Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday, May 3

We had 2 adoptions yesterday! Our beautiful Suzanna went to a new home. She went to a husband/wife that are thrilled to have her. Suzanna even licked his face, like she does to us! Sweet Bobbi went to a home with a husband/wife too. Both cats went into homes where they will be the only cat---lots of love for each of them.

We had BOXES Friday evening. We are truly grateful for your help. 
KatnBuster from TX--for Catathon pink basket--18" Extreme Sport Bag
Judy M--for Catathon--a pink and a purple umbrella to add to the 2 baskets
Purplecat from CA--Catathon Purple basket--purple team duffle bag & a purple Maglite flashlight
Joann/jz-nyc with kitties--Catathon Hello Kitty--purse, stuffed Hello Kitty, 2015 planners, art kits, stickers, keychain eraser, activity pad, big crayons, playing cards, pen/paper/ad, subtraction cards, activity books
Pam T/zoolove with Princess Smokey--Catathon--Kitchenaid Food Processor with attachments, Kitty quilt with 2 shams, purple charger/purple bluetooth speaker, Kitty Angel for memorial garden, cat n mouse figures (garden-catathon), volunteer snackers
MKmouse--Catathon pink basket--snoozie slippers
Oilsandsgirl--Catathon--surveillance cam for home
Anonymous Friend--6 bags kitty snackers
Anonymous Friend--Catathon pink basket--pink kitty bed
Anonymous friend--for Catathon--PS4/playstation 4  for big ticket item
FaithyMD--Catathon--pink staples for pink basket, and kitty snackers
Justme from IA--week visitor--Catathon Pink basket--sockies, scoop, pink scarf, garden gloves, cooking whisk, brush & a bird house. Big Ticket item--20" bird peace totem.  lots of wand toys, vinegar, bleach, scrub brushes, Tide HE, snackers, and toys galore!
Beth-visitor--Tide HE, Dawn soap, bleach, kitty snackers, Sheba
Mary H from Archbold--Catathon--2 kitty books, Galleria raining cats/dog umbrella
Tigercat54--2 beautiful necklaces, gold with sparklies & silver with turquoise
Deb--5 collars and 1 leash for kitties
Sev--Plaque Off for kitties teeth
Pkrbkr--Catathon--a wonderful big Hello Kitty Fleece Blanket, made by Pkrbkr
Phlebdy/Ron & Barb from VA--note and picture of Fred, their doggie, donation for Biggiedew for Jamie
Michey from IN--q-tips, lots of towels
Michelle & Frank--bleach, laundry HE, vinegar, 3 packs ofkitty wipes, potty bags, 6 paper towels

Many thanks too to these folks:
Amy G from OH--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Wanda E--donation to FFRC, for her Portrait orders
Anonymous Friend--donation to purchase a few things for various baskets
Michael F from OH--donation to FFRC

This Weds is the beginning of another raffle--it has quite a bit of variety to it! Come Tuesday, check out our Twitter page and our FFRC chatters page for all the detail. The Raffle tickets are done at 9:00 am on Saturday. The BOXES will be that evening at 5:30 with the Raffle at 6:00. We have some beautiful, extra special tiles from Joni, exquisite pottery, a signature quilt, another quilt, a wonderful handbag and a warpedeedo.  Come join the fun! Thanks to all that makes these raffles possible. 

Tuesday starts the construction for The House that Jonah Built. We've decided where the windows will be and the door. The entire framework should be done in 2 days, including the roof and shingles. Then the slower part starts--the inside. 

Remember Tuesday is when Bubbie will arrive (name subject to change).  Little Major is doing wonderful and has fit right in with his new family. Ahimsa is now moved to Dodger's Pen--she cruises about quite a bit and seems to enjoy that. This morning, Gwendolyn (one of the new 9 Barnies) brought her twin up to eat breakfast--Caesar. 

I have some hard news to give. Our Thomas is in trouble. It's been at least 2 months since he's had a seizure. And during this time, he's had very few of his "episodes'. Yesterday, he had a major episode. It's hard to describe these--completely not like our Thomas at all. He is not aware of what he is doing. Yesterday, when he went into this episode, something clicked and now he's "stuck" in that mode. He has been unable to come out of it. We've even sedated a few times, in the hopes that when he wakes up, his mind will be straight again. So.......for now, we're in a holding pattern. We've always worried about what his past, awful and hard seizures have done to his poor head. We will keep you all posted.