Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday, March 31

We have a name! A wonderful name! The building that will be for the covies and porchies in their new area will be called The House that Jonah Built. This was a very close call between the two top possibilities. A webcam friend, Robert S. has written a poem for this building. It is as follows:

On a quiet day, a homeless cat once walked these grounds
A chance encounter was made
In time a friendship formed, a bond made, and a forever home found.
From that humble beginning, fate took command
And a once displaced cat, unknowingly to all, planted a seed of inspiration
that would one day blossom into a dream

This building stands as a testament to all cats across the world.
From those that have crossed the rainbow bridge to the yet unborn kitten.
This home embodies the abandoned & forgotten, equal to that of the loved & remembered.
A house that embraces the healthy, while gently cuddling the handicapped
 To some this may just be a another building

Yet to the volunteers, staff and cat lovers it represents more then just a simple structure
It stands as a tireless monument, a pillar of strength.
 A mirror reflection of each these individuals
An unbroken chain going from hand to paw, hand to paw

And so like a seashell containing it’s magical sounds of far off ocean waves
Once you enter this“building”
If you listen quietly and let yourself dream, you can hear contented purrs
Purrs from centuries departed pharaonic cats, on through to present day city strays
Each standing proudly, clapping their paws, for they all know well.
There is no such way to enter this“building”be it cat or human
and not be overwhelmed by the immeasurable love & devotion that built it
From hand to paw

We welcome you to
“The House That Jonah Built”

We have many thanks to give! This rescue center is grateful!
Susan from WI with SassyCassie--note, pop tabs for Kellen, lots of kitty snackers
Lostgirl--because of her explaining about FFRC to Shop Doggie Style Pet Store, they in turn sent to us many different kinds of food/snack samples.  Lostgirl sent a case of sardines and 6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat!
DiBme with Tazzy from OR--kitty card with note & picture of Tazzy, donation for snackers, lots of wonderful toys, some with feathers, catnip spray, snackers, 4 cans tuna beef casserole
Susan345--3 bags Royal Canin BabyCat
Elaine H from NY--kitchen towels to hang on cabinet handles, maybe for catathon?
Donnajb--6 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 3 cases appetizers, 6 cans Lysol, M&M's, Werther candy-2 big packs of chips
Sally H/eaglespirit--gifts for Molly, Ryan, Kelly, Elizabeth. Purple office items
Susan C--donation for FFRC
Sharon B--donation for Tree of Giving
Hannah S--slice of BUd's pecan pie
Ron & Cecilia R from CT--BD card
Ferole--many items of her beautiful artwork, for FFRC to do as want
Deb11111--donation as sponsorship of the Paddy Brothers
Cindy R/michsweetie--note with donation
Tigercat--BD card, coupons and the famous $5 for kitty snackers!
LJ323--sunkist fruit gems, 6 cans of clams and a fanny pack pillow with a safety belt to protect me for possible future step falls!  LOL
Dewitty--4 packs candy and a beautiful Calico Tile for Catathon, named Limp on a Limb
vrs1cats--donation to be used as needed for the cats
Gusti--donation to cover Jamie's surgery and for soreness meds

It's a beautiful day! Treasure each other and your pets. Whatever this day brings, know that there is nothing like you in this universe--smile and shine!