Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday, April 25

Big surgery day yesterday. Sevaun, Riley and Magic went to the vet's office yesterday. Riley had his last 3 remaining teeth removed. Sevaun had 9 teeth removed and still has quite a few left. Riley and Sevaun both spent the night here inside, in Cat's Corner Room. Riley is eating, Sevaun is taking it slow. Because of her "size", we need to make sure she is eating good before returning to Cat's Cove. There is always the worry of "fatty liver problems" when a ummmm, larger than normal size cat doesn't eat. So, we are being watchful. Both are on antibiotics and soreness meds.

Magic did very well with his surgery. The sutures from his left leg were removed yesterday before his ride over to the vet's. We'll take out these sutures from yesterday in 10-12 days. He's doing very well. He's eaten a good breakfast and has had a bit of exercise today. Right now, both Trucker and Magic are napping on my desk. Magic tends to pick his torso up nicely when he moves about. What a very brave boy. He too is on soreness meds and antibiotics.

Next week is another busy dental week. On Tuesday, Derecho and Honey are scheduled.  Weds. Mew and LeLe will go.  Thursday, Betz goes up for a spay. Then on 5/8, we have two more dentals scheduled. I had nice conversations with 3 of the different vets yesterday. All 3 assured me that these dental problems cannot be prevented. We already do good food and give good care. It's just because.....they're cats. Cats tend to have these problems with their teeth. So, we continue on!

We had BOXES Thursday evening! We are grateful to YOU! 
Margaret/eartheyes--a donation to FFRC
Phil P from NJ--donation in honor of his Einie's 2nd hatch-day! Happy Birthday, Einie. 
Anonymous Friend--donation in honor of David/wolfpatch's help at FFRC
Pat, our THursday vol--4 dish cloths
Mayumi, FFRCNation Tokyo Branch--6 different kinds of food to try for Ada Jane and 2 boxes of that wonderful Tulle food
Kittiesmom--pop tabs for Kellen, box tops for Caryn, coupons, pictures of Emmie her kitty as a Zelda-wanna-be! For the Catathon--Movies, movies and more movies!  All 28 movies for Family Movie Night Basket
Joe/Mr. Warped for the Catathon--knives of various kinds/sizes for the Knives & Gadget Basket
Purple Cat/Nancy L--for the Catathon Purple Basket--picnic tablecloth, Harold & the Purple Crayon book, solar flower lights, purple pens, duct tape
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy Birth Day for Aj, Emmitt, Anmarie & Towanda and their 4 x $5
Donnajb--for the Catathon, Big Ticket Item--a wonderful Dell laptop computer!!

We had two adoptions yesterday. Danea went to her new home where she is the only cat in the house! I've already heard back and she's a much happier cat there! So so happy for her! Also Honor was adopted yesterday to a home with a mom/dad and another cat. Her new mama and Honor hit it off together right from the start! Honor's new mama brought a gallon of vinegar and bleach and 4 jars of baby food, along with some other food for the Rescue Center. 

I've heard back from the family that adopted Jarvis and Floyd. Sounds like things are going smoothly. Jarvis has been playing with the balls that we sent home for him and it sounds like Floyd has made himself to home right away. So glad to hear this news!

Mixo is doing great. He's much braver and not so worried about the other cats so much! I'll bet it won't be long until he's up in the main area. I do believe that our Mixo boy is a chocolate Birman. He has the medium length fur that is so beautiful. His blue eyes, the shape of his forehead and the white feet all point to being a Birman. 

We have names! Gold tiger mama& her litter are now named! All names are from Name A Cat. 
Mama, gold tiger---Jerusha (pronounced) je-ru-sha
The 3 gold/white tigers are: Emery, Macaroni (or Mac!) and Cheese
The gold/tiger/white with ASH markings--Oswald
The buff colored--Kenny
The babies are all boys, have nice round tummies and eyes are opened! Jerusha is such a nice mama!