Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday, March 14

What's gold, furry and wiggles like a worm?  It's Coralie's tail. Oh my goodness, it's wonderful to see that tail waving. It's her personality-gage! She also so loves to be brushed. 

Our raffle is on! Thank you to all involved in the creation of the pieces we are raffling off. FFRC has such creative people! There are 8 items--4 afghans and 4 quilts. You can go thru PayPal or send a check. If you send a check please email me so I can make note of your wishes. The raffle ends at 9:00 am on Monday. We will have BOXES at 5:30 on Monday pm with the Raffle right after boxes (about 6;00). There are also some real nice consolation prizes. Come join the fun.

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. We are grateful for your support.
Mary & Bill--lurker, OH--donation, cupcake kitty cake in honor of Mary's Birthday. We also had pizza ordered in, in honor of Mary's BD! They brought in lots of supplies-vinegar, bleach, can chicken, Lysol cleaner, kitty wipes, PT, Lysol wipes, dog can food, tuna, sunflower seeds, 2 bag of oranges from Florida!, 9 & 6 in. plates, can food, trash bags, Keurig coffee k-cups, salmon
Joyce R/stinkygreykitty--2 cards, kitty dress-up hats (so so cute) and 4 pretty quilts for day sale or raffle
Linda C from WA--lots of Jarvis Jumper toys for Paw-Mart
Kikimycat--lots of ping pong balls for the cats
Anonymous Friend--10 scotch brite pads
Beth/eaglewacher--case of Trucker & Magic's can food, 4 reams of paper with pastel colors
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--box of Whiskas Purrfectly fish (Ada Jane's fav)
Medic/Laura & mom--visitors--wash cloths, pet supplies, Pet Supply Plus GC, blankies & doggie snackers
Lynn/lynnczs--A green stained glass angel for birthday (it's beautiful), bottle of Recovery, kitty mug, kitty pin with 7 kitties, 2-24kt kitty gold coins--love these!
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guiness--happy birthday cards with their $5 for Asha, Oliver & Buffy
Fi from UK--for Magic--a little house with 10 feather wand toys to put on it
KnittenKitten--cat dancer, case of Grandmas cookies for volunteers, case of Friskies Pate
Judi Sp--zebra scratcher
Zoolove--simple Green cleaner, 3 cans Clorox wipes, TP (48) & PT (24)
Karen B from Defiance--donation
Trudi S from Bryan--donation
Don & Joy D from NY with their kitties--kitty card and a donation
James from Toledo--donation
Tracy L--donation from PayPal for FFRC
Jaroslav S from Czech--donation to FFRC from PayPal

We had some sad news about Rebecca yesterday. She has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We finally figured out what was going on with her. She had FIP (not FIV) (Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It's caused by a coronavirus. We have dealt with this before. With FIV and Leukemia diseases, we at least know what, why and the how's of these 2 diseases. Many things are still not known about FIP. What we DO know is it's unpredictable, untreatable and unpreventable. This explains why Rebecca didn't grow, had a poor appetite. There are two forms of FIP--the wet and the dry. She had the wet form, which is why she had such a big tummy. ALL cats have corona in them, but why it mutates and turns bad is also unknown. The prognosis for a cat with FIP is very poor. There is no cure for FIP. Once signs develop it is almost invariably fatal. alleviate your worries--what Rebecca had is not contagious--it truly is a mutation of the corona virus. It is not preventable. I want to thank Peggy for caring for Rebecca this past month. She is absolutely an angel of a foster mom. She has done approx. 27 kittens for us. She gives with her heart. I told her yesterday, even though Rebecca's life was short, she had a huge amount of love and she had a home. Her life was full and she knew she was loved. I thank you again, Peggy. 

Unfortunately, we've lost a few pictures of the new barn cats. But, we can give you their names and descriptions!
Snoopy--br tiger with white chest, male
Busy--grey, medium fur, white chest and paws, male
Momow--grey with lots of white, smallish, female
Kerry--solid grey, male
Gwendolyn--black long hair, female
Caesar--black long hair, white chin, male
Bella--grey long hair, white chin, female
Dude--black/brown tiger with white, white toes and white left nose
Stripe--Br/black tiger, white paws, male, the Boss!
I know we were to get one more, but so far haven't heard from him. They really are doing good.

We've been asked---why do we do the expense of doing TWO FIV/Leukemia/Heartworm tests on the cats. That's a good question. Most places do one, upon arrival. But, if a cat had recently contracted the Leukemia Virus or FIV Virus, they may not have built up enough antibodies in them, to show up on the test. We retest 4 weeks after arrival also. At the time of the second test, if they really are a positive cat, 90% of them will show positive at that time. We do it as a safeguard. Nothing is perfect in the way of vaccines and tests, but we want to do the best that we can. 

It's brushing time for the cats. Spring truly must be "out there" somewhere! I know the temps are a little warmer, the snow is melting and the cats are shedding. And cats are going into heat. Do you have a cat that is not spayed or neutered yet? Please....I am not beyond begging....have them spayed/neutered. Now is the time, before all the babies are born. Do your part in curbing some of the pet overpopulation problem. 

Jarvis wants a home! Yep, he told me so. He is a play cat all the way thru. He's so handsome and so very playful. This boy will jump 3 feet in the air to get a ball that is being held for him. He loves to be cuddled, he loves other cats and he's good with dogs. He needs kids to play with! When I pull my desk away from the wall, he dives under the two compartments to retrieve his playballs. What a smartie he is!