Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday, April 9

Tomorrow is Magic's day. We will head out here about 8:20 in the morning for his surgery. I'll keep the mods posted about how things are going. If you'd like to check in on the cam, you'll be able to get the updates. He's going to do great---cause he's a magically wonderful, sweet boy! 

We had BOXES last night. I am so grateful for the items we receive. They are a huge help to us.
Conii and Elliott & Izabellah--2 cases KMR, 24 Wellness kitty snackers
Nona--coupons and 3 cases of KMR
Jatcat--post it notes, refills for the Brother labeler, Vetri Science Oral snackers
Kathy3103 from FL--kitty card with note, food for Ada Jane, lamb snackers for Trucker, case of Purrfectly Fish, 2 home made strawberry-lemon Jam, Spirit Essence oil by Jackson Galaxy
Lindastaid1--1,000 spoons
Aunty Donna W from FL, (Clark/Jessie's family)--Happy Easter card with famous $5
SuzieQ401--kitty bed for Kitty Snuggles!
Medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Cindy R/misweetie from MI--kitty card & a pillow "Local Woman Rescues Cats"--really nice!
HenryR Peeps & Oh My Guiness--Happy 13th Birthday for Joyful and a birthday card for Coz, each with the famous snacker $5
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy Birthday to Mew and Joyful, each with the famous snacker $5
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Neuromom/Sherry W & David from NY--happy Easter Card with the $5
Butterfly Class from Belguin--wonder 9 egg Easter Cards from the students--such a wonderful gift!
FaithyMD, volunteer--oral hygiene snackers, 7 blankies, monster feet slippers, peace sign shoulder bag, picnic set, 4 re-usable lint remover rollers, hair combs, barrettes, Cameo necklace, bracelet with J for Jacci, angels for garden and 4 picture frames
Carla C from OR--donation in celebration of her birthday, recognizing FFRC!
Ruth W--donation to FFRC, to help with dental fees
Dewitty--donation to help to send something to the Butterfly Class!
Gusti--donation in celebration of Joyful's birthday and to help with Magic's surgery

Visit the website   They have beautiful jewelry and it all benefits FFRC. They have been so kind to us. Some of the items we receive 100% of the proceeds, all the rest is 20%.  On the checkout form, please mention FFRC.  Thanks ever so much for this support!

The Raffle is ON! It starts today and ends at 9 am on Monday. Monday evening at 5:30 (ffrc time), we will have BOXES. Then at 6:00 pm we will have the RAFFLE! We're so excited about this. We also have some really nice consolation prizes! The purpose of this raffle? Why, it's to help these kitties with their "toofer appointments". Yes, all the dentals and extractions are very very expensive. We are figuring it will total close to $4,000.00  But, it's a must-do situation. We have assumed responsibility for these cats and will take care of their needs. I thank you in advance for your help. Visit our Chatter's FB page and the FFRCNation page and the Twitter page--it has all the info! 

We have some sad farm news. Our sweet goat, Butter has passed away. We are not sure what happened. Jimmy found him already passed.  It looked like he had simply fallen asleep. He has been buried on the farm property. He will be missed--such a good goat.

Today is Joyful's birthday. She is 13 years old. Joyful came to us from a very abusive place. That is why she is so shy. When she first arrived, we couldn't hardly pet her, but with patience and love she has come around. She loves the Welcome Room desk as her spot. She feels secure there. She will even let visitors touch and pet her. Joyful just likes people to approach slowly and that's ok! She's our white Persian with beautiful gold eyes. 

We have started the spring paint touch-up! Here inside the Main Area, doorways, window frames, etc. are getting a fresh coat of paint. It always looks so nice when done!

We are part of a litter trial study! We have 3 extra litterboxes in Kitty City. The inventor is trying to determine which litters are used more and he has a very unique way of cleaning the used litter. Monday he comes back and picks up the 3 very well used boxes! Will be interesting. 

Info about cat furballs! Hairballs are the most common reason that cats vomit. They look like a cigar shaped mass, made up of hair and saliva. Cats swallow a lot of fur when grooming. Normally, most swallowed hair is expelled through the digestive system. Problems occur when the hairball cannot be expelled. There are products available to help cats with this problem. These products help lubricate the digestive tract to help the hairball be expelled easier. Check with your veterinarian or simply check any pet store. A high fiber diet may also help. Grooming your cat is very beneficial. All the fur you are able to brush out is fur they will not swallow!

Have a great day. Remember---the kittens that are born in April have a high chance of have kittens themselves come late fall. Please........spay and neuter!