Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weds., April 29

Two more dentals are done! Yesterday Derecho and Honey went to their appointments. Derecho had 2 fractured K-9's that needed to be removed (from hitting his teeth on the floor). Honey had 10 teeth removed. We had planned 1 tooth for Derecho and 4 for Honey. But, when their mouths are examined under anesthetic and x-rays are taken, better decisions can be made. Today we have Mew and LeLe going up.  They have all been recovering nicely. Even Sevaun--she wants it known that she can still eat those snackers!!

We took on a new kitten with CH yesterday. This is Franklin Tommie. He is from Indiana. The director of that shelter drove half way and met me--so it was about a 2 hour drive for each of us, one way. Franklin is an orangie boy, about 6 months old. He's fully vaccinated and we will retest him again here. Very inquisitive about everything. 

We had an adoption yesterday too! Our wonderful, handsome Mixo went to his new home. He joins a family with a few other cats and two cat loving people! I've heard that Jamie is dong good in his new home! Danae is also doing great!

We would like to give thanks to the following:
Donnajb--paypal to help with gas and food to get Franklin Tommie.
Knittinkitten/Donna H from PA--donation in honor of Yonaton for taping boxes last Saturday
Diane B from IN--donation for yummies for kitties
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC
DeWitty--donation for snackers for all the kitties

We also had an adoption this morning! Or sweetie Ann Shirley was a gentleman that has lots of love to give. Ann Shirley's birthday and his birthday are the same!

The Feline Snoozers are now inside the playground for the Covies and Porchies.  They have a post in each leg for stability. No falling over no matter how many are on it! Th playground sure looks like fun for them!

Tomorrow Betz goes up for her spay. Our last dental date will be May 8. Whew--what a lot of record keeping! Each dental receives 2 days of soreness meds and 5 days of antibioitcs, except for Honey and Devonta who have 2 weeks. 

Our beautiful picture of Ada Jane goes up on the ceiling of Kitty Kabana today. It has a wonderful walnut frame. Our two cats are back---Jenna and Radar! They looks mighty handsome/beautiful there in the rock garden by Kitty City--so inviting. Thanks to Dave (brother-in-law) and Jud7 (sister)--they actually made new ones and painted them. 

Our two newbie black kittens are up and about in the Main Area now for the day time. At night, they will go back to the Thumper's Rooms. They sure can buzz around here--so playful. Clarissa's kittens are just starting to venture off their beds a bit and explore. Jerusha's kittens still are snugglers and sleepers! 

Who is the cat that LOVES her RC baby snackers, with a pink collar?
What cat hides in the cupboard during thunderstorms/
Which 2 cats climbs up high and then meows to have help getting down?
Which cat does NOT want picked matter what?!
Who is the cushie bed queen?
What 2 cats wants the first plates of food in the Covies?
Who is the newest Porchie?

Answers, in order:  Solee, Kiara, Vernon & Pania, Debut, Bella, Rory & Muffin, Gwendolyn