Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Weds. March 11

It's happening! Seymour's wound on his rear leg is healing! It's getting smaller and smaller every day. I do believe surgery repair of this will not happen! He's been the most perfect patient ever!

We have an update on Magic also. After talking to our vet, we've decided to postpone his surgery for 2 weeks! He's doing so good now. His energy level is back, his pain seems to be gone, his tummy ache is no longer a worry, he's eating good and growing. We would like him to be a bit bigger for his surgery! So.......grow, little Magic, grow!

We had BOXES Monday evening! Many thanks for your support.
Susan C and Sassy from WI--St. Paddy's card with a donation and 3 butterfly clips for the butterfly room
FaithyMD--box of Woolzies dryer balls
Nona S from NY--3 jars of silvadene cream and a bag of pecans
Foundinmt/Sandra P from MT and her fur kitty--boxtops, tea bags and 20 sets of 4 handmade coasters from plastic canvas, with a cork bottom on the coasters. Very nice!
DonnaJB--3 boxes of 100 count 3 ml Monojet syringes, 3 boxes of 100 count of needles and 2 boxes of Capstar! 
Littlefrank1--donation and Fiver Friday. An assortment items, some for Catathon, raffle or wherever can be used.  Stickers, Hello kitty bracelet, scratch pads, safety collars, Pom Pom craft kit, Fuzzies craft kit, dog snackers, pens for kids, coupons and a beautiful 2-tone blue afghan. Also Christmas presents for many of the kids involved with FFRC
Melissa L from NY---donation for FFRC
Marilyn H--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal
Randy B--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal

We've heard from Brea's family! All is well and happy. Brea and the other family cat are now sniffing noses! She likes to sleep on the young boy's pillow at night! 

We took in another cat yesterday---a big brown tiger boy. He's led a rough life and we were all relieved when his FIV/Leukemia test came back negative! He's been an outside cat always, about 2 years old and is super friendly. Will crawl right up on a person to be cuddled.  His right ear is almost all missing. Because of the many scars around the ear base, it would appear that something bit him and removed that ear, but not without a fight from him. His left eye is also missing, probably from the Herpes Virus. We may need surgery to properly close that eye due to eye infections. He is also very raspy in his breathing. His lung are clear, it's all in his head. What a marshmallow he is!  His name is Jamie. When all healed and it's warmer out, he will probably take up residence as a Porchie or a Barnie. 

Trucker did it. If we dare talk about poo.........he is having much better poo!! I'm thrilled. Here's the problem though that we may never get away from. Because of his sitting position that he holds all the time, his poo gets a bit squished. Oh well, it doesn't matter. We love him to pieces. He'll follow me right to the back Thumper's Room when I ask him if he's hungry. He's still on his special diet. 

McHoney loves my desk drawer. She hangs out in the purple office when I'm in there. The second I open the top drawer, she's in it---rooting for something to take! Such a sweetie. Jarvis is still jumping high to catch his little pom-pom balls. He so loves this! Ada Jane ate a good breakfast and seems to be holding her own. 

The dogs are doing great. The Porchies loved the nicer weather yesterday---you can just tell by watching them! The Covies had their whole afternoon to run-about wherever they wanted. They all came back for supper. The new Barnies are doing wonderful--in and out of the big red barn all the time now. They love their hay bales piled up! The horses have kept their weight on all winter and are already sniffing around for grass---that won't happen for a while yet though! 

Take care all. Remember to love your pets. Tomorrow is never guaranteed/ Have you found a cat to spay or neuter yet?