Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday, August 22

Here's a black/white kitten, there's a brown tiger kitten, here comes a calico, there's a couple buffs and golds---they're everywhere! Kittens, kittens. Definitely the time to do the kitten shuffle. All is fine here. The health of the cats and kittens are really very good. What a noticeable difference in the upper respiratory infections, since we started using the cat bordetella vaccine. Every cat that comes in gets this nasal vaccine. 

Pania went to the vets yesterday. My cat Zeke also went but he was brought back, so they could use his time for an emergency that came in. But, Pania stayed and had her bladder ultrasound. It's good! No stones, no tumors. Whew---that's a relief. Her urinalysis showed quite a bit of blood, which we already knew. They are doing a culture/sensitivity now on the urine. In the meantime, her meds have been adjusted a bit. Just hoping to find something that works for this sweet girl. Darcy said she was excellent there (of course!)--no sedation needed.  She cooperated fully with her tests. 

Froggy has been spending part of each day here in the Main Area. You all can help us educate! If someone asks about "that kitten that is rolling all over", just explain to them about Froggy and how he is happy and doing great. A good opportunity to talk about what CH is and the importance of vaccines and spaying/neutering.

The foster babies that Peggy is caring for are here for the morning, same as they were on Thursday. But, this trip, Morgan David will be staying. He's ready for some rough and tumble playing! Won't be long until the whole group will be back to stay at FFRC.  As of today, they all have their first distemper vaccines and their Bordatella vaccine. She will still keep for another week or so: Tara, Dutchy, A

We had BOXES last night. We are very grateful for your support!
Tabbycat--10 gallons of vinegar
Jobo and Mom/Lemon--case of canned Friskies
Plee--a few dozen of wonderful handmade pillowcases
Charlotte from WI--donation in memory of Happy
Jan from HI--For Steve--Hawaiian-salts/spices. A plaque/tile that says: Meow is like Aloha--it has many meanings (hung on the Kitty City Wall), chocolates, 2 bags fish jerky and sweet/salty caramels/prezels
Sarah J from Germany--donation to FFRC
Rebecca/jackersgirl--donation to FFRC
Cavallo's Critter Care--donation to FFRC
Mike D from AZ--donation to FFRC
Julianne B from CA--donation for Miss Coralie

Debonair--that's the real definition of Derecho! It means: suave, confident, charming, gracious, gentlemanly, dashing--Our Debonair, DMan Derecho.

Fancy is doing great. She sometimes is in the back Thumper's Room, sometimes in the Main Area--a real sweetie and is overcoming her initial "grumpiness".  She is also learning that it's fun to play with the other kittens. 

The farmyard is getting a makeover! All the sheds now have their new paint coat on them (all are tan). The odd wood pens out there are now also painted and look like new. Sheds are all cleaned out and are tidied up. The linen shed is wonderful--all organized and so easy to see what's in there now! This is used for all areas, but mainly the Covies, Porchies and Barnies. This morning, Anthony had 2 young boys (grandkids of Mary Brain, our volunteer) trailing him--he was teaching them about farmwork. 

Valeta's kitties are out and about! What a lot of energy they give to the already busy place! We let them out a couple times a day They still need to go back in their room for naps and bedtime. It's amazing the difference from yesterday to today--their confidence level is already building. And they are also starting to eat a bit more by themselves. Their mama, Valeta is truly one of the nicest, sweetest mamas we've ever had. 

Valeta's babies have names!
Rez--Siamese, lightest color, medium length fur, male
Panda--white with grey ears and tail, female
Gandolf--grey tiger, male
Tia--Siamese, darker, female
Tio--Siamese, darker, male

Here's a few ways to make your cat happy! 
Provide windows, sills and bird feeders to watch.
Snuggle on the bed or couch with your cat.
Talk to your cat---really.
Praise your cat gloriously and let him soak it up.
Playtime with you. 
And a soft leggydew/biggeydew to snuggle on!