Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, May 17

We had our Surgery and Physical day yesterday. All went well. Here is a wrap-up of what we did.
Magic--neutered--had to search a bit, but he is now tic-tac-less! Dr. Darcy was so impressed by him!
Clarissa--spayed, physical good.  She can, of course, continue to nurse her babies.
Amani--spayed, physical good.  Already running around last night.
We also did a couple neuters for volunteer's stray cats.

We did quite a few Physicals too. Those with good physicals (good teeth, heart, lungs, etc) were:
Asha, Bella, Corby, Cutie, Derecho, Emily, Kiara, Milo, Scott, Zelda, Franklin.

We also had these physicals done:
Jessie--needs a dental.Already have her started on antibiotics in prep for her dental. 
Joline--all good, but kidneys somewhat small
Farrah--all good, has a K9 tooth fractured, but is ok
Cayden--all good, keep eye on stump for future sores 

Bender--all good, except for his "hip/stumbliness". He probably took a fall and appears to have a sore spot along his lower vertebrae. Will continue his anti-inflammatories. Hopefully in a couple weeks will have full recovery.

Tomasina--heart, lungs teeth good.  After many different testings, it was determined that she has 3 areas of her brain that is affected neurologically. Her cerebellum, brain stem and the cerebrum. So, our sweet girl has more going on with her than just her CH. We'll continue to love her and give her as good as quality of life that we can. 

Ada Jane--heart, lungs good. Her liver tumor has again grown, as we thought. It is lumpy and now extends past her ribcage. But, she is holding her own. Livers are an incredible organ and can be very compromised and still continue to function. Her anemia has increased as well. So.....we give her anything she wants and continue to love and hug on her. She'll get another "walk about" outside today! 

Ahimsa had her babies yesterday, early in the wee hours of the morning! She did just great and when all was done, she had 7 healthy little tiny babies. She's being a good mama, is eating good. The babies have nice round milk tummies! They are lovely!

Our mama Jerusha is also doing better. As you know, she became jaundiced. We have her on treatment for this and it should completely heal and not cause a problem to her or her babies. Her kittens are growing and run and tear around--they love to climb!

Yesterday while Clarissa was busy with surgery, we let her kittens out to cruise about. They had a great time! It took them a little bit to realize they were safe---then the fun began! 

We have many thank yous to give. Our hearts are full of gratitude for YOU!
Ingrid S/ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC, for Bender's meds & for Derecho's 3rd birthday
Bedheadsdad/Pat--doantion of a few more purrpads for the adoption bags!
Jacksmom--domation for FFRC, to make a FFRC Gift Basket for Catathon
Patricia/pinetree--donation to FFRC
Brad B from KY--donation to FFRC
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation in honor of 7 new babies
Gusti--donation in honor of Rory's birthday & in honor of 7 new babies.

Wow---our Catathon Basket and Big Ticket Items are coming along--I am deeply grateful for you all for your help with this! It's so exciting. 

We had BOXES Thursday evening:
Timbrwolfpup--for Catathon--comb/styling brush and a case of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--for Catathon--Vintage America puzzle.  Games--logo party game, TV/Movies games and Rachel Ray/Cake Boss items for Kitchen Basket
Kelly R/littleonemine--Many items for Purple/Pink/Movie/Baby/Girls Baskets--scrubbies, book, candy, erasers, Baby lotion, luggage tags, leggydews, bandages, etc!
Dottie & Nathan--Many items for Kitchen, Spa, Purple, Christmas, Books baskets--soap, lotion, notebooks, mugs. Also round toys that Vernon loves, assorted medical supplies
Rob & Sarah/romeosmom--Items for Crafter, pink/purple Baskets--yarn, flower loom, spoon knitter, scissors,, round loom, storage bags
Julie & David from UK--Happy Birthday donation to Trucker & friends, scratch & massage bed
John & Rachel--Lodge cast iton set--skillets, cooker & cookbook
D'Ette--Laurel Burch basket--many items! mugs, pouch, memo pads, note card, socks, bookmarks, tote, scarf, purse
Pckrbckr--Hello Kitty Blanket for Catathon
Gusti--24 rolls of PT, 9 containers Clorox wipes, 2 big boxes of 30 gal. trash bags
Linda B--donation in memory of Geraldine S
Edna/Gem & Mama Gem--4 tumblers for Pink basket, for Pokie Dot basket--neck pillow, 2 prs socks, sunglasses
Donna H/knittinKitten--Pokie Dot basket--5 pair socks, silicone gloves. Also 40 lb kitty litter Precious
Ellen E/kikimycat with picture of Kiki--many awesome items for different baskets--Book, Puzzle and for Flash Sale and Catathon--a Bellacase metal kitty, stained glass kitties on a picture frame, statue of kitty sitting on a pile of books, Painted cat puzzle, 10 prs earrings, 2 kitty pillow shams, kitty in a hoop wall hanging, metal walking kitty, Wickerville wall hanging, 2 paw print framed kitty prints

