Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday April 23

We now have concrete! Dion came yesterday with the Amish crew and the concrete is now done for the new area. The slab for The House that Jonah Built is now done and the patio in front of it all is also done. The drainage for rain will be just fine! Now to let it sit for a week and harden all the way. The Covies sure enjoyed watching. The Porchies and chickens decided to do some artwork, but it was troweled smooth again. Now we play the waiting game!

Yesterday was another Dental Day. It didn't quite turn out the way it was planned. Honey and Devonta went up. Donna and Larry took them up. Martha L brought Honey back and Donna/Larry brought Davonta back.  Honey actually had to have her dental cancelled because Devonta's took the entire time slots. We will reschedule Honey and get caught back up again. Devonta had a very long day but is doing a bit better this morning.

Friday is a big day. We have 2 cats going up for Dentals--Sevaun and Riley. And also Magic will be going up for his second surgery. They don't have to have the 3 cats until 10:00, so I will take all 3 up and stay for their surgeries. Then will bring all 3 home. Next week the Dentals will be Derecho, Honey, LeLe and Mew. 

I missed last Thursdays BOXES. I am so very sorry but so appreciative!
Izznan--Zoom Groom brush, kitty snackers & 3 Lysol wipes
Zoolove--case of KMR
CantonCat/Chancecat--wicker kitty ball cat bed for back Thumper's Room
Pat/Thursday volunteer--2 bags of kitty jingle balls, crocheted blankie, pot holder
Wolfpatch/David--our week visitor--80+ dozen of his FFRCNation famous cookies!

And then we had BOXES last night too! Many, many thanks.
Sonjamac from Toronto--2 cases Purrfectly Chicken for Rachet & friends
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--4 new spin mop handles
Joey3100--lg bag of dry Friskies 7
Plee/Pat from NC--a beautiful green quilt, with butterflies & leaves
Tazzy with note--15 Animal Planet Sherpa blankets & 2 purple memory foam rugs--all very nice!
Kathy K/justme from IA--Netgear Switch to add to the router to expand
Vicki B from NY--card, donation to FFRC in honor of LJ
Sue/macncheesemom from MA--donaiton for Lorenzo
Mary L from OH--butterfly card and donation
Arden & CHarmaine--for Catathon--Essenhaus Amish foods for a basket--filled with noodles, broth, chicken, beets, pickles, butter spreads, popcorn---very nice
DiBme/Diane P from OR--2 Peeka Boo tunnels, Lavender room sprays, hand cream, tons & tons of toys--all handmade by Diane. Very nice! Can add some to adoption bags. Blue hammock & red hammock for Dodger's Pen, kitty snackers, 3 black rugs
ajpritting/Audrey P--tin with Kitten on outside full of popcorn, and a BIG tin with popcorn for volunteers, kitty card with note & donation in honor of her birthday, soft blankie for Ada Jane, lots of toys including a battery mouse, green & pink soft beds.  Happy Birthday!
Wag Tail Farms--a donation in honor of customer Linda T for purchasing a Neck Hug 
Adrian M from UK--a donation for Sevaun, from the Tooth Fairy! With help from Malcolm & Princess Patch
Fi--2 bags of RC baby/mother dry food & donation in honor of Alma.
Jobear--2 bags of Taste of the Wild cat food and a really cute cat watering can for Catathon
Shannan W--donation to FFRC

We had an adoption yesterday. Lynn was adopted by Lynnette! Remember she couldn't resist him from the day he arrived! He loves her already.

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Mixo, pronounced Mee-shoo. His name is from one of the Name a Cat. His name means "dawn". He spent the winter outside. A friend had seen him and asked FFRC to take him on. He's about 14 months old.  His birthday is 2/19/14. He is a siamese mix with chocolate points. Very handsome. After his bath, his fur was fluffy! Nice personality. Is neutered.  He's been tested, vaccinated, wormed & bathed. Soon we will let him out to start exploring in the front Thumper's Room. 

The 5 gold kittens are doing great. Their birthday is 4/11/15.  Clarissa's kittens are also doing great. Their birthday is 3/30/14. Won't be long until we will need to move the Clarissa group up to Cat's Corner Room.

That little Magic--he's a stinker! He and Milo play so rough together. Magic runs up to him and nips his hiney. Milo rolls Magic with a thump. Both part ways and then--crash--they run at each other and knock each other down. After that, it's time for a bear hug on each other that results in light belly kicking. Milo is probably 4 times bigger than Magic but they sure do play good together and have so much fun. He and Trucker are still bestest of friends though.

We have May 16th as our next surgical date. June 5,6,7 are the Dance Recital dates where we organize and run the concession stand. This is a fundraiser for us.