Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday, April 21

Wow--what a very busy past few days we've had! With much help from many people who came to help with the Fence Project, much was done. It took 2 full days to get about 90% of the fence up. The remaining area will not be fenced until the cement has been poured for The House that Jonah Built. That way they will have room to move about with the bobcat and the cement troughs. We put together 2 human picnic tables, 2 Feline Snoozers for the playground area. Also resin benches for people/cats to sit on were placed inside, along with 3 outside playground toys for kids/cats. We also built a big 8 x 8 litterbox in the playground which will be filled with sand. This will be easy to keep clean. The Porchies & Covies visited us all day Friday to see what we were doing! 

I'd like to give a big thanks to all the people that came to help us with this big project. Lots of friendly faces here. Some worked on the fence, some worked on the playground things, some washed windows, swept, cleaned, helped with laundry, groomed the cats. Lots of helping hands. I deeply appreciate all the fantastic help---many thanks.

Today was the day that the concrete was to be poured for The House that Jonah Built. But, it will have to be postponed until tomorrow, Weds. The cement company has a huge order of concrete needed for a pig farmer that will keep them hopping all day. So, tomorrow is our day.

We had 2 adoptions on Sunday. Jarvis and Floyd were adopted together! I do believe they will be 2 happy boys. The family was very excited.

Clarissa continues to do great. The 4 little ones are so round and sweet! We have names! Names are from Name A Cat.
AJ--Black/white, with dot on nose, in honor of Ada Jane (male)
Emmitt--brown tiger (male)
Towanda--black/white tiger with a bit of ASH (female)
Anmarie--grey tiger (female)
Such a sweet litter. Anmarie is a leg waver. Towanda loves to sleep on her back. Emmitt loves to lay on Clarissa's tummy. AJ is just way too cute! 

We have many thanks to give. Our heart is full of thanks for your support. 
Jenni B from CA--Perfect Paws kitty toys for Magic, mouse toys, plastic balls, a collar with magic's name on it and a photo album
June/paintedaisy--key chains and a beautiful peacock scarf/shawl
Lostgirl/Deb--poptabs & coupons
Zoolove/Pam--case of appetizers
Karen C & Sunny,  Canton OH--case Fancy Feast classics, FF broth packs, kitty snackers
Susan345--2 cases of Sparkle paper towels
Peggy/leggygal--Laurel Birch awesome items! white bonnet, coffee mug, umbrella, 3 in 1 pouch/purse, over the shoulder purse, tote bag, leggydew blanket with LB hearts--all for the Catathon!
Jatcat---2 big angel beds, red bed for FFRC/blue bed for Catathon
Donna R--lots of cross stitch items, many for the Catathon--ladies shirt, boys shirt, 4 kitty pics with meow in different languages, door hanger, 10-12 Christmas ornaments, Christmas design on a dowel
Andrea W--an Ada Jane portrait by Wanda
Ron & Barb W/phlebldy--coupons
Don & Joy D--donation for dentals or wherever needed
Ruth, volunteer--donation to FFC

Tigercat/great Aunt Julie--4 of 10 packs of Purrfectly Fish, For the Catathon--peacock tail feather necklace with earrings
Pam/zoolove--purple hose with paw prints and nozzle for the rescue center
Fi--for Catathon-purple items--duct tape, Aurora stuff kitty, jewelry box with mirror, set of Ball canning jars
Annette B in NC and her wonderful kitties--3 bags TC babycat dry food, special foods to try for Ada Jane, book plates, kitty snackers, letter opener, Working Hands cream, donation to purchase Precious Cat litter
EarthEyes--5 cases of sardines
Deb C/LostGirl from NJ & Linda G from WI--card, 2 boxes Mr. Clean erasers, blank note cards and a great book. Also 2 gorgeous kitty designed bags/purses made by Linda G--beautiful! 1 for FFRC, 1 for Catathon or Raffle
Alan C from VT--donation for FFRC
Rita/Wiscatmom & kitties-Vista Print coupon, donation for Seymours medical care
Neal & Jean from OH--donation for kitty dental care
Judy & Phil--lots of flea meds, Friskies, case of AD, 2 gals vinegar, bag Precious cat litter
Hencass--for Catathon--an awesome group of items from Troyers Country Market for an Amish Basket. Many different, yummy food items--soups, jellies, pickles, relish, sauce, mustard, beef, fruits, pickled eggs, sauerkraut, etc. Made us all hungry! 
Kathy M--donation to FFRC

Many of the visitors that came to help with the fence building also brought items with them--some we did not get to copy down. Please know I am grateful! Your friendship means alot to us. 

Today Zest (my cat) and Muffin are the vet's office for their dental. Tomorrow Devonta (my cat) and Honey will go for their dental. On Friday the dentals are for Sevaun and Riley. Magic also will go on Friday for his second amputation. Then the following week, we will have 4 more cats to go for their dentals. Sevaun wants to put her teeth under her pillow! The 4 cats that are already done are doing great. 

Many thanks for support of the 3 Flash Sales that we had on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Keeping us hopping busy, but we love it! Some of the packages went out yesterday already, many will go out today. All week packages will be going out the door!

Please, if you ever notice that I've missed something to mention or to respond to, please don't hesitate to let me know. Have a great day.