Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday, March 19

The stone will arrive today! Here's the plans--the load of stone will come and the digging will begin for the framework of the new building for the Covies and Porchies. We took down the tunnel that runs between the Cat's Cove and Feline Fieldhouse yesterday. This new building will be tucked right in between them! It'll have a cement floor, lots of Kuranda Towers, storage area, feeding area inside, a counter with a sink and hot water! We're so excited. We're not sure when the concrete will be poured--this is all weather related. We do know though that Dion (our construction guy) will be taking some time off for knee surgery. So, we'll have to be patient!  We're hoping to put up the new 500 foot cat fence in April. As soon as the nights are warmer, we'll be moving the Covies back to their beloved Cat's Cove!

We had BOXES last night. We are oh, so grateful!
Donnajb--8 boxes of Whiskas packets--24 in each box!
Widdletigger/Elisabeth--8 boxes Kleenex, 20 bags of Lays chips, cookies, case of 40 juice boxes
KatandBuster from TX--Whiskas packets (24), case of Fancy Feast Kitten, 8 boxes Kleenex, case of 32 juiceboxes
EarthEyes--16 boxes of Kleenex, case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Kitten can
Maryann O/Merry_Marvin with Peanut--kitty card, 4 cans of Trucker food and kitty snackers
Anonymous Friend--24 packets of Appetizers
Susan345--Lamb snackers just for little Trucker!
Oilsandsgirl--2 bottles Tide, 2 boxes of Tide washer cleaner (we love this!), 76-13 gal. Glad garbage bags, 12 rolls TP, 3 cases Friskies
Mayumi--Tokyo Branch--2 cases Tulle for Ada Jane, Mini Donuts for volunteers, memory foam donut for Jacci's desk chair, 2 bags of special teas and a really neat HB card!
Nona from NY-- Misc.cent stamps, coupons for tuna
Oh My GUinness & Henry R Peeps--Happy St. Paddys Day
Linda K/whyeaglefan from WY--Kitty HB card with a donation
Anita S from NY--HB card
Phyllis B/kittiesmom with Emmy & Buddy--HB card
Margaret S from Pld--Donation for FFRC
Donna W from FL (Calrk/Jessies' Aunt)--St. Patricks day card and donation
Our Angel friend--3 1/2 cases 9-Lives canned food
John & Sarah-visitors--Purina Cat food dry, paper plates

I'd like to thank each of you that watch the cam! I know those pesky ads are sometimes a bother. But, each time FFRC receives our monthly payment from them, I thank you! For the month of January, we received $1,249.73!  Wow!

Saturday is our surgery/physical date. We spent a bit of time getting organized for the physicals. All the Covies will receive a physical, worming, distemper vaccine update, weighed and Revolution applied. This goes for the Porchies too. Before we do these 2 groups of cats, we will do the physicals for those that need it inside the Main Area. That would be: McHoney (check left eye too), Magic, Ada Jane, Camvie, Denae, Derecho, Jackson, Jersey, Joey, Preakness, Seymour, Solee, Suzanna (check left upper premolar also), Trucker and Unelma.  All these physicals will start after the surgeries are done.

Imagine the head of a pencil eraser. That's all the bigger that Seymour's sore is now. And that is actually healed, just a little red. Initially it was about 2 inches long by 3/4 inch. He's a good healer There is a special tape we've been using on his dressing at the top. It keeps the dressing on so he can half 45-60 minutes of playtime on the floor! The little stinker---when his time is up, he goes so fast that he's hard to catch! He knows!

Today is a hambone day. Thanks to Martha L.for bringing ti. There will be a lot of gnawing going on today! Rachet is as still as a statue. He's watching the birds at the feeders. One is about 3 feet from him. You can just see the excitement in him. 

I saw it happen--ever so slowly a stranger walked up to Joey and petted him. That is a major breakthrough to let someone he doesn't know to pet him. He is growing in leaps and bounds in self-confidence. Danae is becoming braver too. She's now worked her way up to the Welcome Room office. Next will be in the Main Area. 

Jamie is an absolute gem. He's like a big gentle giant. So passive, so sweet. Nothing flusters him. A real sweetie-pie. Emily and Tabitha are both becoming more sure of themselves. When people come, they are both coming out to seek attention. So nice to see. 

We have the smartest kitties! Derecho "wrote" this last night, although really, I think he took it from Jake Ducey.  
"For it is not failure that stops most people, but rather the belief that failure is permanent. Failure is nothing more than a storm in the weather forecast for the week--it comes and it goes, and it waters next season's yield because it teaches us where we can improve.'