Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! Paddy Purr and Paddy Cake have it in their head that they came from Ireland. So.....for today, this is true! I sure don't want to tell them differently!

Alert! Alert! Backup to BOXES on 3/12. Somehow or another, I completely skipped that whole box-time. I'm so sorry. It's important to me to always give thanks. I simply missed this.
Donna/knittinkitten--2 bags Precious Cat Litter and a Smartykat feather Whirl cat toy
Laura/Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Jo L from TX--large box of 13 gallon drawstring trash bags
Paula/Misspaula--card and check for Paw Mart order
Colin, Chico and Aria---a donation in memory of Patricia, a wonderful person who loved her pets
Buffypotter & Angelface--Scottish and Washington state branch of FFRC--a birthday box and card for Jacci. 4 bags of kitty snackers, 4 bags Reeces candy, 4 bags kitty stick snackers, bag of kitty balls, cat nip toys, a kitty sweater. In a beautiful heart shaped box was a box of awesome bath bombs--these are wonderful--love them! Also a framed cross stitched picture with a beautiful cat on it. It said "Where life begins and love never ends".  and One heart, one mission, one nation.  This picture is priceless and I love it. It will be hung in Kitty Kabana today. I thank you!

We had BOXES last night too! Thanks bunches!
Jatcat from CA--2 filters for our Ionizers
Kikimycat--3 bags of pom poms for all kitties, but especially Jarvis!
Jenny & Brent with Montana and crew--memorial stone for Cozarelii
Linda S/MLS--memorial stone for Jonah.
Lisa & Peter from NJ--Singing kitty card for Birthday
Denise S from Bryan--donation in memory of Gerri
Phillis B/kittiesmom with her two pets  from MI--Happy St. Paddys card and a donation
Clarksmom/Vicki--Happy Birthday card for brothers Abner & Dickens and a donation in memory of his sisters Blyss & Fantasia.
Debbie C--card with Sheba puppies Amaya & Akoni with coupons
Romeomom/Sarah--a paypal to get Lucy Ann some catnip!

We had our RAFFLE last night! So very exciting and so wonderful. Here's our winners!
Item A--BagoBear Quilt, won by Mary H from Arch   45 tickets sold
Item B--Pat's Flower Afghan, won by Romeosmom, to be given to Mudjie  78 tickets sold
Item C--BagoBear Quilt, won by Joanna Ba  59 tickets sold
Item D--Rosemary Peach Afghan, won by Jinkies-TX   89 tickets sold
Item E--BagoBear Quilt, won by Anita F  81 tickets sold
Item F--Rosemary Log Cabin Afghan, won by Romeosmom  112 tickets sold
Item G--Bagobear Quilt, won by Madisonpepper  50 tickets sold
Item H--LJ/Larissa Harlequin Afghan, won by NYCkitty, 241 tickets sold

Consolation prizes went to Keiko, Jerseygirl, Knittinkitten, Christonsmom, Wickedwings, Luvtheanimals, Pawapurr, Nocats, Joco, Sandra He and iPurr.  Congrats!

This came to a total of $3,775--staggering to me!! Then to top it all off, we had some toppers to add to the total! Many thanks to: Faithy, Romeosmom, EarthEyes, Farmgirl, Mich, MaryMort and Joni W for adding to this amount.

Now, our amount came to a grand $4075. Simply amazing, isn't it. I'm so happy about this and so very grateful for what our FFRCNation has accomplished. This money will be used to cover this coming Saturday's surgeries and many physicals. I always wonder how I can relay my thanks on properly. Please know that I am grateful from the bottom of my heart!

You, and you and yes you---YOU all are the backbone of FFRCNation. The 2 sayings that Pat came up with are lovely to me. It's the same that Buffypotter and Angelface used on their picture. 
One Heart
One Mission
One Nation
You all are involved in this and I am glad. If someone would've told me when we first started the cam, that it's possible to really feel connected to so many people from around the world, I probably would've doubted it. But not now---I can see the truth in this and I cherish it. A big thanks to our chatters, lurkers and posters of FB.  Simply put, you are awesome and I enjoy you all. I'm glad you have found our Rescue Center. 

I would also like to take this time to thank our Mods and Admins. They are quite amazing. I think sometimes people forget the fact that they do this out of the kindness of their hearts. Some can only give short hours, some give many hours a day to help FFRC. Regardless, they are appreciated by me. The mods keep the chat clean and friendly and welcoming. We want it G-rated for all ages. The Admins work on the facebook posts, to keep it family-friendly. It's important to FFRC to have the chat and the posts where they are "safe" to read. When you see these nice folks, please give them your thank yous too. Some days are hard and they weather thru it and come back still willing to help FFRC. They are representatives of this Rescue Center.

A big thanks too, to our webmaster, Clay. He is simply awesome and I so appreciate him. He's the best of the bestest at websites! 

Another thanks to give is to Dawnstar (he'll grumble at me for this, but that's ok!). He's our glue that holds our cams together.  He takes care of so many things, on so many different levels, on the technical things. You all know, I love this Rescue Center with a passion, but the computer world is not my expertise. But it is to Dawnstar. He gives willingly and is appreciated.

Some of you may have heard me say this before....but here goes. I use to think, when this Rescue Center was first started, that we could never get so big, that if something happened, I couldn't keep on running it by myself. Well, that idea went out the window long ago! And I'm glad. It does indeed take a village of people to keep this place going. Some days my head just swims with all the details of what needs done. But knowing that there are so many people helping us in different levels, is extremely comforting. That village of people I mentioned.... are our friends.  Friends of our FFRCNation. Thank you all. Hugs to you all.