Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday, August 15

Raffle Time, Surgery Day, preparing for Catstock, and BOXES on Thursday evening---such busy times! 

Many thanks for those wonderful boxes we had!
Suzanne, Andre & freemont from NJ--For Lorenzo--case of Fancy Feast can, 7 bags of Party Mix snackers. He said he would share!
Deb11111--a wonderful Router---will help with what seems to be a router problem we have.
Doubleydibbleydoo from UK--kitty Temptation snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast cans
Barbara W/phlebldy--5 mega bags of snackers, 4 lg. containers of Temptations
Katie L from Canada--3 lg. bags kitty snackers, 2 containers Temptations, 12 boxes of party mix snackers
Lannml--6 cases mega pack snacks
Aleda--9 cases of baby food for Audra Elaine
Ferole--framed photo of FFRC sign with flag, 2 Christmas ornaments with pics of Mercy and Wilson---so very special.
Clarke, Jessie & the gang--famous $5 for Sylvan's birthday
Tom & Linda C--August donation
Cheryl from WA--coupons & newspaper article

Many thanks here also:
Roberta L from OH--donation thru PayPal
Newfiedogmom--donation in memory of Wilson
Kathy M from MN--donation in memory of Wilson
Brenda R from VA--donation in memory of Wilson
Gusti--donation for Wilson and for drinks for surgery day
Knittenkitten from PA--donation in memory of Wilson
Jaque/bbsmom2--donation to go towards Gentry's surgery costs

It's also Raffle Time! We are so appreciative of the Raffle support--these are what helps us keep going week to week. Tickets are $5. The Raffle starts Sunday and ends Weds at 9 am. On that Weds, the 19th, we will have BOXES at 5:30 and RAFFLE at 6:00.  Just go thru PayPal to send your ticket wishes along! Here's the scoop--

A-Sherbert Drops Afghan, 52 x 73 by Rosemary from S.A.
B-20 inch Art Pole from JustMe
C-Fall Oval afghan, 48 x 72 by Rosemary from S.A.
D-Marilyn S's awesome book, FFRC Nation
E-Froggy Pond Afghan 50 x 62 by Rosemary from S.A.
F-Purple Cat Carrier and Pad by Eaglewatcher
G-Halloween Table Centers 19 inch, by Warped--WILL HAVE 3 WINNERS
H-Beautiful fleece blanket, 56 x 70 by Warped

Surgeries today went well. The boys that were done were: Fredo, Paul, Phillip, Rios, Sindile, Marlow and Gentry. We did not do Gustave as he appeared to have a tiny sore throat.  The girls that we did were Valeta (yes, she can and is continuing to nurse her babies), Sophie, Mosaic and Jinkee. All their physicals were good. We also did 2 other surgeries--a spay and a neuter, for a volunteer's outside cats. 

Other physicals were:
Froggy--wow, has he grown. He is doing good.
Charleston--Dr. Darcy agrees that he is a cat with CH.  Physical good. Such a sweet boy.
Lewes--Dr. Darcy did his femoral head fracture repair. She feels it's mended enough to let him out now to play in the back Thumper's Room.
Kay Martina & Zeke--my 2 cats in the house. Zeke needs a dental (already scheduled for Friday). It's thought that Kay Martina may have a mass in her mouth--will need to watch.

And then there's Audra Elaine. Not so good news there. Audra has lost the battle of life and has now passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday and this morning, she really wasn't too interested in eating. This morning when I weighed her, she had lost another ounce. Not a good thing. She was so emaciated. We knew she had 3 bad teeth. The problem is that to remove those 3 teeth would require an anesthetic. Emaciated cats and anesthetics do not go good together. It was also thought by Dr. Darcy that she may have a lung mass and/or a heart problem. This is a cat that I so wish I knew what her past was. Why was she out all winter, enough for frostbite? Why was she so so thin? Obviously she had been given much love somewhere. We already had her scheduled to have a chest x-ray on Monday to check her heart and lungs. During the last surgery, she started her decline. Shortly after all surgeries were done, she passed away while being held close, as she liked that. Brittany, her initial rescue person had given her 10 days of love before her arrival here. We had her almost a week and filled her with much love and doted on her every whim. She was so sweet, so kind and such a joy to all of us. This has been a very hard week. But, we will continue on with what we do. No one said rescue work is easy. We know that.We also know that love is here, within our walls. And we will continue on with that. Never ever think that time and love given is wasted. Give with your heart--love is a renewable. It's a wonderful thing. Every life is to be cherished. Thank you for sending your love to her---I know she felt that FFRCNation's great capacity to love.