Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday, August 25

Wow--what a storm we had Sunday evening. Trees down, many branches down, a million leaves everywhere. As soon as the rain stopped and before the next outburst, we went outside to check on the cats. A few were damp, but they all were safe and sound. Our electricity was out for hours, but........ our generator kicked in and worked like a pro! Yeah for Jenna Radar! It's kicked on a couple times for short outages, but this was a long one.  It was wonderful not to have that worry--keeping the cats from overheating, having water, having lights, etc. 

We've had 2 BOX times to catch up on! The kitties and I are very grateful!
Last Thursday evening:
Pat, Thurs. night vol--litter, Purina One dry cat, dog food and dry cat food
LJ--4 cans chicken, 5 kitty snackers, 3 Wellness catfood, sponges, one OPEN(!) Starkiss fruit gems, 15 assorted kitty scarfs
Vicki B--2 boxes woolzies dryer balls
Arden & Charmaine--big bag of Purina One kitten
Ronald C--24 awesome VW toy buses perfect for Catstock
June/painteddaisy--for Catstock--visors, animal masks, assorted kids fun items!
Billie K--4 awesome whiskers trail Cube Beds
Joy, Don D & kitties--donation and nice note
Jane D--donation in memory of Wm. R
Patricia M from CA--donation in memory of Grizzle and Wilson

Monday evening:
Karen B, for Trucker & Friends--2 cases of Go canned food--he loves it!
Cessie & Wayne from CA--24 lg. containers of Lysol wipes & a case of yum sardines!
Gwen/patchesmommi and Mike R from FL--pjkmkmkmkmkmkmkmop tabs, box tops/soup labels, kitty whiskers (!), bag of kitty snackers.
Susan G from NH--box tops
Clark, Jessie & gang--birthday card for Hensley with his famous $5.
FJan/farmgirl from IL and kitties--a nice letter from the kitties and a donation
Realty Five, Scott--a donation from commissioned sell--they are awesome in that every sale they do, they ask the new owners who they would like that money donated to! They are truly community-orientated. 
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Isn't every day wonderful? Each day can offer something that can bring joy. This coming Friday will be an extra special day for this family. As you know, we lost our Wilson horse 2 weeks ago. He has been so so missed. What a wonderful friend he was. This Friday, we are looking to bring home a new friend to the farmyard. His name is Maverick. He is 9 years old and another Tennessee Walker. We will leave around 11:30 am. It's a 2 1/4 hour drive going there. Hauling the trailer home will take a bit longer. I expect we will arrive home early evening. Maverick sounds like the perfect fit for our family and for the farmyard. Mercy is happy about this decision too!

We had 3 adoptions this weekend, but actually 5 cats left us! First, Corby and Scott were adopted together. Pictures have already been posted on facebook and it sounds like they are doing good. So happy for these 2 boys. Then it was time for Dude and Jupiter to go to their home with Josh. This is Ashlyn's fiance--he finally got to move into his new homes! Grandma's been kittysitting for a while. They also together adopted Rochester. Should be a great group of 3 boys.

Lewes is up in the Main Area now and is doing great. He's making new friends everyday. Fancy is also doing good. Something is on her legs--looks/feels like a glue substance. We just cannot get it off. So, we will be doing a bit of shaving on her legs to get it off. Gentry is also settling in so nicely. A very nice boy. 

Charleston is a love bug.  If you come and visit, be sure to hold him. He will melt in your arms and then drool on your hands! Love this boy. Hensley sure does love his pen #4. When he wants in it and he sees us going there with a bit of food, he gets SO excited--he tries to get up there by himself. He just loves his pen. He eats, takes a naps and then is ready to come back out. It's like his own kingdom. Hensley turned one years old yesterday! He came to us from NC when he was 5 months old. 

The Covies are doing great. It is so wonderful to go out to the Playground and sit there and wait for them to come to you! They love people and visits. The Porchies too are doing great. It's obvious they are not going to enjoy going into the Playground--none that I've tried has worked out. The Covies have made it clear that it's not a Porchie place. So....we will need to get one more shed--we will call it the Porchie Haven. The "old" Porchie Haven is now called Covie Haven. At breakfast, I frequently feed 15 Porchies. That is too many for the sunporch, so the Porchie Haven is a must for this winter and bad weather. We will work on this.

I love this saying--"Nothing compares to the pain of a belly ache from laughing too hard with friends".  I love our friends--it's always so nice to share a laugh!