Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday, August 30

Wow--I've missed some days doing the blog--it's been a busy time around here. Friday was spent going to southern Ohio to get our new horse, Maverick. He's a Tennessee Walker, is 9 years old, a gelding and is ever so sweet. While we still miss Wilson terribly, he does fill a sad whole in our hearts. He and Mercy, Millie and Pickles are getting along just great! A well rounded family!

All is good here. The kittens are happy, healthy and so energetic. Such a wonderful group of cats (if I do say so myself! lol).  I'm watching Elise. She is such a beauty. She just bumped into Derecho twice, but is figuring out how to get around him. Her sight is quite impaired--that doesn't slow her up though! She climbs everywhere. She figures out how to accomplish great things! 

Valeta's 5 kittens are simply awesome! They climb, run and tear around. All look good. Little Fawn is right there in the pack with them. Her fur seems to be growing daily--such a beauty. She loves to run up to Bender, grab his tail and then runs off! He looks at her with just a bit of annoyance--he's so tolerant. Emmitt is growing---big, strong and more big! He's going to be a good size boy.

We've had 2 nights of BOXES that we would like to give thanks too:
Wednesday night:
FaithyMD--jingle kitty balls, mylar balls, case of 9 Lives, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Misspixie1/Mary M & her kitties Milo, Jeofry & Pixie--potty bags, coffee mug, cat trophy, Pet Stage soft toy, bonito flakes, book, Purr pillows, Royal Canin kitten dry, toys, big fur rug (they love it!), note pads, 2 purple bowls, 2 Save Our Pets signs, a neat blue bed with cushion (they all love this!)
Pam/zoolove--tent/cozy bed, lots of volunteer snackers--chips, crackers, Rice Krispies, fruity snacks, pringles. For the kitties--tub of kitty snackers, box of Whiskas, 12 pack Friskie pate
BellaBelle/Tammy--1000 of 6 inch paper plates, 24 Sparkle paper towels
Justme/Kathy--For raffle--20 inch Studio M art pole & 3 art pots!

Saturday night:
Jatcat--microsoft cam with cam holder--yeah, no more tape!  4 silicone spatulas
Kiwi-New Zealand--card with Kiwi bird on it, 3 bars New Zealand chocolate, so yummy
Deborah & Woody S--case of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--a Friday visitor--coupons, 12 pkgs kitty snackers, 80 cans of Sheba!
Thinh T--2 canisters Clorox Wipes
Erin K & Michael L--big bag of ind. bags of chips, Fritos, 2 cases Friskies, 2 cases FF & 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Mary H, Fri. vol--15 pkgs Party Mix snackers
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Little Kat & Elaine & Allen--kitty card with stamps & a special whisker! & donation from LK!
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy 2nd birthday to Milo with the famous $5
Judi Sp--40 lb bag Precious cat litter
Beth/Eaglewatcher from IL--large box of brand new Poopie bags! Whistles for Catstock Duck Beak, Mustache/lips, 3 dozen bandanas for volunteer Catstock bags

Happy Birthday to Thomas who would have been 6 years old on Aug. 26th. He is still missed.

Foster Peggy S. has brought back the last of the 6 kittens. They are Lily Rose, Squeeky, Snookie, Morgan David, Tara and Dutchy. They all look good. Each week that she would bring them for a playtime, we would keep their vaccines, wormings, etc. updated. They are now in the back Thumper's Room. There is now mama her 4 kittens, the 6 kittens and Froggy--11 kittens total. All are wonderful. The really nice thing is that they enjoy playing with Froggy. Sometimes there are 4-5 kittens napping with him. Many thanks to Peggy for being our foster mama---she's terrific!

Pania is doing better. This combination of meds is working! She is happier and relaxed! Sophie is amazing. Her wound is 95% healed--the ability of cats to heal is astounding. We've been working on going up to her without scaring her and it's helping! We can now pick her up and love on her. And she purrs too! Asha loves to be groomed. She will stare a person down (if holding a brush) until she gets her 5 minutes of brushing! 

As you may know, Paul fell from a high shelf about 5 days ago and hurt his back leg--his knee. He spent a couple days resting and now is running like crazy again. Can't keep a good kitten down! Little Gustave is still having trouble with his front leg--due to nerve damage from the bite wound that he arrived with. The wound has healed, but the nerve is damaged. He drags the leg, which isn't good. Dragging it has caused a few sores on the toes. He will soon be scheduled for surgery--an amputation. I'm sure it won't hold this boy down--he's young, active and loves to play. Just think how much faster he will be! 

13 more days to Catstock! We have been working for weeks and weeks on this event. It's going to be fun! I just heard confirmation from Strawberry Hill, the band. They are ready and excited to come. Their music is fantastic! This will be their 3rd year with us. We've been talking to Millie and Pickles about practicing for their part in the Bingo Game! They're ready! dfc