Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday, April 16

What a busy weekend ahead of us! It's Fence Building Weekend! Yesterday, we pulled out all the inventory for this project and we put in a 60 foot section, just so we knew how it all worked and how it was put together. It's really a very nice fence! I think we have the kinks worked out! Now we're ready to begin on Friday! 

We also had to move a giant stone pile as it was in the way of the fence. Dion, our construction guy, had a friend come out with his big equipment and had it moved over for us today. Dion said that he'll bring the wood material over on Sunday and start things rolling on Monday. Exciting times ahead! I saw the Covies all lined up at the windows yesterday watching the fence being worked on. They're very excited too! 

Oh my----we have lots of visitors and we love it! So far, Mudjie, iPurr, Warped & Joe, Nikka are here. More arriving today and tomorrow. We all appreciate the extra help.

Flash Sales coming up! Here's the tentative schedule.
Thursday--flash sale by Mudjie,iPurr & Mich
Friday--flash sale by Warped 
Saturday--flash sale by Joni
Come and enjoy! Guaranteed to be fun!

We had BOXES last night. Giant thanks and appreciation to you.
Little Tigger/Elizabeth--30 rolls Brawny paper towels, case of sardines
Anonymous Friend--72 rolls paper towels
Judy--40 lb. bag Precious Cat Litter
Zoolove--4 lg bags Greenies for clean teeth, bag of Natural Choice kitty dry, Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast, 2 tubs kitty snackers
Billie K--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 12 cans of chicken
Jeannette B/Fur Haven Kitties--HB card for Jacci, HB card & pouches of food for Paddys, Meow Souffles, Canister of an assortment of foods that Ada Jane can try, sissors
iPurr/Nancy P--2 horse blankets for Jacci's couch for BD, 200 PurrPads of many different patterns & colors (flash sales!), a Fitz n Floyd Kitty Christmas plate for Catathon basket, red Crazy Cat Lady hat. An assortment of items for various uses--sun catchers, chalk board, Hooty Bear cat, kitty frames
WarpedinMn/Connie--60 centipedes, 80 ming strings (with help from Deb11111), 42 carrier pads, 24 potato bags, 24 catnip pads, 8 Warpedeedoos, 5 rugs for Catathon, 4 cases Friskies
Wolfpatch--a wonderful 2 gallon sprayer to help with cleaning!
Newfiedogmom--donation to help with dental expenses
Vickie L from IL--donation to FFRC in honor of DiBme birthday
Marilyn H from FL--donation to FFRC

Catathon is just a mere 10 weeks away. That will go by so fast. We have a few items coming in already for the Catathon! It's wonderful and appreciated! We'd love it if items that you may like to send to us are here by May 25. It takes us time to organize and get pics taken and then to get info all worked up in the website. 

if you'd like to help, even one item for a basket, that is wonderful. If you have other ideas that you'd like to do, please email me.
Sewing, Amish foods, Summer fun, Relaxation/Spa, Movie night, Crochet/Knit, Garden, Hello Kitty, Family fun, Kitchen, Bird, Cat, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Dog, Laurel Burch, Picnic/Grill, Lego kits/building blocks, Charles Wysocki, Disney World, Puzzles. There's lots of ideas! Please help us keep to our May 25 date! Big Ticket Items can be anything that is a Wow Item! Please mark any incoming boxes with CATATHON on them. 

Suzanne is doing great from her dental. Olaf went yesterday. He had 4 teeth extracted. Tomorrow Kay Martina (my cat) and Rowland will go. After their dentals, they are on soreness meds for a day and antibiotics for 5 days. 

Asha is here beside me, sound asleep. So is Betz--such a sweet little kitten. Jarvis is playing with about 6 toys all at one time! Felicity is busy watching Jarvis act like a nut. Zelda is in my lap. Life is good and so enjoyable! 

We have so many wheel runners on the Cat-Go-Round Wheel. It's fun how many of them love to walk, trot or run on it. I remember when we first got the wheel. we spent a few days playing with the cats with laser lights and feathers on the wheel to encourage them to exercise! Now, they learn from each other!