Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday, April 26

Wait---what happened to April?  It's almost gone---time goes way too fast. Hopefully May will be warmer and sunshiney---it's been a cold April.

Sevaun and Riley spent another night in Cat's Cove. But, today, they are ready to go back to their Cat's Cove! It's also a day that the Covies get to run about. They love to roll around on the cement slab that is for The House that Jonah Built.  When we transfer Sevaun and Riley back to the Cove and we clean Cat's Corner Room, we will be moving Clarissa and her 4 babies to this room. The babies are starting to toddle around and they need more space.

Mixo is doing so much better. Oh my---what a very handsome boy he is! This morning, we left the door open to the Welcome Room Office so all cats could go back and forth. He has ventured up 3 times and was even climbing the Kuranda Towers. He's a gentle boy, just has to get use to all of the other cats. I believe he can do it!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Madisonpepper--Spoiled Rotten Box, full of fun toys and snackers for the cats--they love this!
MK Mouse--a beautiful Lenox with gold trim of Donald Duck for the Catathon
Billie K--a Rossi Pasta Basket for the Catathon, filled with pasta sauces, pasta and olive oil
DiBme/Kathy with Tazzy--Paddycard with the famous $5 for a snack for all the cats! Also kickeroo toys and ring toys for the cats
Donna/knittinkitten with Shadow and Starla--note, lots of candy for the hard working volunteers--all kinds, including sugar-free ones! 2 beautiful bracelets (lovely--so nice), doggie snackers and cat snackers
Vkerska/ValR--one of our wonderful lurkers with kitty card, LOTS of surgical items--surgical kits, gauze wipes, towels, blades, sutures, needles--so thankful!
Just Jessie with Clark & Family--Happy 15th BD card with $5 for Jessie, Sr.
Karen B--chief tapes

Yes, Jessie, Sr. is now 16. She arrived here at the age of 15. She's a quiet girl, enjoys being petted and is such a beauty. 

Magic is doing great from his surgery. He's up and about and playing again. He is one tough little cookie! Trucker and he are the bestest of friends--always napping together. Speaking of Trucker......  You may know we have started a new treatment on him. His diarrhea had gotten way out of control again. The lamb is not the whole answer to his problem. He started a real nasty sore on his bottom from all the irritation. We can't have that. So....a "different" type of treatment has been started. It's called "fecal transplant". Yep--it sounds gross, but it appears to be showing good results so far. It's been 36 hours so far, and he's only had 2 poos. That in itself is tremendous. For more info on this treatment, please search on the internet under Fecal Transplant for cats. It's used for humans and animals. We will go to great lengths to bring health to our cats.

We took in 2 new kittens yesterday. They were advertised in the buy,trade,sell section. The kittens are very sweet---both black, a male and female. They have a bit of medium fur length. The boy is called Jete, pronounced Jay-tay, a dance/ballerina term.  The girl is called Amani, which means peace in Africa. They are 6 weeks old. Their birthday is 3/14/15. The family has promised to spay the mama and we will follow thru with this, as it is important to FFRC, that the mother's be spayed of the kittens we take. 

Sweet Gwendolyn, one of the new 9 Barnies has firmly established herself as a Porchie. She has been welcomed into their group. What a sweetie she is. Always meets and greets people and so enjoys the other cats.  The other 8 cats love their big red barn and are doing great.