Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weds. August 12

This coming Saturday is our surgery day. It's not a super busy day, but will accomplish much. So far, we have scheduled:
Fredo  #2.14,  Paul #2.12,  Phillip #2.11,  Rios #2.11,  Sindile #2.05,  Gustave #3.02,  Marlow #2.05,   Gentry #3.13.
Girls---Veleta?? #8.07, Sophie #3.01,  Mosaic #2.04,  Jinkee #2.01.
Physicals:  My Kay Martina needs a check up. Froggy will be looked at and our new girl Audra Elaine will have a physical.

The good news is Audra Elaine's weight: it's went from 4.12 to 4.11 and now to 4.14.  So, she is on the good side of gaining! She went to Dr. P's on Monday for a full lab work. All is fine, except her T4 is a bit off.  Dr. Darcy and I will talk about that on Saturday. In the meantime, she has a fair to good appetite. Sometimes she gobbles right up, sometimes she doesn't. The important thing is that she is gaining weight now. I am especially interested in having her mouth checked. She has only a very few teeth left, but they do seem to be bothering her. 

We had BOXES on Monday night. I say a big big thanks for these items!
Debbie/lostgirl--4 cases of Odoban and 2 containers of cleaner
KellyR/littleonemine from CA--20 cans tuna, 12 of Signature cat food, 6 cans Fancy Feast, kitty snackers. For Catstock--thermal tumbler, kitty posties, garden gloves, note pads
BuffyPotter/Stephanie S from the Scottish Branch--For Catstock--a gazillion tiny mechanical pencils and erasers to be used as prizes!
Tanya B/Dutchy from Canada--For Catstock--a kazillion bracelets in a variety of pretty colors, all wrapped up in a box with purple tape!
Joyce/Stinkygraykitty--For Catstock--3 lg. bags kittypins with a variety of pictures and sayings, kitty related necklaces & bracelets, cute stuffed animal hangers and 2 beautiful scarfs
Katie L--People snacker--chips, sandwich crackers, Nature Valley bars (big variety), Rice Krispie Treats, 4 boxes of K-Kups, 2 Coffeemates. 24 cans of tuna and a box of doggie snackers
Anonymous Friend--24 double roll paper towels
Donna W from FL (Clark & Jessie's Auntie)--card with 2 famous $5's.
Melissa--donation (along with PawMart payment)
Neuromom & David from NY--donation from David
Bob & Renee--visitors this week--chips, kitty snackers, 2 snack toys for adoptions   They have helped us alot with Catathon things!
Cindy M--Friskies canned food, bag of Purina One, kitty snackers, Box Fancy Feast, kityt wipes & kitty toys
DKweiler/Denae & Stephan, visitors part of week--case of water, carrots for the orses, baby food, pop tabs, milk ring toys, scratch pad for the kitties
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation thru PayPal
Gusti--donation for the oldsters, Jessie, Sea Turtle and Audra Elaine!
David W from CO--donation in memory of Grizzle and in honor of Vern and DMan & Audra Elaine

We have a new kitten that has been planned for, from last week. This little medium hair black boy arrived there after being found alongside the road. He was picked up and relinquished to Dr. P's office. The little guy's already had surgery to repair a badly fractured femor head. His name is Lewes, pronounced Loo-Us and is a Name a Cat name. He's about 9 1/2 weeks old. His birthday is 6/4/15. He's just a real sweetie that had a rocky start. He's still on cage-rest---don't want him to move about too much because of the severity of the fracture. Lewes is a handsome boy and is cuddly.

Today has been a very hard day for my family and for myself. We lost our beloved horse, Wilson. He's had many problems lately with his hind legs and recently we have not been able to ride him. That was alright with us--we love him for just being our horse. This morning things escalated and he passed away early this afternoon. Many of our family stayed with him the whole time, comforting him and telling him he was much loved. He was our clown horse--always licking us and doing goofy things. I will miss him greatly. For those of you who had met Wilson, think of him with a smile. 

I would like to briefly mention something. One of the very hardest part of rescue is not having enough room for all the cats and kittens that need to come in. Most days we take 25-35 phone calls asking us to take in more cats/kittens. We are right now working at full capacity. We do not euthanize to make room for more incomings. We do try and extend ourselves if there's a particular cat in need and doesn't have anyone to care for it. Many calls that we get do have a person who is at least caring for the cat they have found and for that, we are grateful. We fall far short of being able to take in as many as would like to come in. But, we try our best. Please.....don't criticize us when we have to say no.  Don't think we don't care.....we do, with a passion. But, it's utterly impossible for one Rescue Center to accommodate all those that need help. Sometimes I feel double-whammied---first by not being able to help all the cats that we get calls for and then by worrying about what will happen to them. And also it's hard when people don't understand that there's no magical button to extend walls to accommodate "just one more".   Dr. P taught me long ago though---we can only do what we can do. So, we try our best and we love them all. But the great thing about all of this is, YOU can all help the situation. Please, please....reach out and spay and neuter. Even just ONE spay/neuter makes a big difference.  Thank you.