Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday, May 5

Enjoy each day, as each day can be very different than what you've planned on. Today it has poured heavily this morning, so the construction was called off for today. But, the trees are heavily blooming now, grass is growing and if I stood by a tree long enough, I'd see the leaves popping out.  Also, our Bubbie new cat will not be arriving today afterall. This means, movies is still on for Steve and me!

I've received more info on Bubbie. First, she will have a new name upon arrival. Her first name will be Tomasina. Her middle name, if so desired, will be Bubbie.  She is 1 year old and from New Jersey. Her  human mama took over her care when she was a tiny baby as the cat mama ignored her. Soon after that, the cat mama was killed by a car, so human mama took on all the care of the litter.  One kitten was mild CH, Tomasina has been said is severe. The kittens were all adopted except Tomasina. Her human mama is taking on a job across the country that will involve much time, which would leave Tomasina alone. So, FFRC will take over her care. She will be arriving tomorrow late morning/early afternoon.

I am so very grateful for the donations that have been given to FFRC, in memory of our wonderful boy Thomas. I miss him terribly, but as I start to feel down about him, I remember such awesome, fun memories of him. Remember when he let Smallisha have her kittens on HIS bed, with him ON the bed at the same time? What a wonderful cat. Many thanks to the following for their memorial donations to him:
.Lu-Little & Benny, Lois/Lannml, Billie K, Sylvia/scoobyuk, Pam/zoolove, Geremy & Gloria K, Theodore E, Sandra/straycatlady, Karen/kaseyann, Conii G, Debbie/bearmn & Dean, Kathy M, Nigel W.

We also had BOXES last night, for which I am grateful.
Amy G from OH--donation for FFRC
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC, use where needed
Kelly F from OH--lg. box of variety of BandAids
BagoBear--big bag of plastic cutlery.  LOTS of items for FFRC, raffle and Catathon--pillow, table runners, quilts--all beautiful and absolutely wonderful!
Doubledibleydoo from UK--pkt of snackers, cat plaque, 6 scarves (for Catathon, raffles), xl shirt with kitty face, car airfresheners
Judy& Jay--for Catathon, pink basket--pink sunglasses. Also purple sunglasses for purple basket
WagTailFarms with note. wagtailfarms.com--6 Neck Hugs, Elizabethan collars for cats, so soft and nice
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--picture of Sophie/Lucy, doggie snackers, 16 bags kitty snackers, 6 appetizers
Priscilla G from CA--for Catathon--2 Knot a Quilt kits
Gina S from OH--5 cans Sheba, kitty snackers. For Catathon--yarn, hooks, needles, markers for Crochet/knitting basket. Items for Purple basket. Measuring spoons & cups for Kitchen basket. Magic towels & #2 pencils for kids baskets, bone snackers for dog basket, lavender soap/body soap for Spa basket. also items for Hello Kitty Basket
Donna B--snackers for volunteers--many kinds of cookies, chips, crackers, juicey drinks. This will keep us going! Also lots of kitty snackers and doggie snackers
Clark, Jessie & family--Happy 1st birthday for Scott, Happy 11th birthday for Jolene and their famous $5 each
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--Happy birthday to Joline, Roland, Azar, Trucker, Rory, Derecho, Farrah, Camvie, Roland, Big Al, Tabitha & Cliff and their famous $5 each!
Wolfpatch/Dave--resturned pillow case (!!) and an orange pr sockies
Judy MJ/card--for catathon--purple eyeglass case embroidered
Tina & Cindy R and Shari--donations in memory of their Little Bumpy

I've now heard from Bobbi's new mom. They love her and Bobbi is happy. This always thrills me to hear back from our adoptive families.

Our cat, Ahimsa is still "with kittens". We have a sign up sheet on her pen so volunteers can guess how many kittens she may have. Answers are anywhere from "one big one", to "all of them", to 3,4, 5 and 6, even a 4 1/2 one! It's always fun to have fun! She is out during the day, but at night, we put Ahimsa back in Dodger's Pen. We will try and get the camera on the pen during her delivery.

I have some sad news for you. We have lost another cat today. Our wonderful, black Riley has passed away. He had a dental done on 4/24 and has never recovered 100% from it. Now we know why. He had FIP. ALL cats carry the corona virus, usually that is just fine. But, with the stress of the anesthesia and visit, it probably pushed the mutation viral condition over to the clinical phase. He immediately started showing signs while we watched over him this week. Today, he could go no further. We will miss him tremendously. Riley has been with us for 8 years--a wonderful, loving boy who was so gentle. He is now buried inside the cat's playground area. Please know, with this disease, we do not have to worry about other cat's contracting FIP because of Riley. They are safe. He will be very missed. Riley was a Covie. Thank you for loving him.