Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday, March 9

Sweet Brea went to her new home! I've heard back once from the new family and things were going pretty good. That Brea is such a sweetie--alot of personality! We've also heard back from Yambilu's owner, twice. Things are going very well there and all is happy! 

It's drip, drip, dripping outside. It was so nice to go outside and stand in the sunshine and feel the warmth! We have a lot of snow to melt, ice is still thick on the river, but the sky is blue today and it just feels so nice outside! We're all getting anxious to start getting things cleaned up outside from this long winter. I saw the neatest thing this weekend---I called it a robin tree. It was a small decorative tree with  many dozens of robins flying in and out of the tree. It was pure joy to see this! 

We had BOXES on Saturday night! We simply love BOX night and appreciate you all.
Donnajb1951--100 purple exam gloves, bandaids, neosporin, qtips, cotton balls, 3 bottles Mr. Clean, 32 juice boxes, 40 Nabisco human snackers
Zoolove/Pam--bottle of Nature Miracle Stain/Odor Eliminator, 100 Mr. Clean Magic erasers
Judi Sp--2 bags of Precious Cat Litter
Jatcat--A wonderful swirl bed to help Magic with his upcoming surgery recovery
MidwesternGirl/Mary C from IL--card and donation for flashsale and a donation for Trucker's special food
Lynn from Ken's Furniture Store in Defiance--donation! We sure love these folks!
Faye M from NE---donation from her husband Ted in honor of her birthday on 2/27
Pat P, volunteer--2 boxes Appetizers
Michelle & Frank--Saturday visitors/volunteers--6 gallons vinegar
Louise W/doubleydibleydooUK--donation for all the kitties!
Brenda R from VA--donation for FFRC
Pat & Ellen of Defiance & volunteers--donating from their Amazon/Ebay sales and for Farrah. 
Lynne W from CA--donation to FFRC
Yuka N--donation to FFRC

Seymour! What a dandy boy he is. He's doing better! His wound is slowly healing and becoming smaller. I'm so happy about this! Dr. Darcy is very pleased too. He's still getting antibiotics, no more soreness meds, 2 laser treatments daily and soaking bath 1-2 times daily. His ointment is applied 2-3 times daily. He is a champ with all of this. Such a brave boy with an agreeable attitude! He's still in Dodger's Pen, but gets walk-abouts while being held and also a little free time on rugs in Cat's Corner Room. 

We still have Magic scheduled for surgery on Friday. He's up to 2.09 today--wow! He's a growing boy! His little crisis he went thru last week seems to be over so now we're heading again in the right direction. I checked him today and he has a little pocket of extra skin where the surgery site will be, so that is good. It's possible now that we can postpone his surgery for a little bit, but will make that decision on Weds. and after talking to our vet again.

Jessie, one of the oldsters, is doing great. She still looks so much younger than her age. She goes here, there and everywhere! Kimp is now a brave girl and is comfortable in the Main Area. She loves the windows. Widdy is still in the back Thumper's Room---much shyer than her sister. We're working on a couple leads that may take her into their home---quiet homes with a lap. More later! 

Thomas is doing great--very few "episodes" last week and no seizures or UTI's for quite awhile. Nelson will be leaving this weekend. Good news! His brother Floyd will also be going.  The brothers will be sticking together! Joyful is doing wonderful. She is definitely the Welcome Room greeter. She's doing pretty good letting people do short pets to her! She so loves her cave bed. Unelma is a sweetie. She loves going into the cabinet for her nap. We've accommodated her by putting a blankie there for her. She absolutely loves people. Sure does enjoy her grooming too--likes to be brushed. 

It's so important to get those cats spayed and neutered. Now is the time before they are pregnant for this spring time. Kittens born in April can have kittens themselves in the late fall. Please....don't let this happen. Be a part of the solution and spay and neuter.