Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday, May 26

Ahimsa has eaten some dry food last night and again a bit this morning. I just gave her a good grooming too and she enjoyed it. She hasn't had a fever now for 36 hours! She is actually looking around now like she has an interest in life. I'm so glad about this. 

Steve and I have decided we are still going on our little Shipshewana visit. We will be back tomorrow later. In the meantime, there is a whole bunch of volunteers that will be here and all will keep an eye on Ahimsa. Connie will give meds and will do breakfast in the morning. Sonja is here and will keep an eye on Ahimsa too. The farmyard is taken care of. Others will check on my house cats. We will be taking off this morning. No worries. 

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you all. We have all had to deal with a rough week of losses. We could all be down and out, grumpy and "stuck" in our thoughts. But, that's not what we do here at FFRC. I am so so appreciative of your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. You all help me too to stay focused. It is indeed a hard time when we have loss, but look at what is here--lots of joyous cats and kitties that need us! Life is good. There is no way I can even walk thru this rescue center without smiling at these great cats. They love us all. I want to thank you too for your kindness shown in facebook---means a lot to me. 

Right now Corby is acting like a clown--he's upside down, twisting around trying to get a toy out from under a ledge. Camvie and Milo are chasing each other. Franklin is carefully making his way down from atop a Kuranda Tower. Joey has been over by my desk to say hi. Derecho is bopping around, feeling really good. Bender is doing great. Clarrisa and kittens are out and about, just enjoying all the toys. The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are pure joy--happy, happy kittens! And all have nice round FFRC tummies. 

I would like to say thanks too for the following:
Donna/Napa--donation in memory of Ahimsa's sweet babies
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation to help with Ahimsa's medical care
Jay H--for the new Kuranda Tower for The House that Jonah Built
Eartheyes/Margaret--donation in memory of Tomasina and Ahimsa's babies
Donna/knittinkitten--donation in memory of Ahimsa's wee ones and Tomasina
Mudjie--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Thomas & Tomasina
Halo's mom & dad--donation for FFRC in honor of all the cats
Billie K--donation in memory of Tomasina
Fisk Family--visitors--bleach, plates, spoons, sardines

And a big thanks to all of you---just because I appreciate you all!

Well, we will be leaving soon and my computer will be turned off. Have a blessed, happy, peaceful day. See you all back here tomorrow!