Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday, March 16

The sun has been shining and we have a glimpse of spring! Snow is melting quickly and the river's ice has gone out. Spring is definitely coming. Can you tell we've all been so waiting this? I watched a news story this morning about how the Boston area made history with the greatest amount of snowfall for this winter. Sure hope you get a big melt soon. 

Bubbles and more bubbles! We turned on the new bubble maker from Diana today. Oh my goodness--this one puts out LOTS of bubbles! We'll do it again soon.

Our surgery date is this Saturday. We have very few surgeries for FFRC--only 2! One is Joanna, who is in heat. And the other is Jamie, who will have an eye enucleation. But, we have more surgeries to do! We want to help our volunteers with cats that they know of to get them neutered/spayed. So we have more surgeries that we will do! Which is good--we want to reduce that overpopulation of cats. We will also be doing alot of physicals. The goal is to have each Covie have a physical, weighed, teeth checked, etc. We want to make sure they're healthy before heading out to Cat's Cove! If we can get some of the Porchies done, that would be good.

On Sunday we will be having a Volunteer Appreciation dinner for all the wonderful people that help us. It'll be from 2;00 to 4:00 at Dos Amigos. The whole restaurant will be for FFRC during this time! We're looking forward to being able to treat the volunteers to a scrumptious meal to show our appreciation. 

We had BOXES Saturday night.  The generosity shown to FFRC is always a joy.
Sarah J from Germany--donation to FFRC
June/painteddaisy--12 new Spring colored pillowcases, pencils/2 pencil pouches, 6 soft blankies, 2 boxes K-cups, cracker/cheese snackers for volunteers, office odds/ends, micro towels, white choc. pretzels
Marsha F from NC--donation to help with veterinary bills
Domingo F--donation to FFRC
Kikimycat--36 ind. Pringles, 2 bags Jolly Ranchers and other candy for volunteers
Dottie & Nathan from NB--gauze sponges & non-stick dressings
Clark, Jessie & family--Happy 8th BD card for Oliver and his BD $5
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
Charlotte L from WI--donation to FFRC
Amy G, visitor--donation for FFRC
Tom & CHristine with Daniel, Anna & Grady--card with a donation
Donna/knittinkitten--donation in memory of Rebecca

Megan, our volunteer owns and operates Goin Postal here in Defiance. This past week, they had a fundraiser for FFRC. A percentage of their sales went to FFRC.  Saturday night Megan presented a check to FFRC for a whopping $1,032.58.  I was amazed and so very thankful. What a very nice thing to do for us!

On Saturday Magic weighed a whopping 3 pounds! Isn't that just wonderful. And he has yet another week and a half to continue to gain weight before his surgery. Seymour's sore on his leg has grown even smaller--it's healing very nicely. Unelma is little Miss Social girl. She loves to be in the Paw-Mart and mailroom to visit everyone. So friendly! Asha has been enjoying the sunshine at the windows. She just glistens.

Monna loves to play with the other cats. She's a bit shy of people yet, but has come a long way. Jamie is a complete marshmallow. He is perfectly at ease here in the Rescue Center. He loves people, the cats and is so super relaxed. I have noticed he's a bit afraid of the dogs but doing better at that. 

Do you know Timothy? He's a Covie and a very friendly boy. He arrived here 7/14/08, so he's been with us for quite a while. He was only 1 year old then. Timothy had been in some woods at a volunteers house and kept coming up to the house to eat. Once he was caught, he was brought to the Rescue Center. Having never been inside before, he was not comfortable at all and so became a Covie. He's a very pretty brown tiger/white. He went missing in July of 2009. He didn't come back one night for supper when the Covies were out cruising. We searched and searched--no Timothy. 4 weeks later a very distant neighbor called and asked if they could bring us a cat that had been hanging in their yard. They brought him and it was Timothy. He's never ever since then has left the farm yard. We had a serious talk about the importance of staying home!

Tonight at 5:30 is our BOXES and following that is our Raffle! Come join the fun!