Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday, April 7

Seymour did it! He really did it! Seymour has figured out how to walk the Cat Go Round Wheel! He is so proud of himself and we too are proud of him. Clearly, the word handicap is not in their vocabulary! I like that thought!

We have some thanks to give--it's our pleasure to give a big thanks!
Lynn from Canada, with her 6 cats--A donation to help with whatever our needs are. Big thanks
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--donation to help where ever is needed
Pat & Ellen--donation for Farrah and from earnings from their sales
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
David W from CO--a special donation to FFRC, to use as needed. Another big thanks.
Painteddaisy/June--gift cards to FFRC for whatever the need is.

Here's some dates for you!
April 17, 18, 19---Fence put up weekend
June 28---5th Catathon!
September 12---Catstock
May 25---date to have all Catathon items here, if sending anything!

We have begun the work of putting together our next Catathon. As you may know, this is our main fundraiser of the year. It will run approximately 1;00 to 4:45 FFRC time.  We again will have many Baskets and Big Ticket items. We are so excited! This years goal is to pay for The House that Jonah Built and also to help with our operational costs which is very important to us. In the past, many people have donated items for us to use in different baskets or for the Big Ticket items. I will include a paragraph of basket suggestions. We are always open to different kinds of basket themes! Please, though, we would love to have all items to FFRC by May 25. The reason is that Jenni takes that next week off to take all those many pictures of all the Catathon items. Then they have to be put into the Website. This all takes much time. Sometimes people like to put together a whole basket, sometimes a single item. We are just very grateful for any help.

Here are some ideas for baskets. As stated above, if you'd like to help, even one item for a bsket is wonderful. If you have other ideas that you'd like to do, please email me.
Sewing, Amish foods, Summer fun, Relaxation/Spa, Movie night, Crochet/Knit, Garden, Hello Kitty, Family fun, Kitchen, Bird, Cat, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Dog, Laurel Burch, Picnic/Grill, Lego kits/building blocks, Charles Wysocki, Disney World, Puzzles. There's lots of ideas! Please help us keep to our May 25 date though to help us get the pictures done. Thank you. Big Ticket Items can be anything that is a Wow Item! Please mark any incoming boxes with CATATHON on them. 

We had 3 wonderful adoptions on Easter day. These 3 cats went to 2 sisters and their friend, all very kind young ladies. They are in a cat-friendly apartment and have everything they need to take care of 3 cats, including lots of love. The cats that were adopted are: McHoney, Punita and Monna. Happy day! 

We have another cat on hold also--Joanna. She will be leaving Thursday morning. I'm very happy for her and for the family.

Yesterday all the surgery dates for our many dentals were made. We have every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays scheduled starting next week to the end of the month--3 weeks worth. So, we hope by the end of April, we will have all the dentals done. We have worked out a schedule with different volunteers for delivering the cats and for picking them up. Some are single cat dates, many are double cat dates. Thanks to Angie, Donna, Barb W, Pat and Ellen for helping to transport our cats.

Thought you might be interested in this---it's included on one of the pages that we send home with our adoptions:
The volunteers and I love what we do here at FFRC. Our intentions are to only adopt out healthy cats and kittens--their best interest is truly the highest priority for us. We realize that occasionally a cat or kitten may become ill after adoption. From the minute a cat arrives at the Rescue Center to the moment they are adopted, we work very hard on their health and happiness levels. Our intentions are true, in that we really do care about every cat that comes our way, never intending any harm.