Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday, Marach 22

I am again humbled beyond belief by our FFRC supporters. I want to thank you for making my birthday so wonderful. I feel very grateful for the heartfelt thoughts and wishes. I so enjoyed all the birthday cards. We had a birthday cake. Two beautiful flower arrangements arrived. Candy box. Balloons! And to top it off, an awesome assortment of letters from over 140 friends. I cherish each and everything that was done yesterday. You are my friends and I feel your compassion and hope you know how much your friendship means to me and FFRC. I am a grateful person.

What a busy busy day we had. Dr. Darcy became very sick Friday night and ended up in ER. She is home now and resting. Needless to say, we did not have our surgeries done. We'll get them done as soon as we can. I'll be talking to Dr. Darcy this week about reschedules.

What this extra time allowed us to do though was to get lots done for the Porchies and Covies. We started the day with our inside FFRC cats. We got the treatment list caught up (vaccines/flea prevention), plus more toenail trims! 

Then we started on the Porchies. We didn't get them all done, because a couple of the cats decided to disappear! But we did the majority of them. We weighed them, checked teeth, gave their leukemia booster and distemper booster vaccines. They were also wormed, had their nails trimmed and ears checked. All in all, things went really well. Thought you might be interested in their weights:
Austin     9.14
Azar       14.13
Fabio      15.08
JJ            13.08
Mew        8.05
Olaf        11.00
Shamballie   11.03
Zavatar         11.11
These Porchies are wonderful! 

Next, we did the Covies. They also had their weights done, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, leukemia & distemper boosters, wormed.  We will check teeth later. Here are their weights:
Anony    10.11
Charlie   11.12
Honey    9.08
Ladonna   7.02
Lele        8.00
Leonard    11.11
Muffin    8.00
Oliver     11.06
Riley     7.11
Roland     14.09
Rory     15.05
Sevaun     15.00
Soyboy     13.00
Sylvan     12.03
Timothy     11.10
These too are awesome cats. They know us and we know them well. Each are important to us, as are the Porchies. They receive their flea prevention the first of each month. Starting in April, they'll get the added tick protection for 3 months. 

In addition to this, we had brushers and combers for much of the day. Major fur-removing was done! They're looking happy and ready for the show-ring! 

We also had an adoption yesterday! Unelma was adopted! A family fell for her thru Petfinder and saw her on our cam. They came to visit her and loved her still--she has a home! Such a beautiful girl. She has other cats in her new home and 2 dogs, which she will be fine with. 

Today is our Volunteer Appreciation Get-Together. It's from 2;00 to 4:00 at Dos Amigos. It's FFRC's treat to the volunteers. We deeply appreciate these wonderful people. They are what makes this place click and hum along so smoothly. The compassion and time they give is amazing to me. I'm so grateful to each and everyone of them.