Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday, March 5

Thomas is here in the front purple office with me. He's so sweet. Sometimes he walks so slowly, sometimes he prances, sometimes he kick-hops! We love this boy. He's had a good week. Alma too has been busy--she's all over the place, even comes up to the Kitty Kabana a few times. It's so nice. The other day I saw her heading towards a litterbox and thought I'd help her to it. My help was not favorably received--I for sure know what a dirty look from a cat is---cause Alma gave it to me! Gotta love her determination!

We also took in a new kitten. She's about 5 months old and was dumped at a dog shelter nearby. The dog warden brought her here yesterday. Her name is Joanna because she looks so much like Jonah. She only weighs 3.14--very thin, but a big heart. Loves to be petted and sure knows how to purr.

Our new replacement steps arrived yesterday. Jimmy went to Toledo to pick them up. Unfortunately, the picture of them compared to the real steps are not quite the same. The steps are very sturdy, made of fiberglass but very rough.  Because of how rough the exterior is our floor guy, Bruce came and took a look at them today and have transported them to his shop. He will put a finish on them just like the floor. In their present condition, we wouldn't be able to mop them. 

Please always remember--if you have had a package arrive that's not right, if you've had something printed that's not right or haven't heard back from me within a reasonable amount of time, never hesitate to email me! I try very hard to keep current and accurate. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening. We are very grateful.
Katie L, a lurker from Canada--a beautiful Grief Plaque
Arden and Charmaine--3 packs of Clorox wipes
Maryann/Merry_Marvin & Peanut from CA--Kitty card with note, card too from Peanut with a note! 10 kitty snackers, 6 cans Tuna, 7 cans Weruva, 3 jars holistic kitty snackers, a red/green pokie dot blankie
RoBotMaN--65 lazer lights to light the way to the kitties new home!
Joyce from OH--bag of Purina One Dry Kitten
Toktube/Bianca--9 canisters of Lysol wipes
Clark, Jessie & Family from FL--Happy Birthday Ratchet! With his $5 for yummy snackers and a sponsorship for Ratchet
Nona--stamps & coupons
Beth--24 cans Ziwi lamb to keep Truckers tummy happy.
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Renee/jakesmeowmy from Canada--donation to be used where needed. 
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Don't forget to visit our youtube site to see many many FFRC videos! The site is: I think you'll enjoy it!

What an exceptionally busy week. Between Magic, Trucker and Seymour, we've been hopping. 
Here's the updates:
Trucker--he's doing fair since we've started his treatment.  Quite plainly--part of the problem is that he sits when he potties, which adds to the problem. I think if he just was in one spot, it wouldn't appear to be so "messy".  It's definitely better and we're carrying on with his treatment. He doesn't give up easy and neither do we!
Seymour--his sores that has been on his rear leg has now opened up. This is such an unfortunate thing He's on pen-rest 24/7 for right now. He's also receiving 2 antibiotics daily, 2 soreness meds, 2 soaks and applications of a special ointment twice daily. We are also giving him laser treatments twice daily. He's such a patient cat and handles all of this so sweetly. He's getting lots of TLC. Our vets are hoping to get this healed without the need of surgery. 
Magic--Oh Magic. Lots of things going on. He seems to be having a bit of tummy-aches. and a little trouble with his stools. We have a concern and are hoping that he has no malformities of his intestinal track. After talking to our vets this week, it was decided that his first surgery can't wait too much longer. Because of the tightness of his leg skin and the smallness of space to potty in, it's felt that his first leg removal should be sooner than later. That may relieve some of the discomfort for him. There's also a concern of his having an infection due to the stool "back up", so he's been put on antibiotics. He also lost a bit of weight, so we need to double our efforts to get him to regain this weight. He's a great little boy with much determination. His first surgery is scheduled for 3/13. I'll be going with him for this day event. 

We worked on the new anesthetic machine yesterday and have it 90% together! It's a beautiful unit! Jessie is doing great--she's a young oldster and feeling good. Cutie is happy and has been eating her breakfast very well. Jarvis still loves his little pom-pom balls. Honor now does too--the two of them will play for 20-30 minutes with one ball together! Suzanna is doing great and her bottom is pretty much healed. What a nice cat---loves to be petted.