Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, March 30

Joanna and Jamie are both now doing wonderful. It took an extra day for Joanna to get herself back to normal. Actually, I think she was enjoying all the extra cuddling! Her incision looks good. Jamie's un-eye looks terrific. Those sutures will come out this coming weekend. 

Many of you know that Walter was having trouble yesterday. Here's what happened. He's been doing so much circling and circling lately. The past 3 meds we've tried on him have simply not been successful at all. So, a new med was started--one we have great hopes in. But the second day of receiving this new medicine (yesterday), he appeared to be overly sensitive to it. It caused him to be very clumsy and unbalanced. So, he spent much of the day in a pen for his protection. He's better today. Our vet said no meds today but tomorrow we will start at a quarter of the dose. Still have hopes this med will give him some calmness about those circles he does. 

Seymour update---he's just a wonderful cat! He is so patient with all of his dressings. His wound has been completely healed for a good week. Now, we want to "toughen" up that skin area again. So, he's allowed out quite a bit now---about half the time with a dressing and the other half without a dressing. He still will stay in his room at night yet while we're getting his skin back to par. We've found a dressing that we can actually keep on him for quite a while before it comes off! 

Our Porchies are all doing wonderful. We have the pleasure of seeing Azar more--his second family is on vacation right now, so he's here most of the time. He sure can eat. Such a handsome cat. We seem to have a couple "extra" cats around. Not sure who they are or where they've come from, but they're welcome as long as they're neutered. We trapped two of them last week--a black and a brown tiger. They were both neutered so they were released back on the property. 

The Covies were out on their run-about yesterday. All 15 of them came back for their supper for Connie D last night. As soon as the nights are a bit warmer, we will be moving the Covies back to Cat's Cove. 

Update on the outdoor project: Feline Fieldhouse has to come down. Many of the slats will be used on the Cat's Cove. Then Porchie Haven has to be moved onto the cement slab of the Fieldhouse. We will probably try and come up with another shed--it would fit perfectly also on that cement slab. In that shed, we could keep all the supplies for the Covies and Porchies (laundry, cleaning supplies, beds, extra kitty litter, food, etc). We are planning on April 17, 18, 19 to put up the outdoor enclosure. As soon as Dion is recovered from his knee surgery, he will continue on the building! The waterline is already done. Lots going on there---all has to go in a certain order!

We have some thanks to give! I am grateful.
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation in honour of Selkie's 16th birthday!
Amy B/Jobo--a donation to help with Thomas's meds
FFRCNation---beautiful Spring flowers---so lovely and smells sooooo good!

Please, if you've purchased something from a Flash Sale and if you haven't sent in a check or PayPal yet, we'd appreciate your attention on this. We'd like to clear off our countertop before we have another Flash Sale! Thanks so much. 

Do you realize it's only THREE months until our next Catathon? Unbelievable. Time goes so fast. And it won't be long until kitten season is upon us. I'm still saying---enjoy this quiet time--it won't last much longer! 

Please consider a cat if you're looking for a feline friend to adopt. I heard Ratchet saying this yesterday: "When I think about all the silly things I did as a kitten, I just want to yowl with embarrassment! I was scratching at everything, climbing everywhere. Now I'm older and wiser. And smarter, calmer. I'm ready to be a couch-friend to a family."   And then I heard Emily saying this as she was watching someone playing with Joanna:  "yes, check out those kittens and when you realize that a mature relationship is so sweet, then come back to of the adult cats that has much love to give."  We have such smart cats! These cats have a lot of love to give.