Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28

Steve & I had a nice two days. Went by very quickly. We enjoyed it though. We also found a few bits of furniture for The House that Jonah Built. They are made of recycled milk jugs, are permanently colored thru-out the entire furniture and will last forever. The cats can nap on these pieces and people can sit on them too!  They are 2 stands (big enough to nap on), 1 fairly large but short table and 2 benches. They are all different colors! Now we have this furniture and will have 5 Kuranda Towers so I think they will be all set.

Dion has been here this week. All the walls are up inside now! The top cabinets are up. The lower 2 out of 3 cabinets are in. He's today working on the 3rd cabinet, getting the sink in and the plumbing, then putting the countertop on. The outside fence is now all done but 3 panels. We're chomping at the bit--rearing to go! Won't be much longer. The Covies have enjoyed watching everything. 

Ahimsa is doing somewhat better. She's fairly inactive yet. Fever is now gone for 4 days. She's eating some baby food but is not showing a big appetite yet. This morning she received a grooming, a damp wet-down and some syringe feeding. She's right now resting quite comfortably.

The kittens from the back are up in the Main Area again today. They have speedy wheels and love to tumble. Clarissa and her 4 babes are also out with the others. They are forming some good friendships.

Bella loves it outdoors. Her red poof was washed again today--she so enjoys laying in that. I looked at her a bit ago and she was lightly covered in cottonwood fuzzies! So was Fabio. He was stretched out in the sun, on his back, covered in white fuzzies! Didn't bother him at all. 

Cayden and Lorenzo have been in my office for quite a while, playing with AJ, Major and McKaela. So cute! The little long hair black and black tiger kittens are so fluffy--it's so sweet how puffy they are. All are eating good and are displaying good FFRC bellies. 

We had BOXES last night! I am grateful for what you do for FFRC.
Lee Ann E from NC--donation to FFRC, to use wherever needed
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Maria/snoopybaby--a whole Snoopy Basket for Catathon.  Wow! Filled with many different Snoopy/Peanut items, some of which are--bracelet, pencils, twin size sheet set, 3 stuffed snoopys, t-shirt, scrub top, lunch tote, gift set, mug, tray, back pack, glitter art set, magnets, etc. Also 2 lovely pieces of metal art. One we have hanging already on the walk to Kitty Kastle. The other will be used as a fundraiser! We also received a Snoopy with his own FFRC tag!
Donnajb--2 printer ink cartyridges and One Brother Wireless all in one PRINTER!!!
Vickie B--Catathon, Coke basket--turvis tumbler, pen set, t-shirt, stuffed Coke Polar Bear
Nikka--memorial stone for Beach
Madisonpepper--6 boxes appetizers
Jatcat--a Lasko wall mounted fan for Kitty Kabana!!  Also a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse! (mine has half the letters/numbers gone!)
Tom G-MI--kitty collars. For Catathon--tea cozie pattern book, shower gel, baby bottles, rainbow loom, activity books, 12 skeins yarn, frame for 4 pics.  For FFRC, broth FF, appetizers and a few medical supplies
Maryann/Merry_Marvin with Peanut--HB Jacci card. Kitty windchimes & t-shirt No More Homeless Cats. Mylar ball/mice. bag of Reeses variety and an arch groomer for Bella & Coralie. For the Catathon--fling a Ring, poopie bags with deanter, clips & 2 towels, cosmetic bag
Marcy C from MI--donation for FFRC and lots of potty bags!
Jackie R--2 kitty beds
Ron C--for Catathon--2 awesome Bug Out Backpacks.  For emergencs for home or camping, etc. Wonderful things--1 month supply of food for 2 people, water purification, solar light that will recharge a cell phone, stove, radio--full of great items! 

It's Trucker's birthday today! He's already had special privileges of going out to Kitty City with me--one of his favorite things! He goes all over checking things out. He's such a happy boy! He's also shared two chicken servings with his friends already! Happy 1st Birthday, Buddy. 

Don't you just love laughter? It's a wonderful thing. Sometimes I sit in one of the rooms and just listen to the chitter chatter of everyone. The laughter is the best! We feel that joy and so do the cats and kittens. The compassion that is shown is so sweet. The tenderness, the holding and cuddling of all the cats is a treasure. Enjoy your day!