Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday, March 20

Happy Spring! Glorious spring time is here!

Let's get started with our thanks for BOXES last night. It was wonderful and thanks to you!
KatnBuster from TX--500 9 inch styrofoam plates
Conii with Izabellah & Elliott--2 HB cards and a beautiful Willow Tree Angel Statue
FloppyJan/Jan M from FL--HB card, colorful posties with white kitty postie holder and a black kitty tape dispenser--on my desk
Fran D--HB singing kitty card, a wonderful green Cat Person shirt and a Tie Dye kitty paws shirt--love it!
Angelface/Linda--for PawMart--lots of Jarvis Jumpers and crocheted kitty coils
Pat C, vol Thurs night--104 crocheted balls
EarthEyes/Margaret--Butterflies HB card, stamps, stickers, 6 cans of special kitty food, 2 cases Fancy Feast Appetizers, FF broth. There were 2 special gifts--a beautiful Quartz Rock for Albert's Garden and a Kindred Spirit Ceramic Horse Head picture --so pretty
Anonymous Friend--a whole box load of crocheted kitty pads for FFRC, 4 soft blankies (for the doggies too), 2 boxes Applecider, 12 plastic plates and safety pins for sales
From FFRC--a memorial stone for Little Rebecca
Oilsandsgirl--box of 32 Lays Chips, 20 cans tuna, Box of Dixie Cutlery, 3 packages Lysol wipes, Quart Ziploc bags, pawwipes & huggies refills
Rebecca H/woolywhiskers--HB card
Anonymous Friend--40 lb bag Precious Cat Litter
DoubleyDibleydoo--Uk with Milly--Kitty HB card
Zoolove & kitties--Conga Line HB card, donation, Cats Resume Phone Cover!
Joann P/Joey from FL--HB card with the famous $5
Elaine & Alan with Little Kat--HB card with donation
Mich & Vern from MI--Kitty HB card
Ingrid from Netherlands--kitty HB card

Construction Update: The Bobcat is working right now moving dirt and also pushing stone onto the spot where the building will go. We realized too today that we will need additional pull for the electrical needs to this new area. That meant a visit from our electric guys. They will be running another line to the Cove area with a 100 amp box put into the new building. That will do the job for us! We've decided to take down the Feline Fieldhouse. This will leave the cement slab from the Fieldhouse. We will put the Porchie Haven on this slab--that works very nicely. The water line's pipe was put in place so the cement can be poured around it.

We have narrowed the list of 85 names that were suggested by volunteers and viewers to 6 names. . Within a week, we should know the name for the upcoming new building for the Covies/Porchies. The volunteers will do this last voting. Here are the 6 names that we have it narrowed down to:
Jonah's Ark
Jonah's House
Jonah's Kat Shack
Jonah's Lodge
The House that Jonah Built
Jonah's Graceland
We'll let you know as soon as we know the results!

Jessie is doing great. She's a young oldster. She sleeps alot but she sure looks good. Ada Jane is going thru another "fussy eating stage". We keep offering different things for her. This morning she did eat a fair breakfast! Mogo loves to play with tails--his and everyone else's. He also loves water to play in as does his brother and sister too. Danae came up into the Main Area three times now. She's getting braver! She sure loves people.

Suzanna is doing great. She is one fluffy girl--such beautiful long fur. She loves the sunny windows. MIlo loves the pink poof. Solee so enjoys her special second breakfast of Royal Canin baby dry food. Emily is chirping at the birds feeding at the flat feeders outside the window.

Emily is looking for a home! She was brought here when she was 7 1/2 weeks old, by Paul. She's a brown tiger with a slight tortiness to her. She has a small gold dot on her right shoulder. Her birthday is 7/11/13. Sh e arrived here a bit shy and there were so many kittens then that she was overlooked. She is now a young adult. I like how recently she's been going up to visitors and ask for pettings. She's so much braver. Her home is out there somewhere, I'm sure!

I keep telling the volunteers to enjoy this quiet time. It's the prelude to very busy kitty season. We'll be hopping then. Have you taken a cat in yet to be spayed or neutered? If even half of the people that read this would just do ONE cat, it would make a hUGE difference to the overpopulation problem.

Anony heard that Derecho had his say in the blog yesterday and wanted equal time. So, here's what he has to say: Happiness isn't on the road to anything....happiness IS the road! Share your happiness with others.   (And I personally know he would like catnip to be at the end of his road!)