Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, Mary 14

This cooler weather has brought out the "goofies" in the cats and kittens. I do think I've seen almost every cat here zipping and scurrying around, just for the fun of it. Thru the tunnels, up the poles, jumping on the Feline Snoozers over to a window shelf and up to the top kitty walks. So much fun to watch!

We had BOXES last night. We have major thank yous to pass to you all!
Anonymous Friend--For the Catathon--Mama Llama Red Pajamas & Sticky kitty books, Zoomy Illustration machine, Axis Helicopter & AA batteries, Chicago Cutlery 3 knives with sheaths, 2 boxes of movie popcorn--these for the Book, Girls, Kitchen & Movie baskets!
Justme, our wonderful mod--for Pokie Dot Basket--screen protectors, clam shell glass case, World Traveler Gym bag, Infinity scarf
Amy from IL--Vera Bradley items--pokie dot KissKiss coin purse & bag, Lovie Bunny & plush blanket--not sure yet if in Vera Bradley, baby girl or Pokie Dot baskets!
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--for the Kitchen Basket--a Wolfgang Puck 12 piece Mixing bowl set Prep Center
LostGirl/Debbi--Sewing Basket--7 inch trimmer scissors, seam ripper, 26 colorful spools of thread in a cady
Purplecat, another wonderful mod!--For purple Basket--logitech mouse, mousepad, M&M's & Thermos
Mann & Dan R & kitty from CO--card. A Rachael Ray Cook Set--a super awesome item for a Big Ticket Item for Catathon
Oilsandsgirl, yet another wonderful mod!--For Laurel Burch Basket--feline family tapestry throw. For pokie dot basket--sunglasses case, 14 clothes pins & Pink pokie dot duffle bag. Family Fun--Game of Life.  And a Brother computerized sewing machine (a big ticket item?)
Sonja A--spring toys. For Spa Basket--20 sticks insense. For Garden Basket--Mushroom on a stake
Timbrwolfpup--for Purple Basket--iPad case, dresser styling comb
Ellen & Pat--630 6 inch styrofoam plates
Sandra E--a maroon and grey pet stroller--possibly a raffle item?!
Eaglewatcher/Beth from IL--for Dude basket--2 coleman sleeping bags
Neromom/Sherri & David W from NY--Mother's Day card with famous $5
Clark, Jessie & Family--Birthday cards with famous $5 each for Sarge, Derecho, Rory and Farrah
Hannah S and Tookie--Kitty Mothers Day Card
Jane W/Calico from MA--Mother's Day card
Deb H from KY--note & donation to FFRC
Annette & kitties--kitty card
Teresa H from IN--donation
Melissa L from NY--donation
Cheryl L--Mother's Day card
Juliet & David from UK--Village Kitty card Happy Birthday to Trucker & famous $5
Edward H/eddie from OH--donation in memory of his kitty Fu-Fu
Charleen P from Miss--a thank you card
Darkcat, still another wonderful mod!--a donation made to FFRC, in honor of Mich!

As you know, we have begun great work already for our Catathon event. It's June 28th and is fast approaching. We are working on the Baskets and the Big Ticket Items. I was organizing things this morning and stopped to look about me. I am completely in awe of what YOU all make possible for us here at FFRC. The trust you put in us is humbling. And because of that, I try very hard to use every penny to the max. It's hard too to believe that this is Catathon 5. This fundraiser is to help with The House that Jonah Built and the floor for this building. It will be an exciting day!

Dion is now done on site until the floor is done for The House that Jonah Built! The ceiling has two coats of paint on it and the eave spouts/downspouts are in place! He's a head of schedule! Bruce and crew will be here Tuesday to begin the floor epoxy which will take the rest of the week. We are getting close!!

Ada Jane has not eaten real well the last few days but still is interested in life. She is just a real sweetie cat to us all and love her so much. It's amazing to me how she gets these spurts of energy!

Right now, Ahimsa is in the closet in Kitty Campus Room, sharing the bed with Coralie. Both seem very peaceful. So nice to see. Preakness is wonderful--she and Solee love to play and play bump into each other. I think they do it on purpose and then end it by grooming each other! 

All is good with the Barnies, Covies and Porchies. Our new boy, Grizzly is a dear. So rough and tough and yet so sweet too. Loves to be petted, as long as his tummy is full! He gets along well with all the Porchies. The Covies will be out 3 times this week, which they love. I often see them wandering around in the Playground area. When it's finally closed, they will already be use to it. We will close it after the floor is done, to allow easy access for the equipment.

Take care. See you soon at BOXES at 5:30!