Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday, March 27

Joanna and Jamie are at the vet's office right now. Joanna will have her spay and Jamie will have his un-eye sewed shut for 2 reasons. One to make him look even more handsome and two, to help prevent future infections. They'll both be home later this afternoon. 

So, in a nutshell, the two cats that were returned a couple weeks ago are doing great. They are Emma Lou and Ida Lou. They were adopted 6/11/12 together. Unfortunately they both started nipping at the baby and could no longer be kept. So, they came here. I already knew about their return so had a new home ready for them. I felt uncomfortable having them in the rescue center, just in case they continued to nip. They went into their new home as a trial basis. They again nipped and with my permission, was given to this family's sister, who has no kids, no grandkids. They are happy now and being loved and are settled in.Quite happy! But, the family that was trying them, missed them and so they now have Kimp and Widdle. Whew! All is well, 4 cats happy and contented and people are happy with their respective 2-somes. And 2 sister-groups are still together! 

You've all been waiting to hear about Nelson and Floyd. After many emails, it's been decided that these two brothers will not be leaving right now. THe family that was going to adopt has had some changes that make this not feasible, in the best interest of these 2 cats. So, their adoption door is back open. 

I have some sad news and update on our Addison that was adopted. He was the black/white cat with CH. So sadly, he has passed away. He became quite sick and was taken to two different vets. It was thought that he had a birth defect involving either his liver or heart. A treatment plan was in action, but it was too much for him. He passed away in his mom's arms this morning. He was so loved. I let Kate know that even though his life was short, I was grateful that Addison had a home and was so loved. It's so hard to lose our cats, but knowing they were well loved makes the passing a little easier. Love goes a long long way. 

We had BOXES last night! YOU are appreciated!
Debbie C/Lostgirl--For Trucker--4 bags of lamb snacker treats, 3 cans of Halo lamb, 4 bags of frezze dry lamb, crinkle/toss paper toys, card and coupons
Kathy K/Justme and Hamilton, Tootsie & Niffie--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Mary C/midwestgirl in IL--12 beautiful necklaces (cat theme)
Tigercat/great Aunt Julie from IA--box of surgical masks, big bag of Purina One, 4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, case of Purrfectly Fish
Pat, Thursday vol--bag of crocheted dish clothes
Hanna & Connie--visitors--bag of rainbow loom wrist bands and an FFRC poster made by Hannah, BD card and bouquet of Reeces PB cups, bag of pop tops, case of Fancy Feast, 4 crocheted dish clothes
Caren F--8 bags of kitty snackers, case of Friskies pate
Dawn926 & grubbcarol--BD card
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 mop heads for Trucker Trails!
Sonjamac--BD card and donation for Jacci/Steve to go to movies
Teresa S & Jean W from IL--BD card and donation
Cheryl L--BD card
Maria/snoopybaby & her kitties--BD card and the famous $5
Diana/Ranacomun--a beautiful Easter glass bowl, filled with Reeces PB candies

Who gave Thomas some jumping beans? He's been hopping all over the place today! He's sprint/hopping too--from the back to the front. So nice to see! Milo loves those coil toys--he carries them around in his mouth, stops, drops it and then goes on the chase. He's such a good kitty. And then there's Paddy Purr who drops the coil toys in his food and water bowls. It's just "his thing"! 

Now we have a 4-some that gets in my desk drawer and pulls out the items. Yesterday I put in the drawer about 2 dozen ponytail holders. A new game has begun. I picked up 16 of them this morning. They love to take them out of the drawer. And they love to chase them when they're twanged across the room! 

Have a good day!