Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, Monday

Hello FFRCNation friends.  It is with a very heavy heart that I pass this on to you. Our dear, sweet Thomas has passed. With the advise of our 2 vets, we tried another treatment plan on Thomas yesterday afternoon. They had felt if this didn't work, we should not go further. Thomas appeared to be "stuck" in his state of mind. The treatment plan was to see if when he emerged from a sedative, if his mind would be cleared.  This did not work. Thomas was "worked" on the entire weekend, all to no avail. It was time to let him go. It would not be in kindness to let him continue. I had always whispered to Thomas that we would never ask more of him than he could give.  It had always been wondered, if his poor brain just would not be able to take any more trauma from his medical problems. Regardless, our sweet boy is now at peace. This has been extremely hard. He was so so loved here at FFRC and afar. Our hearts are very heavy. this for me. Think of him with a smile. He lived with pure love and joy and so loved being here at FFRC. Think of him, yes with a sadness that he is gone, but with a joy in your heart, knowing he was such a happy boy. His memories are healing to me. I think with a laugh, how just last week, he was bounding like a gazelle from the Kitty Kabana, to the back door, sat and waited for the door to be opened, and then continued to bound to his back Thumper's Room. And then turn around and do it again. He loved it and was in pure happiness to run, for himself and knowing we were enjoying watching him. I know he will be greatly missed, but also know he was happy. Bring on the good memories.