Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday, April 2

Lots of spring work being done! Albert's Garden and the Angel Garden have all new mulch and all the pavers replaced. Looks so nice.  All the rock gardens have had the rocks removed, beds cleaned out and new stone reapplied, then the rocks put back in place. All looks so nice and fresh.  Stones are being raked back onto the stone lane going back to the big red barn--the snow plow was rough on that!  Our wonderful table that so many visitors and us like to sit at is now back for our enjoyment! Things are washed down outside. The picnic tables under the shelter house are clean and ready for visitors! Pretty soon all the windchimes will be hanging again! 

On Saturday, Dr. Darcy will be coming in the morning. She will be doing physicals on the Porchies, Covies and some of the inside cats. A busy morning. She will also take a good look at Magic in preparation of his surgery next Friday. We will be taking Jamie's eye sutures out on Sunday.

Fabio, oh handsome Fabio. He's had his spring "do". All brushed out, nails trimmed, teeth spruced up a bit and his bottom and belly shaved. We already did Oliver.

We had BOXES last night! You all are awesome and so very appreciated.
Pat, our Thurs volunteer--dropped off donations from Walmart
Laurie/Contessa with Gary, Sara & ELizabeth--Easter kitty card. For Kitty Kastle: q-tips, mouth wash, toothpaste & shampoo
Donnajb--4 bags Precious cat litter, kitty bed warmer, doggie snackers, 2 cases juice boxes, candy, Scotch Brite sponges, 4 bottles lavendar Odo-Ban, and 2 boxes of snackers for the volunteers!
June/Painteddaisy--our week visitor--huge, gigantic amount of "stuff". Many thanks, June!
Pat/Plee--3 cases appetizers

Lannml--4 cases Fancy Feast
Aunty FI--a black bed car for Magic
Keiko_Skerlec--Panda Kitty Jammies! I love them!
Susan345--3 bags 100% lamb snackers for Trucker
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Patricia M/Shomor from IL--Easter kitty card and a wonderful book--Sebastian & Me signed by the author
Clark, Jessie & Family from FL--card for Happy 1st birthday to Punita and the famous $5 for snackers
Margaret S from Paulding--donation for FFRC
Ellen & Pat--lots of styrofoam plates 9 & 6 inch
Shannan W--donation from PayPal
MaryAnn B from SC--donation to help with Magic's surgery
Helina P from FInland--donation to FFRC, in honor of the volunteer's hard work!
Coralie P--donation to FFRC, in honor of Coralie

Demolition has started! Yes, the Feline Fieldhouse is coming down. The metal will be recycled. The slats from the Fieldhouse will be put onto Cat's Cove for more protection. On the cement slab from the Fieldhouse, we will put the Porchie Haven shed. It will fit perfectly. It will also house a 2nd shed to hold supplies--litter, linen, cat food, kitty litter, etc. We don't want the new building to hold these items so that all available space will be for the cats!  

Ada Jane is doing fair. She seems to have a bit of an appetite yet--somedays good, somedays not so good. But, she sure is enjoying all the pets, kisses and hugs! We cater to her and that's fine with her. 

It's still quiet time here! I constantly remind people---enjoy this time of slowness. Or is there really a slow time here?! I don't think so! But, it won't be much longer until kitty season begins.

Sadly, we have lost one of our Barnies. Beach, a gold tiger cat that has been here for many years passed away. We found him, looking like he was just sleeping. My granddaughter Ashlyn helped him and this litter many years ago. She caught each one, brought them up to our clinic to be spayed/neutered and then they were returned to the farmyard.  He was such a good boy. And so friendly.

Do you have an outside cat? Do you vaccinate against feline leukemia? It is so sad when people bring in an outdoor cat that want to relinquish. You know--one of those kinds that really has no home, just is a "neighborhood cat". Some feed the cat, some may give water, but no vet care is given. So many of these cats get leukemia. All it takes is the bite of an infected cat or sharing food/water or being sneezed on. Leukemia is fairly easy to spread. But there's protection--a vaccine! It's not 100% but certainly does offer good protection.