Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday, March 26

Have you ever watched a cat sleep? It's really quite interesting. They are so peaceful. Limp as a wet noodle. Eyes rolled back (if you can peek in there!) and so sweet. Asleep one minute a big stretch and then can take off in a second!  

Just a reminder---if you purchased something from the last raffle, please try and get your check or Paypal sent in. We have about 10 more packages to go out! Thank you! If you have a question on it, please just email me. And remember, if your received mail from us and it's not right, just let me know. Or if I've forgotten to mention something in the blog, it's ok to let me know!

Jackson is strut, strut, strutting by. He's got that swagger down pat! McHoney is so sweet. She loves me to "accidently" leave my desk drawer open just a bit. She gets in it, takes something and deposits it on the floor somewhere. Then she comes back and takes another item. She may take 10-12 things! It's such a game for her. Scott likes to join her at this sometimes. 

It's been decided. We will not be sending Magic for his surgery tomorrow. He's doing great and time is now on our side to wait a bit to let him grow. We will use that time slot for Joanna who is in heat most of the time. She far more is in need of her spay than Magic's needs. 

We have thanks to give! We are always grateful! This is from BOXES on Friday evening--sorry I missed this! It's been a busy time.
David, Christine and their kitties--12 cans of Tiki Cat, case of Fancy Feast, case of Kitten FF, Appetizers and a package of mouse toys

Squeakymom--12 cans sardines, case of Salmon packets, 4 cans KMR with a bottle
Donnajb--BD card, book. This is an extra wonderful book. It's called Clinical Veterinary Advisor for Dogs and Cats. I'm so thankful!
Vickie/Clarksmom & crew--BD card with purple sandal earrings, purple hoodie that says "kitties make me happy".  Love it!
Joco/Joann--purrcorn for everyone! It's delicious
Mykatkat/Deb--BD card &the famous $5, stamps, coupons, cat snackers & yummy candy!
Contessa/Laura--BD card, pic of El Divo guys, each individually, one is signed!
EarthEyes--2 cases of Voss water--I have to say---it's good!
Elskates--kitty BD card
Rassberryjam/Susan S from MN--BD card
Janet S with Toby & Harley from IA--kitty BD card & donation Feliz Navidad Fund
Schinn with Cleo & Ralph--kitty BD card and donation
nokats/Dawn D from IA--kitty BD card
Sally & Ken H from NJ--Kitty BD card, donation in memory of Little Rebecca
Dennis--3 cans of Lamb for Trucker
Cheri O/Four white feathers--lamb for Trucker

We also give thanks for these donations:
Anat P from UK--donation to FFRC
Janet A from NZ--donation for FFRC
Lynda S from MN--Dontion to FFRC
Doubleydibleydoouk--donation for movie/popcorn

We will soon be coming up with a tentative date for putting up the playground fence for the Covies and Porchies. We have been thinking of what we will put in the playground for the cats and people. We will welcome people to sit out in their enclosure and enjoy themselves, the farm and of course the cats. We have 2 Feline Snoozers that will go in there--they're extra tall too! Also a big plastic slide and a resin picnic table that is cat size. We will also put in a couple people size picnic tables, resin benches and chairs.  The PlaySkool play-piece that is in the Cove will also go out on the playground area. This will be a fun place for the cats and people!

I am aware that many know I took a tumble yesterday. I'm use to our old steps and when I stepped out, carrying boxes, I totally forgot the steps were different. Fell, plop, to the floor.  No big deal and am doing pretty good today. No worries! Thanks to Bill for coming last night and working on my aches. A few bumps and bruises, but all is fine. There's far more in this world to set your worries on! I'm always grateful for my health. 

Bender just strutted by. We all know he's a bit wobbly on those back legs of his--maybe he's trying to learn the Jackson strut! Seymour spends much of his time in Cat's Corner Room. But he also gets 2-3 play sessions in the Main Area. We've found a way to keep those dressings on! Actually, his wound is healed all the way, but yet tender. He's doing great. 

I love watching all the cats interact here. People are always surprised at how, generally, they all get along. Sure, they have their little tifts once in a while, but that's ok. They play together, eat together, nap together, it's a peaceful cat world for the most part. And I do feel they genuinely make friends with one another! Hmmm......kinda like our FFRCNation! 

Take care all. It's a wonderful Thursday, another day to do help cats and to do for others. Pass a smile on to another.  And to take another cat to the vets for a spay/neuter!