Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter, April 5

A beautiful, wonderful, blessed day to you all!

I'd like to take this time to do a catch-up on what happened when Dr. Darcy was here yesterday  Here is a run-down.

In the Main Area:
Bender--physical good
Camvie--physical good, weight good, fur growing in nicely
Denae--physical good
Derecho--needs dental--upper both K-9 teeth needs removed   Physical good
Jackson--physical good (he was a good boy and quiet!)
Joey--physical good (was more of a look/see physical than a hands-on, but he did good!)
Jersey--physical good
Seymour--physical good, wound 100%  healed, has 2 enlarged lymph glands yet from infection
Solee--physical good, has an upper 0 tooth that may need attention
Suzanna--physical good, needs dental has 1 premolar needs removed
Trucker--physical good
Ratchet--physical good
Jamie--1/2 sutures removed from un-eye.  Other sutures to be removed Weds.
Lorenzo--physical good
Magic--physical good.  Wt-3.07.  Surgery on 4/10. Will do a mid-femur amputation--that's good!

The Porchie cats:
Austin--physical good except heart has a 4/6 murmur. Will just watch.
Jimmy James--physical good
Mew--physical good. Needs dental--3 teeth needs removed
Olaf--physical good. Needs dental--3 teeth needs removed
Shamballie--physical good
Zavatar--physical good

My house cats also received physicals! Most of my cats in house has medical problems---that's why they are inside with me. Kay Martina needs the remainder of her teeth pulled. Zest has 4 teeth that needs pulled. Fergus will start on an anti-inflammatory for his tummy. Devonte needs 1-2 teeth pulled.  All other physicals are good. These are Steve's and my financial concern--they are not a part of FFRC finances. 

The Covie cats:
Mayor Anony--physical good
Charlie--physical good
Honey--physical good, needs dental--4 teeth needs removed
LaDonna--physical good
LeLe--physical good, will need dental sometime--keep watch on her upper Rt. P2
Leonard--physical good
Muffin--physical good, needs dental--3 teeth needs removed
Oliver--physical good, his fur is perfect!
Riley--physical good, needs dental--1 tooth needs removed
Roland--physical good--needs dental--2 teeth needs removed
Rory--physical good
Sevaun--physical good--needs dental--needs 1 tooth removed, slight tartar
Soyboy--physical good
Sylvan--physical good
Timothy--physical good

So.....the bottom line, is the physicals went very very well.  Other than teeth, one heart murmur, we're a pretty healthy bunch!  Dental care increase in need as cats get older, so this was not totally unexpected. However, the cost is very high. We will be calling this week to start making appointments and will get in as many as possible in each trip. In doing dentals, there's always surprises, as Dr. Darcy mentioned. Once in the mouth working, often more teeth are found to be removed.  To help with teeth health, we will be getting T/D's and other dental chewies for the cats.

A couple other updates:
Walter--what a great cat! He's happy, healthy and care-free. We've tried 4 different meds on him to stop his circling. None have been very effective. After talking to Dr. Darcy, we've decided we are simply going to let Walter be Walter. No more meds. This circling he does, does not seem to bother him at all. It may bother US as watchers. He's easily distracted away from his circling, simply by "re-routing" him. So, please be patient with him. Know that when you see he is circling, just take a deep breathe and let this go. He's ok!

Ada Jane--her liver continues to decline. It is enlarged, bumpy and lumpy. This is what is causing her anemia. She is not in any discomfort. We will treasure these days with her and love her and enjoy her. It's evident these last few days have been rougher on her--she's not as interested in eating, not drinking as much and is sleeping most of the time. She is a treasure to us and is a real joy. Enjoy this sweetie. 

We have a name for our new kitten. She is 5 months old, black/white and was rescued by granddaughter Ashlyn and her boyfriend.   She is now known as Betz. When she first came in, she was leery of the other cats, but she is doing so much better now. She's a real loverbug to people too! 

I am always grateful for the love and compassion shown to FFRC and our cats. And that compassion extends from all of us to many other cats and animals. Here are things I've noticed:

WHEN one of our cats is picking on another, we simply separate and gently say "that's enough".
WHEN one of our cats has done something to make another cat upset, we pet both cats and send them on their way, happier.
WHEN one of our cats is sick, we lavish on the concern and help them feel better.
WHEN one of our cats have received a grouchy word from another cat, they are quickly forgiven.
WHEN one of our cats is down and depressed, another cat can make for a happier day by simply purring and extending a paw in friendship.
WHEN a cat has scratched or bitten another in play, a grudge is not held.
WHEN a cat has an "accident", we quickly clean it up and do not criticize.
WHEN we notice a cat has achieved something, we rejoice for their efforts.
WHEN we see a "handicapped" cat stretching his limits, we give encouragement. 
WHEN we see a cat trying to figure something out, we give them credit for doing so.
WHEN one of our cats needs a bit of a boost, we are helpful.
WHEN one of our cats goes over to a baby and gives it a bath, it brings us joy.
WHEN one falls, we have great concern.

What I'm getting at is that we hold so much compassion for these cats. And for the most part, these cats also show compassion for one another. It's wonderful to see. And it's amazing how these cats get along. They love, forgive. We love, forgive. But sometimes we come up short in passing that same love, compassion and forgiveness to one another. We are not "hard" or critical of the cats as we watch them. My wish is that the same kindness we show to our cts can be passed over to our fellow humans as easily. We need to forgive our fellow friends as quickly as what we see the cats forgiving each other. I wish that the patience, kindness, understanding that we give to our cats would be given out as freely to the people in our lives. 

Have an awesome day. Enjoy it with your family, pets and friends.