And then we had BOXES Friday night:
Mary H from Arch--Flash/Catathon--necklace/earings and a Peacock ornament, 3 bird ornaments
Timrwolfpup-Purple Basket--2 Bella cat food bowls
TippynTraylor & Ashley too--2 HB cards for Farrah with Fancy Feast & appetizers
Lannml--Spa Basket--10 pieces Aveda beauty products
Nona--Catathon: for the volunteers--lots of wonderful goodies from taste so good on that day!
Julie & David from UK--HB Trucker--2 large kitty cubes
Joanna/Jo603--Many items for various Catathon baskets or for Flash Sale--Spa, book, Christmas, Pokie Dot, Kitty--bare minerals cosmetics, statue of girl holding kitty, 4 books, Precious moment ornament, pink duck, 2 black/white bowls, Boyds Bears resin statue, butterfly earrings
Leanne from Ontario--lots of items for different Catathon baskets--Girls, Spa, Purple, Kitche, Hello Kitty--reebok hat, dipping cone, paddle ball set, carry bag, cat journal, I love kittens games/purse & book. For FFRC Garden--LED kitty with glowing eyes. Snackers for volunteers & kitties
Donna /KnittinKitten--1000 t-shirt bags
Joann Z/znyc--items for Kitchen, Doggie, Boys/Girls/Hello Kitty Baskets--stickers, pop up game, coloring books, Happy Paw waste bag dispenser, magnetic shopping lits
Ellen --wonderful items for the Dude & Dudette Basket--knifes galore, knife sharpener, tiny stove for back pack, candle, survival blankets, belt, air BB gun
Anonymous Friend--2 cases baby food
Anonymous Friend--25 cans KMR
Jo Ann/Joco--Big Ticket Item--afghan made by Joann and her mom, cream color--it's beautiful
Karen T/Black1031cat--kitty card--items for various baskets--Book covers, iStylus for tablet, COACH purse with wallet!, 3 different Scentsy burners with lots of wax to go with them--very pretty!
June/painteddaisy--box of 32 Skinny Cow snackers, 4 pretty rugs for new building, computer paper, tags for store. Mickey Mouse hooded towel for Disney Basket. Lots of items for various baskets--kitty, dog, pink, purple, hello kitty, kitchen, boy!--tattoos, sticker book, stuffed toys, dog notebook, toy, Do it in Glitter, tape kit, puzzles, yellow small spatulas, 3 purple cupcake note pads
Gusti--16 lb Purina One, case of baby food, 6 containers baby cereal, 12 cans Lysol wipes, 12r rolls Bounty towels
Faithy--items for Tool, Gadget & Knives Catathon Basket--Workzone work light, carpenter saw, 8 in 1 pocket pruner, Fiskars pruner. Also a small silk purse/trinkets & earrings.

We also had a special  boxes from Larissa and LJ! They were filled with awesome craft items. Some will be for Big Ticket Items, for the Catathon Raffle, for the Catathon itself. So many items it's hard to describe them all! Heart Canvases with Sevaun and Magic, Sparkle cat wall hanger, Ode to Black Cat tissue holder, Purrcasso Tea Box & scarf with beret & paint brush, bird feeder, Night & Day tay, mini Harlequin treasure chest, 2 canvas painting "Junkyard Cats", Harlequin kitties with frames, the rare Black Harlequin with gold heart and a tiny one on an easel. The black Harlequin Afghan--it's stunning! So many items, even more than here! Absolutely fabulous.

If I have missed anyone, please forgive me. Just drop me an email! 

As we are preparing for this 5th Catathon, it truly amazes me the support we are given. My heart is full of thank yous for your generosity. It's going to be an amazing Catathon! 

All is good here. Breakfast has been done for quite some time now. Tummies are full and kitties are napping. The cats are enjoying the shelves in Kitty Kabana. Mama cats are resting. We have a few families wanting to adopt and will be back! Ada Jane has eaten two breakfasts. Vernon has his ring toy and is happy. Tomasina is on the Princess Bed. Pania's fur is growing in where she had a wound--is healed now. Bella is in her puff bed outside in the dog's kennel. Zelda is napping on the desk. All is good!