Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday April 4

For those that rejoice in the gift of Easter---have a blessed day tomorrow. 

We have much to be grateful for here at FFRC. We had BOXES last night!
Mary, Friday Volunteer--4 reams of paper, 10 cans Lysol wipes, flannel pillow cases, 3 boxes of 2 " packing tape, 5 boxes Capri and Broth/appetizers 
Donnajb--10 of the 3 " wraps for Seymour
Plee with Sandy & Miss Tortie--2 flannel pillowcases, 2 pillow shams, 3 bags of kitty snackers
Truetiger/Nelli from NC--Easter card, yummy Easter candies! We'll share!
Angelface/Linda--20 flannel pillow cases, variety of patterns for Paw-Mart
Eaglewatcher/Beth--10 bottles Odo Ban
Mykatkat/Deb from AZ--Easter card
Clark, Jessie & family,OH--HB card for Jaime and Merri--each with the famous $5 for snackers
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--Happy 8th BD card for Merri with the famous $5 for snackers
SassyCassie & Susan from WI--Easter card with donation for cat snackers and vol. snacks
Oldestmanalive--40 lb of Precious Cat Litter
Marcia S -MI--Donation for sponsor of Magic
Zenamolina/Lillian with her kitties and doggie--HB card for Jacci
Nona--packet of FF broth
Brendan S from UK---donation for FFRC
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Christine B from UK---donation for FFRC
Kerswill & kitty Amber--donation for FFRC 
Keiko from CA--donation for FFRC

Today Dr. Darcy will be coming. We'll be doing many physicals here inside the Rescue Center and for the Porchies and Covies.  She'll also check out Jamie's eye surgery and re-examine Magic for his upcoming surgery. We'll also go over thoughts about Walter, Walter, Walter.  And McHoney's eye is in need of being looked at. I'll give you all an update later!

Calling lurkers!  Calling chatters!  Calling interested friends! 
We urgently need some new moderators as we have some who can no longer cover due to personal commitments. Summer is approaching and so we need to explore new mods. We need at least 3 to cover the Ohio times Midnight to 4:30 am. We need cover from 4:30 am to noon especially on weekends. If you would like to be considered, please email, include any times you can be available, anything you wish that may be relevant and any experience on a forum or chat as a moderator. It is not essential to have experience as long as you are willing to learn. Dawnstar is collecting all this information and then it will be presented to Jacci and the mods. Our mods work as a team and so it's important for their input. We hope to hear from some of you in regards to this.  Thank you.

Ada Jane is resting at the moment. She took a nice sound nap this morning and ate a little bit. Paddy Cake is walking all over the office, meowing very loudly, with a coil toy in his mouth! Anne Shirley is playing and jumping on one of the rat toys! Corby puts many miles on the wheel during the week on the Cat Go Round wheel. 

Seymour continues to do well. His legs look wonderful. He's spending more time down on the floor with no protective wraps. His legs are checked frequently. Thomas is also doing good. He takes his meds like a good boy. Lucy Ann loves to have her head rubbed--any visitors, please give her more rubs! Felicity is a funny girl---always making me laugh. She jumps straight up and pounces on toys. Jessie, our oldster, is wonderful. Loves his chin scratched. Is a good eater.

Blog is short--have to get things ready for a busy day.