Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, Sunday

We have had such beautiful days! Fairly low humidity, blue skies, warm temps, not too hot! The Barnies, Covies and Porchies love it--they've been running all around, playing. Some of them just plop down in the grass and sleep wherever they're at! One of the Barnies, Kerry has decided it's fun to follow the horses. They seem to like him! The kitties and cats inside are also enjoying the sun coming in thru the windows. Lots of napping in the sunspots! 

We have a new Covie. His name is Victor. He's a brown tiger, looks alot like Markie and Barkey. He is 3 years old and is an outside cat. His family is moving out of state and cannot take him with them. These are the folks that also brought us Leonard! Victor is a great cat-very sweet and friendly. He is fitting right in!

We had BOXES on Friday evening. Please know that you are appreciated!
Debbie/lostgirl from NJ--6 boxes of 12 packs cheese it snacks for the vols., coupons
Nancy/Ipurr, visitor--6 holiday collector cat plates/stands, 3 cat books, Cat Russian nesting egg doll---I love it! 
Anne-in-UK--her wonderful purse charms, so very nice!
Seymour for Derecho--a card and bag of kitty snackers, 2 cans of chicken, baby food & a catnip banana   (Seymour was sorry for a deed)
Beth/eaglewatcher--memorial stone for the 3 gray babies
Nancy/purplecat--12 dozen bead necklaces for catstock!
Dewitty--2-40lb bags of Precious cat litter, case of Fancy Feast
LJ--2 bags of Sunkiss fruit snacks!, 5 lg. bags of kitty snackers, 12 cans of chicken, 6 memory foam bath mats
Kathy L from Canada--volunteer & 4 legged snackers! granola barns,nut snack bars, Quaker oat bars, 4 boxes K-kups, 2 coffee creamers, Pringles, Nature valley bars, doggie snackers, Breakfast bars, anchovies, 6 cans salmon, 24 cans tuna
Defiance Library storytime group--4 colorful blankets for the cats, made by the children!
Clark, Jessie & Gang--birthday card for Austin with the famous $5--The Porchies received extra chicken snacks!
Robert & Helen N from OH--donation to FFRC
Karen D from NY--donation for FFRC
Nicholas V from PA--coupons
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC
Debra M--a donation to FFRC, made in honor of her friend and FFRC friend, Kelly R/littleonemine!
Gusti--donation to FFRC, in honor of Beth, for showing Lorenzo to her!

Can you remember more names?! We have new cats with new names!

Marlow and Jinkee---they arrived from Dr. P's office. Marlow is a handsome buff boy, who is super ornery and sweet as can be. Jinkee is a shyer boy, brown tiger with an extra cute face. They are not true brothers but have the same birthday of 5/14/15.

Gentry--black boy, with a little bit of white at throat and on tummy. Gentry was found about a week ago in Defiance and kept for 4-5 days. The "founder" noticed a progressive clumsiness about him and so brought him here. His clumsiness/falling over did show itself the first day but has now steadily gotten better.  We will keep an eye on things. His birthday is 5/8/15. 

Charleston--brown tiger, found in Defiance, about a year old. He was very hungry, super thirsty, had fleas. His tail has had a past fracture which makes it veer off to the side. He also has a very sore toenail. He appears to be a moderate CH cat, but we will wait for a confirmation on that from our vet. A very nice, sweet boy. His birthday is 8/2/14.

Audra Elaine--now, here's an extra sweet, extra special girl. A friend of FFRC found her about 2 weeks ago. And they took her to the vet's--this is so nice to hear when people bring in a cat and they've already taken them to a vet! She's a very old girl--age to be determined on Saturday, but I'm betting she's an oldster.  Most of her teeth are gone. She weighs 4.08--very very thin. Her bones are so prominent. But, she has an appetite----as long as you plop a little baby food on top of the food! She has a face that reminds us of Magenta. Her coloring is very unusual---black/white and her entire back is Cinnamon color--very pretty.  

This coming Saturday is our surgery day. Later this week we will work up the surgery list and get the weights. We will also have a few extra physicals that will need to be done. 

Trucker is still at an A+ for poo control! There are still some days when you can tell he's not 100%, but by far, he's having great days! I love how he and Magic are bestest of friends. And they stick together at night time. Bella continues spending most of her days out in the kennel with the dogs! She loves it. If you try to persuade her not to go out, she will very very strongly tell you that she indeed DOES want to go out! Seymour still likes the front office with Joyful and Joline. Three beautiful cats.