item F     158 tickets==$790     won by Clarksmom
Item G    133 tickets==$665     won by Tammy C
Item H     47 tickets==$235      won by Hull/Diane

Total of this is     $3,380

We had additional funds donated to FFRC, to bump up the amount. You simply amaze me. Thanks to:
Joco, Farmgirl, Littleonemine, Minn, Doubley, Eclectra (& Connnor, Tommy), MaryMort, Mary H/vol from Arch, Hencass,and Donna (in Faithy's name) and Jo603    I appreciate this!
The total after bump ups ready??!!!!!      $4,140.  Big thanks!

We also had consolation prizes that were won by: Bedheadsdad, Sandra DE, Joann C, Romeosmom, Marilyn Fa, Connie D, Lori Gi, Amy Ha, Diann Ba, Carl Pi, Calicokat, Ann Sc, Arden & Charmaine, Fi, Joann Ba, Mary Ke, Anonymous Friend and Ingrid Sc

You are ALL winners in my book. Supporting FFRC thru your raffle help, your emotional support, the way you congrat other people, the kind wishes you give to others, your "lean on me" talks, your compassion for our cats--all of this is noticed and appreciated by me. Have a wonderful, happy day!