Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weds., August 26

Catstock is coming!  It's only 17 more days! We have been working very hard on this wonderful event! It's all about Peace, Love and Cats and Friendship and Fun too! It's also our way of giving our community a fun family afternoon. The Catstock will be live on  
Here are some highlights!

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015  

Carnival is 1:00 to 4:00    Tickets are 50 cents each, 10 tickets for $5. 
A few of the games are: 
Swish in the Toilet
Hula Hoop the Cat
Flag Frisbee
Giant Dice Toss
Floating Duck Pond
Sand Treasure Dig Hunt
Disc Dunk Throw
Ladder Ball Game
Magnetic Darts
Water Splash
Chuck A Duck
Bottle Blast
Lots more!

Goat/Donkey Poo Bingo at 4:15, in the horse corral.  Buy a Bingo square, as many as you'd like. At 4:15, Millie the donkey and Pickles the goat will have access to the Giant Bingo "Board". The first square that is pooed in, is the winner. It will be a 50/50 Bingo.  50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square.  We will have TWO Bingo boards---one for the Webcammers and one here on the day of Catstock for visitors.  

The Webcammer's Bingo Card goes up for your fun on Sunday, Sept. 6 and ends at 9:00 on Weds, Sept. 9.  Each square is $5.  You can pick as many squares as you want.  The board will be 1 thru 25. NO NUMBER 13 though---that one is 100% for FFRC! Can send in a check for this fun participation game or go thru PayPal!   So, at Catstock, we will actually be working two Bingo cards.

Featuring STRAWBERRY HILL BAND, playing 1 to 4:00 pm. This band is awesome and plays the perfect music for Catstock. We love them!

We will also have a 50/50 drawing during the afternoon of Catstock. There will be fresh Movie Popcorn, Mini Tractor Rides, Face Painting, Fingernail art.

We will have our PawMart FFRC Store open. On the yard, we will also have a table with special sale items! The Rescue Center will be open for people to visit as well as The Cove area/LJ Playground. The cats will be all ready with purrs and awaiting their pettings. We will have people watching over things in the Rescue Center and the Playground area. 

A fun time for families, volunteers, friends and webcammers to enjoy the afternoon together! Come dress "normal" or as "hippy" as you want! We will have 2 golf carts working to help transport people from the parking lot to the front. We will have plenty of parking as this year, both corrals will be open for parking. 

Hot beef and chicken sandwiches, lots of side dishes and deserts and much more! All food and drinks are a freewill donation.

For those webcammers that are visiting FFRC for Catstock, we will again have a bonfire down at the backwater both Friday night and Saturday night. There will be pudgy pies, marshmallows, s'mores, hot dogs over the fire and good friends and fun.