Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday PM, August 18

All the surgeries from Saturday are doing wonderful. It's simply amazing how they just bounce back so quickly. Right now in the back room, we only have Froggie, Lewes and Sea Turtle. Froggie has been spending more and more time here in the Main Area. All the kittens that are newly up here in the Main Area are doing real good. Today the kittens of Valeta's had their first vaccine (bordatella) so it won't be long until they will be out for short excursions. 

Lewes had his sutures removed yesterday. Dr. Darcy said his femoral head is healing nicely and that he can now be out on the floor. He sure is a cutie and is doing great. Sea Turtle ventures up into the front Thumper's Room quite often now. 

We had 3 adoptions today! Ann Shirley and her brother Triumph and their friend Hark went to the same home. The home they now have is very good size---lots of running space and a great view of the bird feeding stations. I think they will be quite happy there together! Within the week, we should also have a few more adoptions!

We had BOXES Monday evening. Many, many thanks to you all!
Painteddaisy/June--For Catstock--oodles and oodles of fun stuff including puzzles, note cards, books, light up balls, foam wands and even stuff for the bonfire! For Jacci & Steve--goodies, candy and pretzels! For the Center--4 rugs, 2 bath sponges to play with, kitty cube, 3 kitty notebooks, 4 kitty folders & 2 dry erase folders
Eaglewatcher/Beth--for Catstock--yoyos, hand puppets, Halloween crayons & coloring books
Ordinarydive/Cathy H--100 personalized (FFRC) wristbands--really neat, for Catstock. 3 bags snackers, 2 cans wet can food and a sign that says "I love my computer because my friends live in it"!
Janet B--a really spooooky Halloween cat shirt---I love it!
Susan345--4 lg. bags Party Mix and 10 bags of Temptations
Sara M from OR--donation in memory of WIlliam RUnyan
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes
John B from Defiance--donation
Clark, Jessie & Gang--Birthday cards for Clark and for Joey with each the famous $5
Kathryn from WI--From the Kathryn's Collections, 3 necklaces for Jacci, Dawn & Ashlyn with horse with wings, angel wings heart and  W for Wilson---deeply appreciated and loved
Joco51--80 snacker size puffcorn mix for Volunteers & some for S & J too!
Plee--3 of the 40 lb. bags of Precious Cat!
Mls/Linda S--8 cases of Fancy Feast kitten!
Lostgirl/Debbie--2 bottles of liquid HE Tide and lots of 30 gal trash bags
Gusti--donation in memory of Audra Elaine
Vern & Mich--6 rugs, washcloths, garden cat, snackers and catstock prizes
Peggy K from NH--donation in memory of Audra Elaine
Ju-in-ji from Netherlands--donation to help with medical needs
Pam T from OH--donation in memory of Audra Elaine and Wilson
Cessie & Wayne--12 rolls of Bounty paper towels

Fresh new photo frames are now complete for the Porchies/Fire cats and the Covies! These pictures will be hung up tomorrow. Now when people visit, they may be able to tell who is who!

Our Raffle drawing will be this evening at 6:00 with BOXES at 5:30. This raffle is going to help with our surgeries from our past Saturday and for the many extra medicines we have been using lately. We of course, will also have consolation prizes! Come join the fun. Every penny we received is always 100% appreciated and used wisely. 

Gustave's paw continues to knuckle under, so he again has a splint on it (at least when he doesn't pull it off!). We'll hope for the best for his little paw. Morgan David's wound on his neck is all healed. Charleston has fit right in. He is such a loverbug--he even drools when he is being held. He gets along great with everyone. Coralie has been seen napping with a few kittens lately!

Franklin is doing awesome. He loves to play with the feathery toys! Give Milo a ping pong ball and he'll chase that all over the office. Derecho is doing great also--his back is feeling good. He's such a friend to everyone. Elsie's eyes are healing but will probably always have some scarring. She doesn't mind---she still runs everywhere and plays with all the kittens!

The Covies are doing great. I saw August run from the far corner of the Playground clear up to the front porch without one stumble! Jackson was trying to climb a tree---he didn't get too far, but he looked pretty happy about it! Barkey and Markie are happy, happy cats. They love all their space to play in. Our new boy Victor has settled in nicely. 

Rena is now letting us pet her. It's only taken a couple months, but she's decided that people are fun now. I saw Middy today--he looks good and came to the feeding station. All is well. They are all doing good in this heat.

Here's what our FFRCNation Friends mean: F--fight for you. R--respect you. I--include you. E--encourage you. N--need you. D--deserve you. S--Stand by you. Thanks to our wonderful friends!