Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday, 4/14

Our raffle was absolutely awesome! I want to thank everyone involved for making this such a success. This will all be applied to our dental costs that are coming up this month. The Raffle tickets themselves brought in $2,880. We had additional monies donated that brought the total to an astounding $4,025. I am extremely appreciative. Here's what happened:

Item A  kitty scarf      18 tickets=$90  Winner--MissMic
Item B  Kitty Gourd     45 tickets=$225   Winner--Susan Ho
Item C  Afghan Blue     102 tickets=$510   Winner--Priscilla Gr
Item D  Columbia Handbag     97 tickets=$485   Winner--Donnajb 
Item E  kitty scarf     46 tickets=$230    Winner--Faithy
Item F  Ripple Afghan     61 tickets=$305    Winner--Diane F/Hull
Item G  kitty scarf     27 tickets=$135      Winner--Elliesue
Item H Columbia Handbag     85 tickets=$425   Winner--Yarnlover
Item I  kitty scarf     27 tickets=$135    Winner--Bedheadsdad
Item J Flower Tile Afghan   68 tickets=$340    Winner--Supermo

We also had quite a few consolation prizes! Those winners were: Kimkost, Madisonpepper, Lannml, Luv4cats, Izznan, Tinalou, TabbyO, Mary Hoh, Jamiecat, kc-in-Ia, luvtheanimals, Tigercat, Rosesf, Zoolove, Patcat, JoniWW, Cassandra H, Suziecat, Donna Wom. Congrats. 

We had so many people help to top off the actual raffle amount. I am deeply moved by this. 
Farmgirl Jan, Joe603, Eartheyes, Joco, Keiko, Minnkitty, Gusti, Ferole, Pawlapurr, Suzq1550, Yarnlover, Doubleydoo, KnittenKitten, Donnajb, DeEtte

We also had BOXES last night! You are appreciated!
Andre B from Ontario--lots of beautiful bracelets with stones & kitty charms
Donnajb--24 baby wash cloths, disposable pads for Thomas & kitty use
Tom from NJ--Paw Prints for Litter & pop tabs for Kellen
Rebecca & Willow from UK--9 boxes Bondi Licks
Auntie Napa--a note for Pania and a HB card for her & her own famous $5
Gina/catlvr14--lots of cat cozies for cups and mugs. They have eyes, tails, whiskers---so nice!
Lucy S--33 very pretty crocheted pot holders
Angelface--20 blankets & 8 bigger blankies for The House that Jonah Built
Pat & Ellen--many coin/card holders for Paw-Mart, they are embroidered with FFRC sayings--so very nice!
Suzieq401--donation for Thomas
Julie B from CA--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation for FFRC
Ingrid S/ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho and a thanks to Dr. Darcy
Marilyn H--donation to FFRC
Sheila H/oilsandsgirl--donation to help with dental costs
Michele & Frank--day visitors--4 Mr. Clean bottles, kitty snackers, 3 kleenex, 12 PT, tuna & chicken
Phil & Judy L--clorox wipes, litter bags, tunnel to play with & yummies

I've gotten behind a bit on the Blog. So sorry! We also had BOXES on Friday night! Many thanks!
Sharon L--21 bags of Greenies, variety of flavors
Timberwolf--2 cases Friskies, 2 cat wall groomers
Beth--chicken freeze dried food, case of kitten Wellness, 4 cans KMR
Lynne W from CA_-bed sheet, sponges, lots of boxes of Note cards & Greeting cards, bag of wonderful bracelets and necklaces--so pretty
Donnajb--6 cases of 24 pkts Whiskas, 504 kitty wipes, 1,000 plastic spoons, 3 boxes gallon zip lock bags, 6 canisters baby rice cereal
Elizabeth S--40 lb. bag Precious Litter
Judy Sp--40 lb bag of Precious Litter & a scratcher for the kitties
Clark, Jessie & The Gang--HB cards to Pania and Mew with both the famous $5
Vern & Michlyn--4 cases of Friskies, 1 case tuna, 30 cans Sheba, 2 aby food jars, leggydews/biggydews, kleenex, 2 lysol wipes, pipe cleaners, vol. candy, 3 little books, pink shag rug

A special  thanks to Sandra/straycatlady--she gifted to FFRC, a beautiful outside picture of Jonah for The House that Jonah Built. It's a picture of him in the middle, with the building name on top and at the bottom it says Est. 2015.  It's just beautiful and I thank you for this. The poem that is being engraved will go beside it. 

We had an adoption this morning! Nelson has a home. A lady came in, saw Nelson and that was it. Love at first sight. He was so sweet with her. She is home all the time and has much love and time to give him. She loves to groom cats and to play with them. I believe Nelson will be a happy boy! 

I cannot even imagine how big 14 million is, but that’s how many total views FFRC has now.  Just astounding! We are happy to share the cats and kittens with everyone!

Magic is doing wonderful. He continues to be strong, playful and fun. He and Trucker are eating most meals together.It is so tender to watch these two nap together. Warms the heart. 

Today is our first dental. The appointment is for Suzanna. It is the beginning of the dentals. She’ll be minus a few teeth but will be smiling pretty Tomorrow is Olaf. Friday is for Roland and Kay Martina. 

The Covies are out today! They are very happy to be back in the Cat's Cove! Yesterday, both sheds were moved to the 8  x 24 foot slab of concrete! They look great. Porchie Haven was given a big cleaning job. We've covered 2 panels at the top of the Cove and have 3 more to go. This will give much better protection for when it rains. 

The Angel Garden and Albert's Garden has had some spring maintenance. The Angel Garden is so beautiful and is awaiting flowers under the care of Peggy S.  Albert's Garden looks so nice and fresh. It too has an angel statue.  It's actually comforting to me to visit these 2 gardens and see a remembrance of our kitties and cats.

Mama Clarissa is doing great. What a good mama. So relaxed. The 4 kittens look strong and healthy. And very very round! We are starting to encourage Clarissa to get on the floor of the back Thumper's Room to start stretching her legs and investigating.  It's nice to give tummy rubs to those babies and they stretch their little legs out!