Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday, April 11

Magic is wonderful! His surgery went great. His next surgery is scheduled for 4/24. He came home yesterday very soon after his surgery, pottied and curled up on his heated Angel Bed. In the evening I saw that he had not eaten yet. So....his best buddy Trucker was put in the pen with him and they both ate really good! He just needed his friend to encourage him! How so sweet. Magic spent the night in the pen. By morning he was bright eyed and bushy tailed and wanted out, out, out! Was very verbally complaining that he'd had enough of the pen. So on the floor he went. He soon found his favorite ball toy and was playing. He also ate a good breakfast. We'll keep him on soreness meds for a few days. I've been watching him zoom around this morning. Very interesting how high he can pick up his torso.

We have taken in a mama cat and her 4 babies. A family went to their basement and heard lots of tiny mewing. To their surprise, was a mama and 4 baby kittens. She apparently gained access to their basement thru a broken window. They are now here at FFRC. She is a beautiful black/white cat named Clarissa (means clear & bright). Her babies will be named soon. We have a grey tiger, brown tiger, a tiger/white with some ASH markings and a black/white kitten. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. All had fleas on them which are now gone. She was hungry but all in all, looks good. A very nice mama!

We had BOXES Thursday evening! Many thanks to you. 
Donnajb--10 cases Fancy Feast kitten, peppermint candies for Wilson, Mercy, Millie & Pickles!
Pat & Ellen--canned food and TP
Rebecca & WIllow--for Ada Jane & friends--10 boxes of Bondi Licks
Susan345--4 canisters Gerber Rice Cereal
Pat, our Thurs. Vol--TP and donations from Walmart
Lavendarcat226/Jana C from ME--beautiful earrings that she made and also bookmarks--very very nice, 13 microfiber towels and a pack of wash cloths
Billie K from TX--donation to help with Magic's surgery
Joanne P/Jo--donation for FFRC
Susan H--donation for FFRC
Jane W from TN--donation to help with dentals
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation for FFRC
Pam T from OH--donation for Joyful's birthday
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation in honor of Blue's 15th birthday, to help with dentals.
Margaret H/eartheyes from NC--donation for FFRC & Magic

Starting next week, we have every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday scheduled for our dentals. The cats are extra brushing their teeth in hopes of less dental needs! Really though, they are now receiving dental treats that are to help with good teeth care. All of their transportations are covered by our wonderful volunteers! A big 3 weeks coming up. The first week we have Suzanna, Olaf, Kay Martina (my cat) and Rolland scheduled. 

Our Raffle is on! There's 10 items and all are awesome. Great consolation prizes too. This raffle will need to go towards our dental care. Yesterday, Mich and Vern were here and they did a Flash Sale. Normally we never have Flash Sales at the same time we have a Raffle going on. But, because of the high cost of these dentals and the willingness of Mich and Vern to do a Flash Sale, we did one! I thank them both for their help and I give thanks too for the raffle participation. 

Seymour is doing wonderful. I check his legs 3-4 times a day now. The fur is finally growing back nicely which will add some padding. He sure can zoom around here! Lucy Ann is also doing good. She's such a quiet soul--I'd love to find a quiet home for her. Cayden had developed a bit of a sore on the tip of his stump, but it looks real good now and is healed.

The Covies were out and about yesterday. They have been out on the farmyard more now that the snow is gone. And the grass is green! So so nice to see! They are funny to watch. They run up to the bunnies like Full Charge Ahead.....and then they stop and walk away from them. The Cat's Cove was blasted yesterday and is sparkling clean! I'll be checking the weather forecast soon to decide when they will be moved! I think they are more than ready to go to their big Cove home! 

The touch-up painting here inside the Rescue Center continues. All the nicks, dings and scratches are almost all covered up again with fresh paint! Farrah has a bit of red paint on her--she looks quite pretty! We're working on combing it out! And of course, Jarvis has a bit of white paint on him--he has to investigate everything that happens. Ada Jane is holding her own. She's very thin and anemic, but she is comfortable. She so loves to be held close. She is a treasure.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Please check your pets for fleas--it's that time of year to start up flea prevention if you haven't already had them on prevention.