Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday, May 1

What happened?  Something's different. What?  Where did that come from?  That's exactly what Jerusha was saying. I can just imagine her saying-----hmmmmm, 1,2,3,4,5---who is this extra gold baby that makes 6?  Not sure where he came from, but ok---he can stay and be part of the golden babies! 

Yes, we've taken in a new little orangie. His mama had a litter in the walls of a house. She decided to move the litter, but left one. The hole where she had gained entrance, was then boarded up. The next day little meows were heard. So, boards were taken off and the baby retrieved and brought to FFRC. This family is going to try and trap the mama and have her spayed.

So, little golden tiger boy has arrived. Normally we do not mix kitten litters. The reason is the possibility of spreading leukemia. But, this little baby was just big enough to get a blood sample--test was negative, bath given, wormer given.  Then he was put in the middle of the pile to get the scent on him of the other kittens. Jerusha took to him right away. He is a bit older than the others, but not by much. His name is Major.  

We had BOXES on Weds. evening! Big thanks to you all!
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Lou/doubleydibleydoouk--donation for the kitties for snackers
Deb B/11111--donation for the Paddy brothers
Judy M--for the pink Catathon Basket--everything pink! pink hat with bling, 2 prs footie socks, Mumei wallet
Wavy--For the pink Catathon Basket--all pink! tape dispenser, post it note/dispenser, stapler, pens, calculator, rolodex portfolio
Dixie D--17--23 K gold trim dog collector plates to use as we like
Vicki B--3 boxes of 6 Woolzie balls for dryer, 6 bags RC baby & Mom dry
Leggygal--3 big boxes of Biggeydoes!!
Ajpritting--2 lg pretty kitty beds--one red/one blue
Jatcat--purple grooming sprayer for bath time
Susan C--donation for FFRC
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy 8th Birthday to Bobbi and the famous $5
Mona--coupons/rules good for purses

Tuesdays the big day! So excited. On Tuesday, Dion and the Amish Crew will be arriving early in the morning to start The House that Jonah Built! It will have 4 windows, 5 plugs, sink, 8 foot counter and a cabinet above the counter. As soon as the framework is up, we can then finish the fence! The Covies will be watching the whole event!

Betz did excellent with her spay--was running about that same evening already. Pania's bite wound is healing and is still on antibiotics twice daily. That rascal just knows--when it's medicine time--zoom, she's trying to walk away as fast as she can! Franklin Tommie is doing awesome--what a very affectionate cat he is. He is a big lap sitter too. He has only a slight wobble sometimes in his hind quarters. Franklin would make a wonderful pet in a home!

We will be taking on a new cat with CH. She is from W. Virginia and arrived at her present house when she was just 6 days old. Because her mama has to take a job in CA, where she will be gone long long hours, this kitten needs to find a home. She is like an Alma--has severe CH. Her name is Bubbie and she has determination like Derecho and Alma. She will do just fine! Her mama will be delivering her to FFRC on Tuesday. She is a well loved kitten. When we take on the commitment of a cat with CH,  we do it with the best interest of the cat at heart. If he/she becomes an adoptable cat, we try to place them We have already placed 4 cats with CH. If they have issues that are best dealt with here, then so be it. 

The Barnies that live in the grey barn, have a new "look' to the inside of their barn. Jimmy has put up new walls in this barn--looks so much nicer and cleaner. The cats in the big red barn are wonderful. So friendly. It's nice to walk in there and have all the cats come running up. All really nice cats!

We've heard back from some of the recent adoptions.  Ann Shirley is doing good! Sounds like she's adjusting quickly. Mixo is doing great. Is making friends with the other household cats. Jamie is doing awesome--already well loved. Lynnette tells me that Lynn is also doing good--is very playful and making friends too with the other cats. All is good!