Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1 Saturday

Happy August! 6 weeks until Catstock! Enjoy your summer---it's going quickly!

Right now there are 5 kittens inside the open door of Dodger's Pen, playing. Much wrestling, jumping and bamming going on! It's Peter, AJ, Jazara, Mycroft and Rios.  What a group of ornery kitties. I have a sleepy bunch with me--Kazumi, Fredo and Towanda. All stretched out, they take quite a bit of room. And then I have little Grizzle on my lap. 

Yes, Grizzle arrived yesterday afternoon. He's our grey tiger, 4 month old boy that has hydrocephalus. He came from a foster person in Ohio. In short, hydrocephalus is a congenital or acquired accumulation of excessive fluid in the ventricular system of the brain. This simply means "water on the brain". It is a build up of fluid inside the skull.  This accumulation puts pressure on the brain. Last week, Grizzle saw a vet twice. He was feeling a bit punky mid week, but well enough to travel here. Our vet will see him Tuesday for a ultrasound. In the meantime, he is already on meds to help. One is an anti-inflammatory. The other is a proton pump inhibitor and helps lower the fluid production on the brain. Today, I feel Grizzle is still a bit punky. We will know lots more answers in the next week.

We had BOXES last night. We are so very grateful for your support.
Anonymous--40 lb. Precious Cat Litter and 2 cases of can food
Donia/wickedwings--visitor last week--baby meat food
Jatcat from CA--5 packgs of pag dividers for binders, Bamboo Bunk for the cats!
Judi Sp--2 bags of Precious litter
Donna H--3 bags of Precious Litter
Tom & Linda C from IL--replacement check for April donation--thanks!
Schinn--birthday card for Cakes & Purr with the famous $5 times 2! 
Pam T/zoolove--donation in honor of Paddy Cake & Paddy Purr's birthday
Deb11111--donatin to sponsor the Paddy boys

Our Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purr are now 5 years old. They were treated several times yesterday with special snackers and Appetizers. They didn't want to share yesterday, but I'm sure today, they will! Two special boys! They arrived with their mama when they were just 1 day old. 

We also had BOXES on Thursday evening---many many thanks!
LostGirl--Big box of Prizes for Catstock--toys, charms, tattoos, keychains--fun stuff!
Moomagoo/Sally from OK--hand made Mardi Gras masks---very beautiful, big bath towel
Joey3100--14 lint rollers--some already in use!
Julie & David--For Trucker--case of Royal Canin Intestinal can food
Billie K--pet gear Pet Ramp--very nice
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--lots of coupons
Daria F from Defiance--donation in memory of Wm. Runyan

The 3 newest kittens, white calico, calico and brown tiger are all doing well. We have them all together. The brown tiger (that had the cuterebra) is doing wonderful. His "pocket" is healing already. They have formed a friendship! Names will be done soon!

Our foster mama, Peggy S, has 3 kittens at the moment. One is Lily Rose, the tiger/torti with the protruding eye. I've already removed two "caps" from it. Peggy is keeping ointment on/in both eyes. The other 2 kittens that she has are Sophie and Mosaic. Sophie has the injured rear leg, is still on antibiotics and looks like we may get much healing. Mosaic is the one that came in that Lisa found, all soggy wet. Mosaic and Sophie are rather shy, so Peggy is helping them with that.

Remember Bows that was adopted? She spent the day here yesterday while her mama was away for the day. After about 5 minutes, she joined right in and played all day long. She has a wonderful home. Sherri, who adopted Radiance, just loves her so much. Sounds like Radiance will come a-running anytime she is called! I love these good homes.

Now there are 6 kittens playing in Dodger's Pen. Cyrus has joined in on the fun. Now I'm down to 2 on my desk!

Trucker continues to do well. Did you ever think we'd see the time that he would have good poo? He's amazing. He takes all of his meds just fine. 95% of his poo has been "normal" since we started this new med regimen. I'm thrilled and I know he is happier too!

We had a great thing this week! Rena (Lena's twin that is outside) is letting us pet her! She has been prancing around us for weeks. Now, if we go slow and reach out, she'll stop, roll over and show her tummy! It's wonderful! Magic is following Steve, playing with his untied shoelaces!

Barkey and Markie are doing wonderful in the Playground. They are happy and using their energies to have fun! I've had so many comments too on August, Jersey and Jackson---how relaxed and happy they seem. It's wonderful to be there with them.

Valeta's babies are doing great. Their fur is growing. So so cute. The 2 foster babies still remind me of being part Himalayan. A very sweet 5-group of babies. They are just starting to toddle about. She's an awesome mama. 

Take care and enjoy this beautiful weekend! And now there's 3 kittens in Dodger's Pen and 5 on my desk!