Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday, March 24

YOU are a star! Yes, it's true! Everyone that is part of FFRCNation is connected with a very special star! Heynewgirl has had a star named FFRCNATION for all who love FFRC. This is just really neat! I thank you for doing this for us! Here is what the Proclamation says: Be it known by all who read this Proclamation that the located in the Constellation Bootes, at the approximate coordinates 13h  41m  22.5 degrees, has been duly certified, registered, and redesignated as "FFCNation". We certainly will cherish this. Itwas done thru the Celestial Registry! So, you are indeed part of a star!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to each of you. Your support is always very appreciated!
Robotman from CA--note and BD card, butterfly for Jocelyn, afghan blue/cream
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--yellow isolation gowns for feeding babies or in giving treatments to keep at least a bit de-furred!
Jane H from WA--a really neat water filtration cup & extra filters
Madisonpepper--a Spoiled Rotten Club box--pet stages toys, 5 bags of kitty snackers
Sharon L/Squeakymom--gallon of vinegar
David & Christine with Miau, Yuki and Anya--flutterball cat toy, case of FF Medley, case of appetizers, 2-12 packs of Tiki cat
Tammy P/mitzyblu from MO--BD card and donation
Isabella H/budnbit from FL--BD card
Abigail B--chief tapes
Alan C from UT--donation 
Karina L from PA--BD card
Mudjie, Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--BD card with the famous $5!
Nona from NY--coupons
Sherry W/neuromom & David--drawing by David and a BD card. Love the cardinal picture!
Ellen/kikimycat from FL--BD card with awesome stickers and temp tattoos--all FFRC related!
Michelle & Frank--Sat. visitor--2 gals vinegar, 2 Mr. Clean, 2 kitty wipes
Rita/wiscatmom from WI--visitor--6 inch paper plates, 2 dz. cans of tuna
Trista & George--visitors--40# of bird seed, 5 Clorox wipes, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, a Clematis vine for our Morning Glory fence, KMR
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal
Kathy M--donation for BD
Gusti--donation for BD
Ingrid S from Netherlands--donation for BD

Trucker succeeded. His 5 minute visit turned into a 30 minute visit and he loved every minute of it! He loves the tunnel I have in the house! He's such a happy boy!

It snowed yesterday--yes, more of that white stuff. And it's cold still today. We need above freezing temps for more work to be done at the construction place. Hopefully a weekend in the beginning of April is when we will start the outdoor enclosure! As soon as the air is warmish at night, we will also be moving the Covies back to Cat's Cove. We are still gathering up the last of the votes for naming the building. The top 2 name suggestions are Jonah's House and The House that Jonah Built. We should know soon! 

RIght now there are 13 cats sleeping here in the office with me. Lots of sleepy cats everywhere! They must have been playing hard. Denae was up in the Main Area again this morning for a few hours. She did pretty good. Such a purr motor! Camvi is developing a good trick--she many times now waits ON the plates as they're being filled up. Maybe she thinks she'll get first food dibbies! 

Thomas is doing great. He hasn't had a seizure in quite a long time. His weight is good too. And it's been quite a few years since Farrh has had a seizure! Lucy Ann is so sweet. She's definitely a house cat. She gets visiting rights a few times a week--just for fun. The Covies and Porchies got another grooming today. And they are already on the schedule to be groomed all morning tomorrow too! We want all that old winter fur gone! The Kitty City also got a extra good scrub down today---all nice and clean! 

We're still will be making a decision too about Magic's surgery date on Friday. We have the option of holding off on Magic since he's doing so good and using that time slot to get Joanna spayed. She's been in heat and surely does need to be spayed. The decision will be made Weds. Jamie's un-eye looks wonderful--no infection right now, so we have time to wait a little longer on that. 

Take care all. A fun game to do--keep track of reasons to smile! Just do it for a day! It's rather fun and sure makes for more appreciation! Here's one for me---I just love to hear the volunteers talking and laughing together and enjoying what they are doing--always good for a big smile!